Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Monday!

Hello, Sweets! Hope this finds you well, happy and ready for a new week. It's Laundry Day here which means mountains of clothes are sitting on my couch ready to be put away but am I tending to them? No! I'd rather be here, visiting with YOU! It's a rather rainy and dreary here in Central California but I'm feeling quite optimistic since my sweet baby is feeling better today after a long while of being sick and very, very, VERY clingy and whiny. I found a $5 plastic lawn mower at Wal Mart last night and good heavens....I've already gotten my money's worth! I had almost forgotten what his "real" personality is like and it does this mama's heart good to see the boy happy, smiling, chuckling and playing! Plus I had a nice, long phone chat with my dear friend, Linda, and feel so much more connected with all that is good in my life. So all is well here!

If you've come by for a Monday Yummies excursion, you're in luck! I've been poking about, peeking at all sorts of lovely things that I can't wait to show you.
So come on! Hop in my little cyber-buggy, and I'll take you on a oh-so-yummy trip through cyberspace...

I've been admiring this piece for awhile but haven't shown you it. As you may know, I recently "moved house" and seem to be attracted to all things homey/"nest-y" these days. I lived in the little cottage we just sold for 6 years and that was the longest I have ever lived in one abode in my entire life. But the really wonderful thing that I still can't make completely real in my head is that THIS house...the one we just had built and moved our "forever home." We're not going anywhere. We built next my in-laws (whom I ADORE) on the very dirt my husband and HIS father played in as little boys. This is fourth-generation Dack dirt and we are going to live on it till we die! Such a lovely feeling. So pieces like this are really speaking to me...

YUMMY THING TWO: "Sweet Marie" Versailles Wreath by Oh Merci
If you missed the most recent issue of Somerset Life, you must go run and pick one up. The oh-so-sweet-and-very-talented Mary of Oh Merci was featured in an article about blogging in this issue and a very-similar wreath was pictured. This one is for sale in her scrumptious etsy shoppe.

I had the delight of stumbling upon Beth Quinn this weekend in one of those delightful "rabbit trails" where I followed a link, which led to another link...well you know how it goes, don't you Sweets? I got here and was absolutely charmed. I ADORE this lovely artist's style, and not only that, she is just as sweet as sweet can be! You'll be seeing her in Somerset this coming year, as well. She has an etsy shoppe HERE but what I want to show you is actually some of her past work... Isn't it FABULOUS? I have a new favorite, I do believe!

YUMMY THING SIX: Playful Pink Vintage Charm Bracelet by SweetExcess
Now this is what I call a CONFECTION. Jenn showed me this on etsy and I think we are both pretty much drooling over it!
YUMMY THING SEVEN: Sweet Hearts and Old Roses by Karla Nathan
I love so many of Karla Nathan's pieces but this has to be my favorite so far. The epitome of VINTAGE GOODNESS, don't you think, Sweets? Karla also had some of her work in Somerset Life! Don't you think it's great fun to page through your favorite magazine only to find your blogging "pals" featured there? Makes me feel like I know celebrities!!

Isn't this deleciously sweet? I think so!

This is my very last miniature shadowbox kit this grab it while you can! Like the others, this one features the last of these itty bitty antique bisque dolls, a vintage heart-shaped baking pan, vintage wallpaper (with a cherub, no less!), a snippet from a 1922 love letter which reads, "My own" (isn't that sweet??) and a vintage ceramic heart that is this sweet dolly's own Valentine! I will include some pink vintage glass glitter which you can add if you like...remember, this is a kit and you can place the elements where you wish or even add some of your own. You can find this sweetie in my Etsy Shoppe, HERE.
Well Sweets, that's it...The Hubby has come home from work, sick, poor guy. As soon as I got one guy almost well, now I've got another one to tend to! At least this one doesn't fuss at me and ask to be carried around on my hip 24/7. But he still could use some "mothering"....couldn't we all when we feel sick??? So off I go. Hope you and yours are staying well...

Big Hugs,



twinkleshabbystar said...

Hello Sweet Rosey Posey!
Glad to hear you precious angel is feeling better now,and especially happy with his new lawn mower!
I've been looking forward to your Yummies all day. You NEVER dissapoint! Such a dreamy "wish list" of pretties! Im still GA~GA over the bracelet! DROOOOLLLL!!! Looove the ballerina cupcake. Sooo SWEET! Have fun tonight playing nurse Betty to your hubby! hee! hee! XO

love.boxes said...

Hope he gets well soon.. All of the lovely things are lovey.. You blog is so beautiful!

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi! I found your blog just recently and I am enjoying all the beauty and fun so much! I have it on my Google reader so I dont miss a post:>)

jeanetta said...

thanks for the love.:)
i feel so honored.

Little Pink Studio said...

So glad your little guy is feeling better Cheryl!
Love all of your yummies you featured today! (as always)
~Cerri xoxo

sarahkeith said...

Those sure are some "pretties" to look at! I love the house on hanger. Your mind just drifts to a happy place of "home and love" when looking at it. I could sit and stare at it. First time to your blog...will definetly be back.

beth said...

Hi Cheryl !!! Thanks soooo much for the love !!! I am so honored -
Also though wanted to say i totally hear ya with the sick kids , my little one has had a really high fever all day and my other one just got over it( it lasted a week) - gosh hope my hubby doesn't get it too !!! anyways its so nice meeting you !! and thanks again - you have made my day !!!!!!!!!

Loving My Life said...

Love the yummies!!! Love the bracelet maybe one day I will learn to do such pretties!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what pretties.
Good to hear your little one is feeling better.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey girl!
wow everything is just fab! of course!
that bracelet just screams jenn!
have a great week!

Cathy said...


I received my BEAUTIFUL "lovely thing" yesterday. My heart valentine with the porcelain doll is beautiful. The organdy bag and the pretty rose was the perfect "added touch". I adore it. Her name is Victoria and she is sitting right in front of my computer. Now I can enjoy her all day long!

Thank you for having such a wonderful contest. I've blogged all about it!


Merci-Notes said...

Ohhh your poor sweety! A blessing that your son is well now...perhaps he can bring his daddy something to help comfort him!

I so love the bracelet and ALL of your goodies, as always!!!
I am very very honored that you have included me in your treats!!! Thank YOU!


Victorian Lady said...

Wow! All very yummy :) Congrats on your new home...I love that it has a history. I would love to see a pic! :)
Have fun watching him have fun! :)

Sugar Bear said...

I have one of Mary's wreathes - they are gorgeous! The cupcake is adorable and of course your shadowbox is fabulous!

Sophie Rose Designs said...

Hi Miss Cheryl!
I'm so sorry your little one hasn't been well....poor little thing. It's NO FUN when they're sick! :(
I love all of your yummies!! That cupcake with the ballerina is just adorable and so is your precious heart shadowbox! Absolutely darling and SO 'YOU'!!! :)

*Hugs* Dara

Linda said...

I so get the "forever home" feeling, although we don't have a wonderful history like you do to your place, but like my parents my husbands parents and grandparents before them, we have all built our first home and we will never move. I could never leave this place where my children have grown up, where their baby handprints are marked in the concrete pathways. Thank you for showing us all your "Monday Yummies".
Cheers Linda

karin (creativechaos) said...

Cheryl...I absolutely adore every single piece you showed today!

Natasha Burns said...

Oh I have missed your Monday Confections!!!!
LOVING that bracelet.... said...

That is so nice of you to say about my painted rose tag. Thanks so much for featuring it, I am honored to see it here with so many pretty things on your site!