Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

It's almost the weekend, Sweet Friends! Hope you have survived the week and can look forward to a relaxing weekend ahead.

Though I hear there is still snow on the ground at many of your homes, as I've mentioned, Spring is in full swing here! We're in short sleeves, Sweets! Can you believe it? I am in the mood to NEST, to organize, to decorate and to CREATE. I love that feeling! Even Rachel was in a creative mood today, after having recieved a paint easel with all the accessories from her Grammie for her birthday! The last couple days I've been playing (and it really is play, isn't it, Sweets?)with some Spring and Easter vignettes using pretties I've recieved from others, things I've made myself, supplies I have that are inspiring me (see two posts ago!)and even some of my creations that are available in my etsy shoppe. I'm playing a lot in my studio when the kidlets are napping or are happily playing with needles and scissors beside me....oh just kidding....just making sure you were paying attention! Here's a shelf on my desk/hutch in my studio that just TICKLES me right now!

I have a very old, chippy dresser in my dining room that I like to display pretties on and since Andrew is still not quite tall enough to reach it, I am having a lot of fun decorating it.

This incredible chenille and quilted fabric pillow and egg set were made by my dear friend and mentor, Pat. She is soooooo very talented and I think this set may very well be my favorite thing she has ever made! I adore it! They have the loveliest scent of lavender and roses that you can smell from several feet away.

Pat has lots more Easter pretties that you can find on her selling blog It's a Wonderful Life, in her etsy shoppe and in her eBay store. You must see the incredible pillows, eggs and more she has been making lately! EEEEKKKK! Soooo precious!This little Easter piece is one I made and it looks so sweet mixed in with Pat's gorgeous pillows...
I used a vintage miniature bisque basket, a couple teeny-tiny vintage flocked bunnies and an itty-bitty vintage egg painted pink, mixed in with vintage millinery flowers. The big egg is "sugared" with clear glass glitter! This pillow and tussie mussie set is one that I made, as well. I used a vintage postcard printed on fabric, vintage chenille, vintage hankie and some whimsical reproduction fabrics for a fun combination. Then I made some yummy little yo-yos and embroidered a covered button to perch front and center! Here's another set I made featuring the SWEETEST little vintage photo of a girl, printed on fabric, that I just can't get enough of! This set consists of a yummy hanging sachet and scrumptious tussie mussie. You can see more photos of this one in my etsy shoppe! And because I can't get enough of that sweet little "egg girl" above, I used the same image on a group of things I snet to Jessie Nagy. I forgot to take pics of the stuff I sent her but she took some so I'm snagging them to share, Jessi! ;) I just ADORE this little egg girl and I'm glad Jessi does, too!

Here's the little bunny box I made for Jessi! I've got a complete "kit" for making one just like this in my etsy shoppe!
And just look at this sweet little box by lala123 (and bellawood on flickr!) that my sister, Whitney, gave me for my birthday! I admired this and even favorited it on etsy and sneaky-sweet girl that she is, she peeked in my favorites and bought some things I *hearted*!!! What a sister, right??? :) Look at the yummy details on this one...I'd love to see some of your Spring and Easter vignettes! Don't you wish we could pop over to one another's homes sometimes?? Mind you...there are days I am very grateful none of you live close enough to just "pop in" house and I are definitely not always YUMMY!!!!

I want to share this sweet little verse with you. I found it *somewhere* online and promptly saved it because it was just so lovely. But now I don't remember WHERE I found it. Argh. So if someone remembers where it's from, please remind me so I can give the source credit. Hope this encourages and inspires you as much as it does me! Let's LIVE creatively today....


whit said...

Doah Raychie's hair looks so cute! Love it. She looks like she loves the easel. Remember the one us girls got for Christmas from Mom Mom and Pop Pop one year? Wait...maybe it was mom and dad. Not sure. Anyway, I loved that thing. I also love the little verse you found online. So special. I saved it in my picture folder :) Love you, Nee Nee

whit said...

And tell Raychie I am going to come over soon and paint with her. I told her I was but I don't know if she believe me.


Adla said...

Your daughter is so cute and isn't it wonderful that the creative streak is begining young. What a wonderful pressie from grandma and what a wonderful sister you have for surprising you with such sweet goodies. I love rabbits and all of your easter vignettes are twinkling in my eyes... Gorgeous!

chat soon, Adla.

p.s: By the way thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog :)

LiLi M. said...

Hi, Your post is sooo inspiring again!! Here it's no short sleaves' weather at all. But Eastern is the same date of course so I have to hurry with decorating!
I love that 'somewhere over the rainbow' painting!! Do tell that to your daughter, she sure is talented!
Have a nice weekend!

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dearest Cheryl,
Your blog is always is and so full of wonderful ideas, inspiration and I love the way you take notice of others and how you mentioned your pillow and egg from me. That little box your sister gave you is beyond words...just beautiful and of course darling. Your displays are top of the mark...welllllllll
everything is JUST YOU and you are WONDERFUL. Thank you for everything you do for me and others. We appreciate and love you.
OOOh I almost forgot that terrific little poem. Priceless!!!
Love and hugs,

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Cheryl,
I just needed to leave another comment. I know the last one was rather long but needed saying.
Rachel's hair is just the best...she looks so dear in her smock creating away. I love it.
She paints a pretty picture just standing there something out of a children's book or magazine. LOVE THE PRESENTATION and love you all.

Lori said...

Cheryl, what a cute picture of your budding artist, you captured her looking shy and proud at the same time...very cute:)
your Easter/spring vignettes are so very sweet, love your colors...and your surely have the prettiest little things:)

Scrappy Jessi said...

everything is just fabulous!!
i adore all the things you made me!! love them!!!
your little gift from your sis is so cute!
have a great weekend!

Sandra Evertson said...

What a Beautiful budding artist she is!
And Love all your new pieces!
Sandra Evertson

RachaelEnsomFrance said...

Did you cut her hair????

Sugar Bear said...

I love your pillows! I've been drooling over them since you first posted them and wishing I wasn't on a budget!

Diane said...

What beautiful eye candy you have shared with us all. Love your Birthday Box. How charming colors are so yummy!
Hugs, Diane

jillian said...

I always love visiting your blog. There are always such beautiful things to see. Love love love it all!!

Alecia said...

What a wonderful post...and all of your pretties! So inspiring!


tricia-rennea said...

Wha an incredibly delightful blog!

I am really enjoying it, I considering myself fortunate for finding it. :)

You are so creative and talented!