Thursday, June 11, 2009

En Le Alfresco Art Event

Some of you may have already seen some of the lovely posts some of my fellow even attendees have posted but in case you haven't, I MUST share with you the incredible weekend I had last month in Georgia! I'm a little late posting about this, but better late than never!

I have to start by explaining that the hostess of this event, Jennifer Hayslip, of Sweet Eye Candy Creations, is one of my dearest blogland-friend-turned-real-life-friends! I met her in the first few weeks of blogging, when she also was a newbie to blogging. We hit it off almost right away and have been friends ever since!
I had the opportunity to meet Jennifer in real life at Silver Bella last year, along with several other friends I've made online. It was surreal and wonderful to embrace these amazing women in real life!

Jennifer decided to host her very first art event in her beautiful home in Macon, Georgia, and of course attending wasn't even a question for me! It was called En Le Jardin: An Alfresco Art Event. My dear friend, Analise Sledd (another bloggy pal who lives about 20 minutes away and is one of my very closest buddies in real life!) and I got on a plane and flew to Georgia!

Here's Analise and I...this photo was taken by Tiffany (Shabby Scraps) and I LOVE it! What an amazing weekend. I'm going to pack this post FULL of photos and try to keep descriptions brief!

First of all, I have to tell you, if you've seen photos of Jenn Hayslip's home, you know it is BEAUTIFUL. But believe me, it is even MORE beautiful in person!

Here is her daughter Vivian's room that Analise and I slept in. It is full of so many precious details!
Jenn is the perfect hostess. She even left these bundles of towels on our beds, complete with our initials!
After a wonderful night of sleep, we got up Thursday morning, had breakfast and coffee. We were ALL ready ON TIME, which is pretty remarkable considering how many women were getting ready in one house! Me looking waaaaaay more awake than I felt... Lorraine and I...we're trying to get her to start a blog, but you may have heard some sweet peeps about her from dear Amy Powers. She has an amazing pink palace of a home that we learned the incredible background story of...After coffee and breakfast, a HUGE limo came and picked us up for shopping in beautiful Savannah. These are photos outside Jenn's house while we waited for the limo to arrive. You can see it the background. In the foreground are Tiffany and I in front of the gorgeous fountain in front of Jen's house.

The limo ride...Savannah was GORGEOUS. We had lunch at a historical home-turned-restaurant, The Olde Pink House.
We did some shopping at some lovely places, including Vintage General and Paris Market. Incredible "square" in the middle of downtown Savannah that surrounds this breathtakingly beautiful fountain...Back in the Day Bakery was a sweet surprise and the owner, Cheryl Day, was delightful! Here's an AMAZING sign hanging on the wall of the bakery. It's huge!

Tiffany captured this sweet shot from among the delicious confections offered there!

Tiffany with Cheryl Day, the owner of Back in the Day!

Here we are, enjoying the delicious desserts and coffees we selected.
The next morning was the morning of the art workshop and none of us had ANY idea just how many magical details Jenn had created. We were just in awe of all she had planned! Here are shots from the incredibly beautiful and delicious lunch we had, followed by the workshops.
Jenn's dining room, decorated fun to see this room in person after ogling it in flickr pics for so long! Natasha couldn't attend the workshop but she sent a "paper doll" of herself to enjoy the festivities with us! Jen and I are making sure she gets some of the champagne here....Gorgeous white tent in Jenn's backyard, which she transformed into a magical fairyland!
A banner that Kris Hurst made for Jenn. One of the wonderful surprises from the day was that Kris Hurst herself came! It was so wonderful to meet her in person. She is as delightful and sweet as she is talented.A gift for each of us, from Jenn, at each place setting. The "napkin" was a vintage hankie!Each chair had a vintage pillowcase on the back... Incredible tablescapes full of vintage charm...
Kim Caldwell
and I...Lorraine and I...We had a mini vendor-faire and I had a little spot on the table but there are no pics of my stuff! But here I am very intently working on price stickers.... Andrea Singarella and I...Amazing centerpieces! That's my head in the background.Tiffany and Andrea...We each made/put together something for each atendee and then Andrea Singarella put each of the gifts in a bag for each of us. Holy wouldn't believe the treasures I received. Me being a silly coquette with my "vintage hankie" napkin! A charming vignette Jenn created in a corner of the yard...And that was just the lunch! Jenn had prepared incredible projects for us to do. One was a flower pot. Mine isn't finished but this is a gorgeous photo Tiffany took of her and Andrea's pots:

This was the other project: a darling "fairy ball." Here are a few of them hanging from a tree in Jen's yard. Aren't they magical?

That night we went to Jen's friend, Suzanne's house, for cocktails and dinner. Suzanne and her husband were wonderful hosts and it was a delicious good time!

Jen, Jessi and I unintentionally all wore floral dresses that looked cute together! It was an amazing weekend and one I won't forget. I needed (very badly!) to get away and have some "me" time. I got to take off my mommy hat, be silly, be creative, laugh, cry, eat good food and so much more. There is something so special about spending "real time" with other creative women who "get" me. Silver Bella was great in that way, too, but there is something EXTRA special about the intimacy of a small workshop like this. I REALLY got to know these women. Priceless! I hope Jenn does another workshop next year!


The Feathered Nest said...

What an amazing, wonderful post Cheryl!!!!! I love it all being in one post too ~ you are a cutie patootie dabbing the corner of your mouth like that :) xxoo, Dawn

Jen said...

What a dream getaway! So fun and memorable! You are adorably photogenic!
♥ Jen

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

So jealous in so many all looks amazing. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos....wishing I was there.
Kiss Noises Linda

Angela said...

I had a wonderful time too Cheryl and am so glad that I got to meet and hang out with you and Analise!!

Blushing hostess said...

Such a pretty blog you have! Paris Market is one of my fave spots for shopping in the US, and though I hear about Back in the Day often as we have a home not far from Savannah - I have yet to see one cake when I have been there... huh!

A Fanciful Life said...

That was truly priceless. She could have those parties every day of the year and be filled up completely! Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed your photos and hearing all about the wonderful time you had. You are one lucky girl!


Beth Quinn said...

you girls like you had the most amazing time !!!!! what fun !!! wish i was there !!

Jeanne said...

Everytime I read someone's blog post about Jennifer's Art Retreat I swoon and think I am reading something out of a magazine. Every detail was so thoroughly thought out and executed so beautifully. What a wonderful, dreamy time you all must have had.