Monday, November 26, 2007

I Didn't Forget Monday Yummies!

Well it's officially the Holiday Season, dontcha think?? With Thanksgiving over I feel like winter and the Holidays are upon us, even though I sent Emily to school in short sleeves today and am only just now chilly enough for a sweatshirt! But even with not-nearly-cold-enough weather, images like this one still seem appropriate... I have got so much going on, I nearly forgot Monday Yummies! I was reminded by a friend, actually!!! Phew! That was a close one! I've got my little guy's first birthday on the brain (tomorrow), a holiday boutique I'm doing with a friend coming up on Sunday afternoon and lots of orders that are in various states of completion. And I'm doing Christmas shopping online. And we're moving. AND the baby seems to be coming down with yet ANOTHER cold. AND....well you can imagine, I'm sure! But I can't miss Monday's really one of my happiest things!

So come along with me, Sweets, and we'll do some Holiday Window Shopping together....Rosey Posey Confections style!
And here we go....

YUMMY THING ONE: Lovely Coffee Mug
I have a serious hot cocoa addiction, Sweets, and this sweetie of a mug isn't going to help me quit! I love this and oh my gosh....just look at the price! I'm thinking about buying a whole set...
There is nothing quite like these vintage bottlebrush wreaths. And when they're in pink and white....well let's just say my heart starts to beat fast!
YUMMY THING THREE: Vintage Pink Sugar Bells
And for the tree....look at these precious ornaments! They have that "sugared" look to them and are just asking to have some vintage millinery and ribbon added to them...
Now isn't this darling? Love it.
And to decorate our little ones, here's a yummy hair ornament!

YUMMY THING SIX: Advent Calender by Teresa McFayden
My family has always celebrated Advent and it is one of my most treasured holiday traditions. I'm going to tell you more about that in the next few weeks, but until then, here is something fun for all of us to do! Not only does the very talented Teresa have more gorgeous photos of this incredible creation on her blog, she also has very detailed directions about how to make one!

Well that's it for today, Sweets! Thank you so much for coming along on my little cyber shopping trip! I can't wait to show you photos of all my swaps just as soon as my partners receive their goodies! And I've got quite the pile of new pretties for the boutique Sunday and I'll share some photos of that. Anything that doesn't sell there will be going in my etsy shoppe next week, too, so look for a bit of a shoppe update.

Hope this week is full of holiday magic, the makings of memories and good health!


Lori said...

no hunks to drool over this week huh? i would almost feel cheated except your yummies this week are so good...LOVE that gorgeous coffee mug, my how pretty...and the wreath and the sugar bells and the...well, everything is so wonderful!!!
Happy First Birthday to your sweet little Boy!!! I hope he is feeling better soon, no fun to be sick on your birthday:(
Good luck on the move and your holiday boutique!!!

Sandy said...

Hi Cheryl! I checked for your Monday updates this morning and thought that you might have forgotten about it as well..LOL! Give your son a squishy birthday hug for me tomorrow! My son's birthday is in 2 weeks! You mentioned a boutique..but which one is it again? Have a great week!

twinkleshabbystar said...

OOOOHHH Miss Cheryl! I loove and always look forward to your yummies! I would LOVE to drink hot chocolate out of that gorgeous roses coffee mug! Im salivating over the wreath and the BELLS! Oh my!!!!!! Sugar shock!!! hee! hee!
I cant believe Andrew turns ONE tomorrow!!! Awww....give him a big ole' hug from ME! OH! Vivi just chimmed in and said to give him a wet KISS from her. :) XO,Jenn

*Heidi* said...

Oh, I love your yummies! Beautiful mug, beautiful! I made one of Teresa's cookie tray advent calendars last year...LOL, didn't look like her's though! But, hey, I tried! I should pull it out and may give it a makeover!

You've got so much going on...but most important, Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

teresa said...

Love all the goodies you shared in your post. Those snowy bells are the best! Thanks for featuring my Calendar dear friend. I hope you get a chance to make one soon!