Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday is Yummy!

Well maybe MONDAY itself isn't yummy, but hopefully this will make it YUMMIER!

Happy Columbus Day, Sweets! You should have heard me trying to explain to my six-year-old what Columbus Day is about. Every detail of my explanation was met with a blank stare or a "huh?" It was like I was speaking a different language. Europe? What's That? Who's Columbus? What do you mean they didn't know America was here? I THINK she gets it now but I'm sure I'd be amused to find out what pictures she has made in her head out of my goofy explanation!

But you don't care about it being Columbus Day, do you Sweets??? You are anxiously awaiting your YUMMIES, aren't you? I can tell by that hungry look on your sweet little face! And darlin' you will not be disappointed! Have I got some yummy YUMMIES today!!!! So hop on in my little cybercar and EAT YOUR HEART OUT, DARLIN'!

These first few yummies are necessary for our journey, Sweets. Here's some "Driving Gloves" for you! Now I bought these already but Miss DishKitty says if you hurry on over and ask her really sweet-like, she will set up a special listing for you for a pair of your own. I've ordered TWO, of course, because otherwise there would be an all-out BRAWL over here.... ;)
Now you need a driving hat. The air can be quite brisk as we fly through cyberspace! So put this yummiest of hats on and let's keep going!
YUMMY THING THREE: Cupcake Bib by EvelynKate
And you can't go any further with're drooling, Sweets, and we don't want to muss your pretty frock!YUMMY THING FOUR: Cupcake Amiguris by anapaulaoli
Oh you're HUNGRY, you are??? Well why didn't you say so! I've got a stack of these little sweeties! Take a bite!
And if that doesn't satisfy your craving, maybe this will! Scrumtious, isn't it?YUMMY THINGS SIX: Cupcake Stocking by MermaidSparkle
There's more where that pincushion came from! Look at what else Miss Mermaid Sparkle has baked for us? Imagine all manner of Christmas yummies tucked into this sweetest of stockings... Or better yet, start a tradition of giving your Sweetums a "Birthday Stocking" on their birthday morning! Oh I love that idea!
These little cupcakes won't even take up any space in your tummy, have the whole pan!

YUMMY THING EIGHT: Cupcake Collage by JennysBakeShop
And if you are STILL hungry, don't ya worry, because I've got another little treat from the Cupcake Queen Herself!
My Sweet-as-can-BE friend, Jennifer, of Sweet Eye Candy Creations, made this darling for my little girls' room. Don't you LOVE IT??? Me, too! You should have heard my squeal of delight when I opened up the package. I *almost* decided to keep it for myself but since Jenn SPECIFICALLY sent it for my girly-whirlies, I put it in their room between their beds on their nightstand. Isn't it PERFECT there???

The next few yummies are a few from my own little "Bakery" that I just HAVE to show you....

A sweet little something for YOUR sweet little something! Fabric applique is from a vintage birthday card that's been printed onto fabric. Isn't it YUMMY????
YUMMY THING ELEVEN: My Little Cupcake by Rosey Posey Confections
And here's another little something for your Sweetie! This little "cuppycake" applique is made from vintage and new fabrics paired up perfectly!

YUMMY THING TWELVE: "Dolce de Vita, Y'all!" Fabric Book by Rosey Posey Confections
This was a custom fabric book for a Sweetie customer, Carole. "Dolce de Vita, Ya'll" loosely translates to "It's a Sweet Life, People!" And it really is, isn't it? The title was Carole's idea, after she saw this book I made that Amy bought. This book will be perfect for Carole to keep recipes in or even sweet notes from friends and family. It could even be a fun spot for keeping altered art supplies! The possibilties are endless. Hope you love it, Carole!

And if YOU are interested in a little book of your own, contact me and I'll bake one up for ya! :)

Front cover:

Page 1-2, with altered art recipe cards" for jotting recipes or even notes on! Page 3-4: Page 5-6...every page has at least one pocket!
Page 7-8 (aren't those fabric images from a vintage children's book CHARMING???):

And the last page! That's another card tucked into the pink pocket:

Well Friends...that's it for today! Hope you enjoyed our Yummies today as much as I did! And here's to a Sweet Week for us all....

Love, Cheryl


Lori said...

what a wonderful start for a sweet week! great yummies today Cheryl!!! all of these cuppies are so so darling!! love what Jenn made for the girls, very sweet indeed!!!

knitty bitty apparel said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for including me in your yummy Monday blog---love all the treats!! And, your Etsy shop is soo cute---I've actually looked in there before ; ) Thanks again!! Stacey from Knitty Bitty Apparel

Anonymous said...

Now it's officially Monday!!!
I love everything!!! Especially that gorgeous book you made!! :)

Bejeweled said...

Wow! Yum, yummy and yummier!!!! What a lovely way to start a Monday! Especially love your little cupcake appliqué outfit!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Those itty bitty cupcake mittens are too stinking adorable! AND I sooo cant WAIT to receieve Vivi's Sweet Confection outfit. Your creations are just BEYOND precious!!!
Ohhhh! and THANK YOU for showing off the little Miss Belle picture frame. Im sooo happy that you and the girls love her!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I want it all!!!
Everything is so cute.
My favorites are the knitted baby cupcake hat and your fabric book.
Thats beautiful!

Kimberly :)

Analise said...

Hey Cheryl!

Such sweeties! I *love* your new fabric book...looks divine!!


The Rose Room said...

Very yummy:) I love your Monday show and tell! Take Care - Rachael -xo

regina barnett said...


Kristen said...

this is just a FUN overload!!! thanks so much for sharing! have a happy week!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Yummy is here indeed! Everything is just beautiful! Cupcakes of all sorts and each so pretty. The hat is adorable and the little gloves, well what can I say just so cute.:o) Thanks for sharing all these beautiful and yummy things with us...



ACottageIndustry said...

Aah, come on! Can't you make some #11's for big girls? I tell ya, I'd buy 'em for myself and both my grown up daughters!(Let me know if this may be available!!!!)

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

wow!!! you choose the cutest things Cheryl!!!I adore them all!! your fabric book is to die for and I LOVE the thing Jenn sent you!! sooo cute!! xo Britt

Alison Gibbs said...

What a fabulous and yummy post. Just adore the cupcake!!!!

Natasha Burns said...

yum yum yum what fabulous yummies!!!!

The Rose Cottage said...

I see you like cupcakes LOL, great creations you found to share, they are all wonderful. Too bad there are no little girls in my life right now, your clothes are adorable :)