Sunday, January 20, 2008

What I've Been Up To and Yummy Monday

Oh My.... Who was I kidding when I said things would calm down after Christmas????? February is quite the birthday month among my family and friends so I've got all sorts of plans afoot. And that's not even counting Valentine's Day which I regard more as a lovely time for giving really beautiful, feminine gifts to the women in my life than a "sweetheart" sort of holiday. So I've got some things up my sleeve for all "my girls"! Oh and my NEST....let's just say it's needing more feathers, Sweets. I seem to have lost steam in this department. The prospect of sewing yards and YARDS of drapes with fabric that was far too expensive and therefore CAN'T be messed up is a bit daunting, I must confess! Though the sewing itself will be simple it's the measuring and figuring that has me a bit overwhelmed. So in my typical fashion, instead of diving into something overwhelming, I have been just AVOIDING it! Instead I've been making tiny little pretties that I can finish in a day....but I'll show you those in a bit....

FIRST, I must talk about our Valentine's Swap that Jenn and I are co-hosting! For those of you who are participating, how are you doing? It's going to sneak up on us all of a sudden, isn't it? I am having such fun working on goodies for my Swap Partner. I can't tell you (or her!) who my partner is, of course, but I hope she will LOVE what I am making for her... But I CAN show you the FAB hostess gifts Miss Jessi Nagy sent me! I was so surprised to get this sweet gift! This is the first time I've hosted a swap so I didn't anticipate "hostess gifts"....what a lovely thought!
And here's what was inside the little wrapped up packages.... Thank you so much, Jessi!

And now....back to the stuff I've been doing INSTEAD OF the stuff I should be doing! :)

New Stuff I've Been Working On!
"Sweet Love" Treasure Box....
Kit version: SOLD
Already-Made version (with treasures inside!): find it HERE (EDITED: SOLD! THANK YOU!)

"My Heart Belongs to Daddy" Shadowbox....SOLD
"Dearest" Shadowbox....SOLD

"You're a Doll" Shadowbox....SOLD

"Dearest Sweetheart" Fabric Collage...Available HERE
Antique Glitter Station... Available HERE (Edited: SOLD....thank you!)

"Feathering Her Nest"... Available HERE (Edited: SOLD....thank you!)
And now....since it's Monday....of course we must take our YUMMY MONDAY TRIP!
What's that you say? Well of COURSE you're invited!
Hop into my little cyber car with me and off we go to see some of the yummiest things I've found of late!

YUMMY THING ONE: Our "New" Vintage Stroller from Summersdarling/Just Between Us Girls
This sweet little contraption is a vintage stroller called a Taylor Tot that my friend Pat's husband Casey restored! Isn't it darling? I think so! I bought it from Pat last year while we still lived in our little "cottage" and she's been keeping it for me until I had more space. Now that we're settled into our bigger nest, she sent it to us....and what a HIT it is! You can see by Andrew's face that he thinks this stroller is the best thing since Cheerios! And his sisters fight to ride on the back where there is a little ledge they can perch on. We went for a walk down the street and it worked wonderfully. When my MIL saw it she KNEW that it was called a Taylor Tot since she and her siblings had one just like it as children!

YUMMY THING TWO: Lavender Sachet Pillow by Summersdarling
Here's one of Pat's lovely sachet pillows, just in time for Valentine's Day. I love this dear little image of a little girl...reminds me of my second daughter. The box and doll are not for sale but aren't they adorable? Pat is so good at setting up pretty little vignettes.
YUMMY THING THREE: Vintage Valentines Shadowbox by Sweet Eye Candy Creations
OH MY GOSH....this is too darling for WORDS! You must go HERE and HERE to see it and all the close-ups! My good friend, Jenn, has done it again. She is quite the assemblage artist and I am just so in awe of everything she creates! This piece is just over-the-top sweet!

I love Katie's Rose Cottage. I've purchased several items from her boutique and love every one! Isn't this little jar darling? I love the key strung on the ribbon. I think writing down dreams and putting them in a jar is a really lovely and sentimental idea, don't you?

Gorgeous collaged frame covered in buttons, baubles and charms, both old and new. And what a sweet Cupid print inside, as well!

I love these garlands. She makes them for all occasions and they are just so sweet and simple.
This one reads, ""There is no better friend than you dear Valentine."

YUMMY THING SEVEN: Vintage Lefton Valentine Southern Belle Music Box
I am a little bit addicted to searching "Lefton figurines" on eBay! I'm not a "knick-knack" type of gal but I will make an exception for these sweeties. I drooled over the Christmas figurines before Christmas and I am really debating over whether to start a "Birthday Girl" collection for my girls....if you haven't seen the Lefton Birthday Girls, you must take a look. There are different styles from different decades but my favorite are the ones holding the number. For instance, there is a little girl holding a "4" that I'd love to give my almost-four daughter. But if I do that, then I will have to give my other daughter a "7" in August and then we'll have a big problem since I'm not all that good about dusting.....
Anyway, my dusting issues aside, isn't this gal sweet as can be????

