Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Because Nice Matters!

This morning over coffee I was just delighted to find that I'd been nominated for the "Nice Matters" award by Linda of Lilly Cottage and by Betty of She's Sew Pretty! What NICE friends both Linda and Betty are and honestly, if they hadn't nominated ME, I'd have nominated THEM! It seems that the way this works is that I now get to nominate 5 others for this award and get to bestow this lovely upon them as it was bestowed upon me..."Because Nice Matters"!
For my five nominations I am choosing the following five ladies as nominees:
Jennifer you are a sweetie and one of the NICEST people I have ever encountered! I am so delighted to have found you and call you "friend!"
~ Cathy of ...
What a lovely soul you are! I know I've told you but I will say it again...your creations are so full of YOU...so heartfelt and even poetic. And on top of it, you are as nice as nice can be!
You, my sweet friend, are ever so nice and I'm happy that I met you and that we have remained friends all this time! You are a wonderful mama, a talented designer and SUCH a nice girl to know! And you're lavender vanilla body butter is VERRRRRYYY nice! (she sells it, girls, so ask her about it...it's my fav!)
Ever since I caught my first glimpse of you in your cubicle, talking to a buyer, I knew right away you were NICE. What I didn't know is that we would become fast friends and would still be friends nearly seven years later! You are one of the reasons I have found the courage to take "crafting" seriously and THE reason I found the blogging community and have so happily joined it! You are one of the nicest people I know, Lauren, and I just know we will be friends for a long, long time.
Kari, I don't know you personally but I read your blog daily and am always so blown away by your artistic talent and even MORE by your patience, positive attitude and quiet strength in the face of challenges. Your babies are so blessed to have you as a Mama, Kari, and they will "rise up and call you blessed," even if it's not today! Your heart shines through your posts and I am inspired by what I see. "Nice" is not quite the word for you, but only because it doesn't even come close to describing the generosity of spirit that is in every post and every creation.

Let's all be NICE today...I'm going to go start by hugging on my girlies who I have just shushed in a rather mean tone since Baby is napping...see how nice I am???? ;)


Cathy Louise said...

thanks so much sweet Cheryl for putting me on your "nice" list. I really do appreciate it...
Take care

ArtsyMama said...

Oh my goodness...you are so sweet Cheryl. Thanks for all your kind words!!

Cheryl said...

It's my pleasure, ladies! :)

Jennifer said...

Hello Darling friend! You are tooooo sweet to put me on your nice list! I feel soooo honored! YOU need to be on the list too!!! :)
Smiles and Huggies,

Tea Time and Roses said...

Cheryl thank you so much for your sweet comments to my blog... I am so glad you made a visit. You have a lovely place here, just beautiful! Congratulations on your award, and you are so right..nice does matter. I will be visiting the other blogs you awarded. Again thank you so much..


Allison said...

Aw, Cheryl, I am so flattered you chose me for your list!! Thank you, you are the queen of sweetness though;) Once again, I am drooling over all of your goodies!!!!! Yum!!!!