Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beware: Extreme Sweetness Ahead!!!!

Well Hello, Sweets! It's so lovely to see you!

First of all, I know I've been remiss with blogging and just terrible at serving up your Yummies each Monday. It's been crazy here. Last week I worked on orders, my husband went backpacking, I worked on some of the sweet treats I'm going to share with you today and worked on the new website a bunch. We spent some time with our families, I broke down and bought some jean shorts even though I really DID take to heart Oprah's advice that no one over 21 or something like that should EVER wear shorts! I went antique shopping and crafted with Analise a couple times in the last couple of weeks, ordered loads of new fabrics, hung out with my friend, Marianna, who is visiting from Indiana and took care of a sick Baby! Phew!!!!
Anyway, all this to say, I'm here today, and I'm SO TOTALLY EXCITED about showing off some new, very yummy things I've been so anxious to share with you! Although this won't be the traditional Yummies shopping trip I usually take you on, what you'll see will definitely be yummy and I hope you'll enjoy it.

First off, the very talented Ingrid Riley of Cherry Tree Graphics of finished my website design and I've been happily adding products, slowly but surely, to the site! I finally got the cart working this morning so you can actually begin to order things from the site. There will be new products added all the time, but for now I've got most of what I've been selling in my etsy fabric store loaded on the site! I am IN LOVE WITH my new logo, the "free shipping" graphic that Ingrid made and just the whole "feel" of the site....even better than what I was hoping for! Check it out when you get a moment!
Now the next exciting thing I want to share with you is something that's been awhile in the works and I've been just chomping at the bit to show you it!!! It's an exciting collaboration with a lovely, lovely artist and friend that has me just thrilled to pieces...

But first let me introduce you to my friend....

Meet Donna "Cookie" Gotlib. I found her etsy shoppe awhile back when I was looking for some unique offerings for my new website. I want to carry more than just fabric and I'm so excited about the products I've discovered. But while I was poking around on etsy, I came across Cookie Sunshine, a charming etsy shoppe full of the most whimsical and delightful drawings by the very talented Donna "Cookie" Gotlib. Here are just a couple of my very favorites!

And though I adore these drawings, you should know that Donna draws more than just cupcake-related things! You can find dozens of equally darling and magical drawings and prints in her etsy shoppe HERE.

So back to my excitement news....I've been searching high and low for the perfect patterns to sell on my website. I've found several really wonderful quilting-type patterns but so far, had not found any embroidery patterns that were quite right for my aesthetic. But when I saw Donna's cupcake-related drawings and some of the sewing-related drawings, I KNEW I had found the kind of whimsy and sweetness that I have been looking for in embroidery patterns. So I wrote her, asked her if she had ever thought of turning her incredible drawings into embroidery patterns. She said she'd thought about it but hadn't done so yet and what did I have in mind?

Fast-forward to now.... Donna and I are simply THRILLED about our new collaboration. I am helping Donna turn her amazing illustrations into some wonderful embroidery patterns! These patterns are so incredibly delicious and fun! We are still about a week or two away from releasing the first pattern for sale but we simply MUST show you what that first pattern will be....


Do you recognize the sweet lady I've embroidered? Yes....scroll back up to my favorite Cookie Sunshine drawings until you see "The Cupcake Lady." Yup. That's her! Isn't she SWEET? I had such fun embroidering her and making the embroidery into a yummy wall-hanging in all the scrumptious fabrics from my etsy fabric store. One or two of these photos will be on the front of the first pattern and in the pattern you will find the drawing to transfer to fabric, a full set of instructions, some basic embroidery-stitch instructions and even some tips about how to create the wall-hanging I made out of "The Cupcake Lady."

Now you know why I've been all in a tizzy! Just so much fun and there's so much more where that came from! Donna Gotlib and I will be releasing 4 more patterns in the next couple months and you are going to LOVE them. Donna will be designing the motifs, I will be embroidering them and designing something as a sample of what you can do with the patterns, writing the instructions and Donna and I will be selling the patterns. I'm going to be carrying the patterns in my fabric etsy shoppe as soon as they are available for purchase and you will of course find the full line of patterns on my website when it goes live!

