Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sweet Six Project Reveal

Hey Sweets!

Can you believe it...3 posts in 3 days....what on earth is going on here???

Well a lot is going on, actually! It's been a wonderful flurry of activity here (Emily's birthday today) and with Sweet Six Studio, the Online Art Retreat I told you about the other day. Oh my goodness...what a response we have had! We feel humbled and so very excited by the incredible response from our friends these last few days. Wow! We hoped some of you would want to "play" with us but to have so many wonderful, creative and SWEET ladies join us is a real GIFT. So thank you for that. Can't wait to make sweet stuff with ya' and for all of us to get to know one another better!

Today I am really excited to send you over to Miss Holly of HollyDoodleDesigns, one of our very own Sweet Six, for a peek at one of the lovely projects we'll be working on during the workshop. Each of the six of us has two projects planned, plus decorating tips, giveaways and more. But we thought it would be fun to show a few of the completed projects so you can get a taste for what's coming! We aren't showing ALL the projects, of course, since everyone likes a sweet surprise! But during the next week or so we'll be showing a few of the projects you'll be able to make with us as members of Sweet Six Studio. I can't wait to make along with my friends!
Here is one of Holly's projects and (don't tell!) one of my very favorites: "Embellished Wallpaper Photo Boards." It's elegant, nostalgic and tender....just like my friend, Holly. Hop on over to her blog for more photos. She is showing two different Photo Boards and this is just one of them. They are just gorgeous. During the Online Art Retreat workshops, you'll get to do 12 projects like this one and they'll be lots more photos, plus detailed step-by-step instructions and photos of how to assemble these projects. Very, very doable and so much fun!

If you haven't signed up for Sweet Six Studio's Online Art Retreat, beginning September 2, it's not too late! Go HERE for more information about the workshops and to find out how to register. We're saving a chair for you, Sweets!


Natasha Burns said...

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous Cheryl!!! Holly is so unbelivably talented... I love this project so much, can't wait to make it!!!

Sugar Bear said...

Oh I'm so excited! This is going to be so fabulous!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I'd been peeking at everyones hints with anticipation. I'm so excited to get in on this creative retreat with such talented ladies! I'm spotlighting this event on my blog come take a look.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a great project. It's the sweetest! I'd love to join, but with harvest season and way to many projects of my own going on, I am going to have to pass.