Saturday, November 17, 2007

So Much Glittery Goodness!

OH MY!!!! Where to begin with all the glittery goodness??? I personally am covered in glitter at the moment, as is my workspace! It is just way too much fun! But here is just some of the glittery "goings-on"....

First...a Birthday Girl Wand for the Birthday Girl to wave as she makes her "birthday decrees." You know the decrees I mean, right??
Here's just a few....
~ Thou shalt only serve me Barbie Cereal for my breakfast!
~ Thou shalt allow me to lick the frosting of 4 cupcakes and leave the cake!
~ Thou shalt overlook my sugar-fueled hyper-activity and overall brattiness for the entire day!

I used a favorite vintage image of a cake, printed on fabric, for the centerpiece of this wand. Add pink crepe paper ruffles, pink tuling, white pom-pom trim and glitter and you have yourself a birthday CONFECTION! You can find this one in my etsy shoppe HERE!
And speaking of confections......LOOK AT THIS!!!!! This incredible masterpiece was made by the oh-so-gifted and oh-so-sweet Jenn of Sweet Eye Candy Creations. Look closely at the box that the birthday bunny is sitting on....does that cake look familiar?? I was so thrilled that Miss Jenn used my little cake pendant on the front of the birthday box she made! Oh I must have one of these boxes. I just about screamed in delight when I first saw it! Ask Jenn about her custom-made birthday boxes!
And speaking of Jenn and GLITTER.... Look at what I found in my mailbox today!!!!! THANK YOU, JENN!!!!!!! I adore it!

And look what I bought TWO of from her the other night!!!! I have been waiting for her to put these in her etsy shoppe! They sold out in a flash but I bought TWO!
I also just HAVE to show you what I finally finished....
It's Sweet Santa!

I've just listed this sweetie on etsy and you can find it HERE. You'll receive everything you see here...the faux "box" (it doesn't really open) and the two vintage bottlebrush trees!

Love that REAL glass glitter!!!!!
The vintage bottlebrush trees each have mica on their pretty.
Santa stands in front of his glittered sleigh which is carrying a tiny "gift" that is glittered and has a vintage millinery rose on top!
Isn't he just PRECIOUS????
Well that's all the glitter for now! I'm sure I'll have some more on Monday in my YUMMIES so be sure and pop in then! HUGS!


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Happy Birthday to your little one! What a beautiful wand! All of the eye candy is just delicious!!! xo-Mel

Sandy said...

When is your daughter's birthday! As usual I love all your creations!

Alison Gibbs said...

What a gorgeous wand. I love your Sweet Santa. So many pretties for the birthday girl.

Lori said...

Cheryl, Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! What a gorgeous wand you made, I just love that cake!!! and of course I just adore Jenn's bunny boxes, so foofy and CUTE! and her ornaments are adorable. Love that sweet Christmas scene box you made, the colors are so great,love the red bottle brush trees!!!

twinkleshabbystar said...

I looove your cake wand! It's PERFECT for a birthday girl! Ok...your little Santa box is OVER THE TOP SWEET!!! Ooooh I just adore the little fella and and all the glittery goodness! The ticking fabric and pom-pom's are PEFRECT!!!
And...thank you once again, for featuring some of my work! *BLUSH* You are too incredibly kind!!!! :)

karin (creativechaos) said...

I love the wand!!! So cute! And the decree sounds just about right!