YUMMY THING EIGHT: Cupcake Clips and Rubber Bands by Bobbleicious

Speaking of birthdays, I got these cuties for one of Rachel's birthday presents. As I mentioned last week, Miss Rachel got some of Gymboree's Cupcake line for Christmas so these will be perfect accessories for my sweet girl!

And OH MY...what a precious little hat! So darling for V-Day and beyond!

She's done it again....I just love these Dollface collages.

This makes me think of my almost-neighbor, Analise Sledd, who has a blog and etsy shoppe she calls "Sugar Sugar." And speaking of Analise, have you seen the latest issue of Somerset Life??? I was so excited when I picked it up in the bookstore and I told the poor cashier ALL about it, even though she looked about 14 and seemed pretty much appalled that I was buying a MAGAZINE for $15. But it's not just any magazine, is it, ladies??? It's more like a book and I save each and every issue that I buy for future enjoyment. This is a particularly good issue and I am so very PROUD to "know" Analise!

Here's something YUMMY from Analise's store:

I could just slurp these sweeties right up! You get enough materials to make six of these and wouldn't they be perfect for our kids' teachers/Sunday School teachers, etc. for Valentine's Day or even Easter? Just darling.

Well that's it for today, Sweets! Hope you have a lovely, creative week. I'm sending big hugs to you! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. It's always nice to "see" you...


ooak said...

Oh I love each and everyone of the yummies!!! Although my heart is a bit more in love with #6!! Your projects are so darling and I am loving the daddy's girl, maybe because I was one and have one that is starting to only be a daddy's girl!! Hope you get busy on your drapes soon!! Hugs!

The Rose Room said...

I do love visiting you on Monday Cheryl, eye candy for the week:) Rachael

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Hi sweet Cheryl, oh everything here is just so YUMMY!! We were smitten from the beginning, love at first sight! We must go over and check out all the links you have so kindly given us all in this AWESOME post!! We are finished our Valentines swap for our secret partnet, so so excited! Jacqui made it herself and we are posting it off soon! Lovely post as always Cheryl :) Jenn and Jacqui xo

Scrappy Jessi said...

wowza, now that was a great post. pure eye candy!
im glad you like all your goodies!
i love the cupcake barrettes, and the crochet hat's. just darling!!!
hope you are settling in just fine. the swap was really fun.
oopss of course i love jenn's creation.
have a great week.

leesiebella said...

Hey there girly!!

WOW! Thanks for the shout out! :0)

MMMM, this weeks yummies are great! I want one of everything!!!

Hope you are enjoying your new nest! Your kid-lettes look like they are having lots of fun!!


Sugar Bear said...

I love all the Monday Yummies and all of your creations.

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for blogging about us. I had Casey read your blog today and look at the photos and it really touched his heart...he felt that it was all worthwhile doing the stroller and having you and the children enjoy it and he just loved your little ones. I also enjoy all the presentations you make of all the artist. What beautiful work they all do. Three cheers for them.
Love and hugs,

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Cheryl ~ Woohoo !!! I am honored to have my Dream jar mentioned as one of your yummy things !! How wonderful all of the yummy things are !

Missy said...

I do love yummy mondays!!! :) I heard there's an embroidery contest on the sew mamma sew blog, but I can't find it! I looked for it so I could tell you you must enter!!! But alas... I'm not good at detective work! Maybe you can find it :)

twinkleshabbystar said...

Cheryl, OMIGOSH your kiddie poos look precious in riding the Taylor Tot! ADORABLE!
I looove all of your kits, and especially OOOH'ING & AAAH'ING over the antqiue glitter station. The glitter looks FAB in the antique shakers.
All of your yummies are DEELISH! :) Thank you soooo much for featuring my shadowbox SWEETS!!!
OH! The lefton girl music box is TDF!!!!!!!!! Fabulous find!!!
Thanks for ALWAYS giving us such a visual delight! XOXO

dollfacedesign said...

thank you cheryl!!! :D i'm going to start popping by every monday to scope out all the gorgeousness you feature on your yummy list!!! have a great week...

Monica said...

ooh I love Mondays over here always such great finds!
I am working away on my swap still and having fun!

Lori said...

your yummies are especially delicious this week...i needed a bigger bib:)
thanks as always for sharing the wonderful eye candy that you find and create...congrats on the fabulous sales!!! you go girl:)

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness! So much good goodies on one post! I have to say though that the picture of your little boy and daughter in the stroller is the absolute best one. What a cute smile your little guy has!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Cheryl,
I agree, it is daunting to make those first few cuts into expensive yardage...but worth it, leaving us wondering why I put it off! (i am a pisces also!)

With Kindness,