Monday, December 1, 2008

"The Activity Scene"

That's what my four-year-old kept calling the Nativity Scene today as we talked about setting it up and then unpacked it and set it up together. I kept correcting her but to no avail. But hey...there was some really great activity in that little corner of the world that first Christmas night. So we're just going to go with it... :)I actually have stronger memories of setting up the nativity scene as a child than I do of decorating the tree, although we did both each year. There was something so magical about pulling each bundle out of the box, unwrapping the newspaper and finding out which character would emerge. I was NUTS about setting up and re-setting up the scene...thinking about different ways the animals could sit or switching the magi and the shepherds to opposite sides of the creche.

We definitely enjoyed setting our nativity up today...even Andrew!
As I looked through the camera lens at this shot, the foreshadowing that this photo can represent gave me serious chills.
"Lo He lay his glory by, born that men no more may die; born to save the sons of earth;

born to give them second birth..."

My nativity scene is so special to me. The figurines are by Willow Tree and I have several of the "family" themed ones that I keep around during the rest of the year. But at Christmas I bring this set out. James gave me part of it, my mother gave me other parts of it and my mother-in-law gave me other parts, until I finally had the whole thing. The creche is actually really special, too, although not made by Willow Tree. James found it on a website and ordered it partly because of how beautiful it is but also because of how they are made. This was several years ago before either of us was familiar with the term "altered art." :) But the artist who makes these makes each one by hand, out of discarded scrap wood, giving it a new life, making something beautiful out of something wanton and (I like to think!) helping it become what it was always meant to be. Such an apt word picture for the season, I think!

Here's the kids' "activity scene" that Rachel and Andrew played with for a good half hour. Rachel asked me to take a photo of it. :) I love how the cow has edged Joseph out to the edge of the scene!
Hope you and your family are enjoying these first few days of the holiday season, too.


leesiebella said...

such a lovely post Cheryl, love it!

*warm fuzzies*


Fleur de Bee said...

DARLING!!!! Those pictures are priceless as are the memories of it all! Beautiful post, thanks for sharing, especially your adorable children!!


tiffany~shabby scraps said...

so sweet! I hope you had a great holiday!
xoxo, Tiffany

Sugar Bear said...

You have a lovely nativity scene. I understand your attachment to it and your childhood memories. I feel the same way about my mom's nativity set. My sister and I used to take turns setting it up each year. Very special!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Cheryl, whas a precious post! Your babies will have these wonderful memories too! The Nativity scene is beautiful. I love the creche!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So very special. My son, will not let me put the wisemen by the nativity scene, yet....guess they really aren't suppose to arrive until much later! Very important activity indeed! You are so cute and adorable in all the silver Bella pics. Looks like you all had a great time!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Awwww. what a sweet post Cheryl! The photo of Andrews little hand and his car brought a huge smile to my face! What wonderful tradional Christmas memories you will have with your children. :)
XOXO, Jenn

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I just adore nativity scenes! your family is sooo cute Cheryl!! I hope you have a fabulous night!!! big hugs!! xo Britt :-)

vintageindie said...

This is darling. What great memories you have and the scene is so cute.

Just Between Us Girls said...

Hi Cheryl,
The nativity scene and the memories you share are just wonderful and the photos are perfection. Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time on your journey. Stop by my blog when you can and enjoy the might be something you want to do for your girls.
Love and hugs,

Silly Bee's Chickadee said...

I luuuuuuuv nativities! I have several and try to purchase one when we travel out of the country. We usually hide the baby Jesus until Christmas morning.

I use the Willow metal stars as a backdrop for one of my Mexican nativities!

faerie enchantment said...

Such a wonderful post! Happy Holidays!
Magic and Joy!

Cathy said...

Hi Sweet Pea,

Just finally taking the time to make the rounds and see what all my favorite ladies are up to.

I hope all is going well with you and yours and you are cooking up some wonderful treats.

Have a great day sweet pea.

xo Cathy

Layne said...

My boys call it the "Activity Scene" too! If I correct them, they correct me right back! Gotta love it :o)