Sunday, August 29, 2010

So this is a wierd post

Not sure how to go about it, but I have a couple things to share for those of you that stop by and "know" me a bit. You might have put two and two together but in case you haven't, I'm gonna give this a shot. Feels a little odd, but seems important, too. Have I scared you yet??? :)

O.k. so I noticed an old post from last Fall and it was one when I mentioned that I was going through a divorce and making a home for my kids and I. So here's the deal. I was going through a divorce, but now I'm not. My husband and I are happily back together. Of course there's a long story I am not going to go into, but there's the facts of it.

So why am I blogging about it? I am pretty private these days. This is sort of strange for me and I don't feel entirely comfortable with it. But I feel MORE uncomfortable about not writing this. Well there's a couple reasons.

One, I feel strange that there is a blog saying I'm going through a divorce...when I am not anymore. I thought about deleting that post, rather than writing this one. But that didn't feel right. The only other solution seemed to be what I'm doing right now!

Two, I'm an honest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of gal. I'm NOT at ALL interested in projecting an image of myself or my life that is "all pink and blue," as the saying goes. I'm a real woman with a real life. The times I've blogged from that real-woman-heart are the posts that my readers seemed to connect with most. It's fun to show pics of pretty stuff. It's a way to show what I'm making/selling. But there's also THIS...the intersections of our lives...the passing one another and rubbing shoulders....the connections we form, even virtually.

Three, and sort of related to Two but worth its own paragraph...I just want you to know that my life isn't just cupcakey and pretty and sweet. It's ugly, hard, messy, dirty and full of mistakes. Just like yours. We aren't that different, you and I...not really. This last year was the hardest, most emotionally volatile, most painful year of my life, and it seems right that I put this out there with the cupcakes and the frou-frou. It's part of ME.

So there we go...I'm at home, I'm actually home with 3-year-old Andrew and I am happy. Playing baseball, even though I'm terrible at pitching to him...he says, "You can do it, Mama!" :) Working. Writing. Trying to get back into running again. Taking care of my beautiful family. I am where I am supposed to be. Where I want to be. And that's really, really good. I'd rather not answer questions about details. This is all I want to say about it. However, if you are someone who has gone through something similar, are in the middle of painful marital issues or are just in PAIN, and want to chat, heart-to-heart and down-to-earth with someone who really GETS it, please email me. It's I'd love to talk with you.

In keeping with the self-revealing nature of this post, I have a confession to make: I have another blog. Yes. I know. You feel like I've been keeping this from you. :) Well, I have! I don't link to the other blog here. If someone wanted to, they could find it through my name, but other than that, only a few people know about it. It's a more "me" blog...less about business and more about personal stuff. In addition to sewing/running my fabric store, I write. A lot. I'm the guest-editor of a website. I talk about pretty honest, gut level stuff going on in my head and heart. When I do talk about business/art stuff it's the "other" side of me that isn't pink and cupcakey at all. It's more ivory-vintage stuff. Some of that I've shown you here, as well.

So anyway, I'm inviting you (if you wish) to visit my other blog:

And lastly, as long as I'm being honest, I ALSO didn't tell you (I know, I know) that I got a tattoo a little over a year ago. Now I'm being kind of silly. I didn't even realize until today that I had blogged about my tattoo on the other blog but not on this one and wanted to share it with my fellow all-things-vintage-lovers. Don't worry there's no skulls or dripping blood or anything. It's actually based on a vintage embroidery pattern and I LOVE it. I've never had a tattoo. Never thought I'd want one. Never even CONSIDERED it. But the idea for this one got in my head and wouldn't leave and I've not regretted it one single bit. It's so ME. Here's a post about it:
So that's it. :)


The Rose Room said...

Cheryl I had figured you and your husband are back together. I am so happy for you!!! You are so right, we all have the good, the bad, the messy, the dirty and the ugly in our lives because that is real life! I wish I could go back to my marriage but I can't and that is now ok too! Again very happy for you and thanks for sharing:) Rachaelxo

Natasha Burns said...

wow Cheryl, I'm so happy that you guys worked things out. As long as you are happy, I'm happy for you. And you don't have to say any more than you want or feel you need to. xo

Sugar Bear said...

Hi Cheryl,

I must admit, I was wondering. I remember your post and then I was confused by one of your recent posts but figured it wasn't my business! I am joyful for you and the fact that you are at a happy place now. Certainly I get what you are saying. Life is not all pink and blue for sure. I love your tattoo. Here is a "secret" I have a tattoo as well!

Melissa said...


You handled something difficult wonderfully. I too went through some extremely painful marriage stuff almost eight years ago (sometimes it seems like yesterday and sometimes it seems like a bad dream).

What you shared about the sharing and the not sharing is understandable and I think that you are right to keep the details to yourself. Just the same letting a bit of it out to let people know you are real and to give a small vent to the pain is not wrong.

I rather appreciated this 'wierd' and rambling post.

Alison Gibbs said...

Cheryl great that things have worked out for you and your husband.
It's tough when we have issues like this to deal with.
I think sometimes blogging is a bit of a release for what really is hurting us and helps us heal.
I think in all honesty most of us have had 'issues' to deal with in our marriages (I know I have), none of us live in that cutesy world that some people like to portray. We all live in the REAL WORLD good on you and your honesty.
Stay happy