Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Again, Home Again...Jiggedy Jig!

Hello, Sweets! We're back from our vacation and what a wonderful time we had! But I have to say....I missed all of you! I was very "good" and stayed off of all computers for an entire week, which may sound pathetic, but that's really "good" for me! There were even computer in the lobby of the resort we stayed at AND a couple of family members had laptops I could have borrowed but I resisted the temptation and came home to a big, fat, juicy, FULL inbox! ;)

Now I'm in the process of uploading and editing the LOADS of photos we took and Andrew just unplugged the camera from the computer so I'm going to have to do it in batches....ack! Oh well...he just looked at me in an awfully cute way, so I guess that makes up for it. :) Oh and trying to climb Laundry Mountain....ick....

So I want to tell you all about our vacation. My wonderful parents took all of us, my four sisters and my brother-in-law to Maui for a week! It was so beautiful and so much fun. Some of these photos are mine and some are my sisters'.
Here are my cute parents with my girls the first night we were there.... Oh wait...backing up...we spent one night in San Francisco so we could catch an early flight to Maui. While we were there we stopped at my high school friend, Sara's cupcake bakery! It's called "That Takes the Cake" and is as adorable as it sounds. And the cupcakes...well they were amazing!


After a 5-hour plane trip we landed in beautiful Maui and found our way to the lovely resort where we stayed, Ka'anapali Shores. We had a really lovely condo and I even got to indulge my controling self and put Andrew in a crib in HIS OWN ROOM where I completely insulated him from noise, just like at home!

Here we are the first evening, exploring the resort and surrounding beach.

Hee-hee! Just kidding! That is a funny sign I saw on eBay and thought was hysterical! We did NOT go to a nude beach. That actually sounds really, really SCARY to me!
This mid-jump shot is so typical of Miss Em!
All 3 kids LOVED the beach...

Lots of special time with their Aunties (I have 4 sisters so there's plenty of Aunties to go around!

Although we didn't take a piccy, James and I celebrated our 8th anniversary while we were there! We went out to dinner at a reaaaaaallly nice restaurant and my parents watched our kids. Such a special evening. I am so blessed and happy to be married to James....I can't imagine life without him.
James went with my sisters and my brother-in-law on a really neat bike ride. They were driven to the top of a volcano and then biked downhill (3 hours!), all the way to the beach. That's James with my sisters below.
Photobucket And here's one of our famous Sister Pics...


And here's a fabulous family photo of THE GROUP....

can you picture all the suitcases????


Such a great trip!!!!

And now for Yummy Monday, which you may have thought I'd forget about, but if you've hung in with me this far into the post, here you are. I thought I'd feature beach-inspired yummies today, which I hope you'll enjoy, as well.

So hop into my little dune-buggy and away we go!!!!

YUMMY THING ONE: Vintage Bathing Beauty Suitcase by Summersdarling
Look at this fabulous altered suitcase my friend Pat is selling! It is decopauged with loads of vintage images of bathing beauties, both inside and out. Incredible! You can find the auction HERE. Don't miss all the extras she is including inside the suitcase.

YUMMY THING TWO: Listen to the Sea Tags by SunshineandRavioli

Aren't these sweet? I love this seller's creations!

YUMMY THING THREE: Darling Sunhat by TheCelticCottage

O.k. so my bathing suit was black but IF it had been pink I would have loved to wear this hat. Adorable!

YUMMY THING FOUR: Wet Bag by PaisleyBaby

And isn't this cute for putting wet bathing suits and other assundries in. It's lined with waterproof fabric!

Well Sweets....that's it! Phew! That was a LONG POST! I've been working on that all day long, off and on! I got a really fun package in the mail today that I can't wait to blog about. You're going to DIE. Totally incredible!

Hope you have a lovely evening and a wonderful week.
love and hugs,
Cheryl :)


Alison Gibbs said...

Cheryl what a wonderful family vacation. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl! What a fantastic trip!

The Romantic Portuguese Daughter said...

What a wonderful trip!

I am so happy to read you had a great time. Someday...I'll get to Hawaii.

Great pictures!

Blessings to you,

Pink Portuguese Roses

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

What a GREAT family trip!! What wonderful memories you and your family have made and what a gorgoeus beach! Love the photo of your kiddos looking out the window.... just sooo cute!

Steph said...

Now that looks like the perfect family vacation! Wonderful pictures....

And thank you for declaring my tags yummy! I am in good company, as I LOVE all of the other featured items...



Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Cheryl,
Well I can see from the photographs you had an amazing time and the children did also and you sound so very very you see my dear it all turned out grand.
Thank you for the comments on my suitcase and I love what the other sellers are offering in the BEACH COTTAGE LINE...somehthing I simply never get tired of. OOOh I wish I had a beach cottage.
You have a lovely day.
Love and hugs,

Heidi ( said...

What a fun trip! I love all the pictures, esp. of you and your sisters! Reminds me of the six girls in our family!

I also love the "listen" shell tags you've pointed out. thanks!


Sarah said...

What a great vacation. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of all three kids with their white shirts/son in diaper and the one of your older daughter JUMPING. Oh...and the one at sun-down.
Vintage Lily

twinkleshabbystar said...

Hey sweets! What FABULOUS FABULOUS photos of your beach trip. I especially adore the last one! :) Looks like you all had a wonderful time. So nice to see you and your sisters together and all the great family shots!
I LOOOOOVE Pat's suitcase! Just the sweetest!!!! XOXO