Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Yummies, A Giveaway and More!

Oh my goodnes...what a DAY!!!!!!!! Did anyone know it was Official Fussy Baby Day and they just forgot to tell me??? Good HEAVENS! And of course someone wanted to look at the house at noon so I spent the morning getting it ready for that (we are selling it) AND someone else wanted to look at it this evening AND it was our Date Night. CRAZINESS. Ya know????

And top of it all, it's Monday and you have gotten so accustomed to your Yummies being served up, now haven't you? :) And lest you think I forgot, I have the winner of the giveaway to announce. And my dear friend, Linda, finished my new eBay ME page, part of which is my new blog banner above (you DID notice it, didn't you, Sweets!) and I want to show it off! More on that in a bit....

FIRST....can I have a drumroll please.....

The winner of the giveaway is..... Jeanetta!
And lest you think I have big huge hairy hands, please rest assured that that is my husband's very manly hands picking Jeanetta's name out of the bowl! ;)

And here's some more pics of The Ice Queen Tussie Mussie that I will be sending to Jeanetta!
Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by this weekend and left SWEET comments! What a treat! Joli Paquet was such fun and such a success and that is because of all of you! Be sure and head over to my etsy shoppe if you are still interested in purchasing some of my kits.

Today is Monday and that means, as usual, I'm inviting you on a whirlwind trip through cyberspace to see some of the yummiest things I've found lately! Here's our ride now....

Hop in....make yourself comfy....and off we go!!!

YUMMY THING ONE: My New eBay ME page!!!!! by Linda of Lola and Dahl

This is just a screenshot of the very top of the page. Isn't it adorable??????? And so ME!!!! If you have seen my past work, you'll recognize those cuppycakes and that little baking girl! ;) But that's just the tip of the iceberg....go HERE to see the whole page....I was SCREECHING with delight when I saw it for the first time last night!!!!!

ISN'T it so amazing????????????? Linda is my very dear friend and more like me than almost any other girl in the world except maybe my own sisters! She is beatiful, talented and SWEET as can be. If you haven't visited her blog, then don't waste any time! She is HILLARIOUS and such a witty writer. Leave her a comment and tell her I sent you! And if you need an eBay ME page, an etsy banner (she made mine!), a custom template for your eBay auctions or even business cards or hang-tags, Linda's the gal for you! She made all my DOLL tags for my line of clothing and is just soooo very good at everything she does. Again, tell her I sent you!!!

YUMMY THING TWO: The Belle of the Ball at Silver Bella!

ACK! Talk about confections! This is my sweet-as-can-be bloggy pal, Miss Jennifer Hayslip, who is also the talented assemblage artist behind the oh-so-very-yummy "Sweet Eye Candy Creations." She went to Silver Bella this past weekend (insert jealous sigh....) and had a BLAST. Well one of the nights the Bellas were supposed to dress up and the theme was Junque Gypsy. Here is Jenn in her prize-winning costume!!!!And here is one of the cute ornaments she took for the ornament exchange! Adorable!

Jenn, I'm coming next year!!!!

YUMMY THING THREE: Madame Fifi by Sophie Rose Designs

Isn't she a little Sweetie Tweetie? I love her so! Dara of Sophie Rose Designs is soooo kind and sooo talented. I just love her trademark sweet, feminine style. I would recognize one of her creations from a mile off!

YUMMY THING FOUR: Magic Forest Hairclip by Bukubuku

I adore this little clip. Something about it is just positively...well, magical!

YUMMY THING FIVE: 1950's Prom Dress!

If you haven't heard about the "Virtual Prom" Miss Natasha is hosting, go here and get the details! WAY TOO MUCH FUN!So now I'm on the look-out for a prom dress. Yes, you heard me! I'm going to the Vintage Prom, Baby! Look at this cutie....

Well, Sweets....that's it for tonight! The Bachelor is on tonight... ;)

I have a shoppe update coming up, probably Friday. I've got all kind of pink yumminess I've been cooking up for you. Plus, I'll be getting all the Jolie Paquet kits ready to ship, so if you bought one, you can start looking for it in your mailbox around Monday of next week!

Hugs to you, Sweets! Jeanetta, be sure and send me your mailing address and I'll pop this tussie in the mail for you!


whit said...

I recognize James' hairy hand! So I really like that prom dress. I have this silly dream that one day "the guy" will do something cute like a prom for me since I never went. If he does I am stealing your dress. I will drive out to Easton. And pick the lock. While you sleep.

Natasha Burns said...

Oooh I love your Monday pretties! Jenn looks totally amazing, I adore her skirt, she's so beautiful! Your new page is so cute and I love the clip too. Wow that prom gown is so gorgeous, can't wait to see your post when the prom is on!!!

Lori said...

your banner is amazing, your friend did a wonderful job...and the ebay page is too too cute, i love the pictures of the kiddies, esp your cute little wee one wearing his crown:) love the yummies: Jenn looks amazing in her lovely pink ensemble, Dara's bird is just adorable, and the prom dress is to die for...

congratulations to your lucky winner!!

jeanetta said...

oh is it me?! am i the "jeanetta" that won. i dont really think i have seen another one out there in blogland but you never know. lol. ihope its me i have already gotten too excited. lol

Sophie Rose Designs said...

Official Fussy Baby Day, lol. I think we have those every day around here!!! ;)
Your new page is sooooo adorable and so YOU!!!!!

Lianne said...

I am absolutely GREEN with envy over your prize, but happy for you anyway! (May want to lock your doors, though...just in case!!) :o)
Cheryl...LOVE the prom dress! We were born a generation too late, weren't we? I know we will ALL want to see you in that lovely gown!
Love you sweet!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Congrats Jeanetta! Lucky girl!
I love all of your Monday goodies!! That prom dress is beautiful!

Tea Time and Roses said...

I love your new banner! A big congratulations to Jeanetta, and what a beautiful gift she is getting...lovely! Your Monday pretties are wonderful, I just know when I come for my visit it will be something beautiful awaiting!

Smiles to you...


Sugar Bear said...

Love all of the yummy things you post! I love your new ebay ME page. Very cute!

Fete et Fleur said...

Thanks so much for such a fun Post!I loved everything. The scumptious prom dress is to die for!!

XOXO Nancy

Sweet Remembrance said...

I love your new banner...
And the dress is fabulous!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Been too long since I dropped by for a visit. I LOVE your tussies too; they are wickedly delicious!
Big hugs to you and keep tempting me!

craftyhala said...

Congrats to Jeanetta!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Miss Cheryl! I've already told you once before, but I'll tell you again. I LOOOOOOOOVE your new "Me" page. It is by far the CUTEST one I've EVER seen! It's sooo YOU!
I about DIED when I saw that I was one of your Monday yummies! LOL! Your sooo sweet to include me. Everyone did call me the pink cupcake. ;)
Looooving Fifi birdie! Sooo adorable!!!
Hope you enjoyed your date night!
Oh, your tussie is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!!

Sandy said...

Girl, My baby apparently has croup, so it's Fussy Baby Day here too. Too bad about your date night. I hope you get a good offer on your house! I love your yummy banner! I got 2 'professionally' made as well- which I will be using after Christmas.I'm off to check out your e-bay sight and what everyone said about Silver Bella!. Good luck with baby!

Sandy :)

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Jenn did look so cute didn't she?! I adore Dara's creation!!! xo Britt