In the meantime, go and visit the charming Donna, the imagination behind these drawings and embroidery patterns, over at her Cookie Sunshine blog where you'll find so much more charm, whimsy and fun!

O.k. so now for my next yummy and exciting reveal...

Well I have to say....I TRIED....really, I save these for the grand opening of our website, later in the month. But I just couldn't! They are just so yummy and fun that I had to share them with you now. :)

Introducing "Just Baked" Cupcakes by Confections Fabric!

If you've been visiting here for awhile, you probably know that I have a serious fabric addiction. Specifically, I love to see coordinating fabric piled on top of each other....and it's just simply YUMMY. Hence the name of my blog and soon-to-be website. But for some time now, I've been working out how to make some ACTUAL CUPCAKES out of yummy fabric....a true "confection" you can hold in your hand, even if you don't sew. :) You should see the prototypes that are now officially my girls' toys! Woooo-eeeee....not so cute! So just like any baker of edible confections, I've refined my "baking" techniques, tweeked this and that until I came up with this recipe! Each one of these yummy confections has been handmade from our own pattern and is sure to delight. In the yummiest fabrics we could find, our cupcakes feature handmade mini yo-yo's and a unique ingredient from our favorite bits and bobs: hand-embroidered buttons, vintage millinery flowers, bling, buttons and more.

Each cupcake measures approximately 4" high and the base is about 3" in diameter. The base is reinforced for sturdiness and to keep it "standing" when it's on display.

If you'd like to sample some of my yummy "Just Baked Cupcakes," head on over HERE! Get 'em while they're hot, Sweets!

And while we're talking about cupcakes, I have to show you the little gifts I made for my husband's cousin's baby shower yesterday! I got this cupcake fabric in and I'm IN LOVE with it. Isn't it perfect for sweet little "duds" for the yummy new arrival?? It's a little drawstring bag with a bundle of burp cloths, a little bib and a onesie (not shown). Then I used one of the cupcakes to make a frou-frou-glitter tag that the new Mama just loved!

Now I know you're on a bit of a sugar high but before you collapse onto the sofa in a sugar coma, I simply must show you one more thing.
Look what my friend, Pat, sent me as a house-warming gift! She said she saw it and KNEW I had to have it. This darling tray was made by La Rea Rose. I just adore it. I have it in my studio but the spot where I have it hanging doesn't have good light so I've hung it in the studio window where the light is better. Isn't it adorable??? Thank you, Pat, for the lovely gift, and thank you to La Rea Rose for making such a lovely tray!

Well Sweets....that's it for today! Hope you had as much fun as I did. Have a lovely week!

Love and Hugs,



Lori said...

hey busy girl:) i love the cupcakes you are making with those sweet fabrics...the selection of fabrics in your etsy shop is so beautiful, i truly wish i liked to sew more...the embroidery pattern you made is SO cute, i love the illustrations from that shop...your gift from Pat is really sweet!!!

celestina marie said...

Hi Cheryl, I just love your blog. It is fantastic. Your fabric cupcakes are wonderful. So glad you love your cupcake cottage tray sign. I hope it brings you many years of enjoyment. Thank you for featuring it on your lovely blog.
I would love to add you to my favorites.
Blessings always,
la rea rose

Sadie Lou said...

Yeah, seriously, waaaaaaay too much sweetness--like sweetness overload and shock here!
Love everything! Everything!!
~Sadie Lou

She'sSewPretty said...

Everything is so sweet and cute. I need to save some money so I can go shopping in your fabric store. I saw some fabric that I love!

Sandy said...

Can't wait for your shop to open with all it's yummy cupcake goodness! The embroidery is so sweet as well.

twinkleshabbystar said...

Miss Cheryl,
My teeth are hurting from ALL the sweetness OVERLOAD!!! Girl, I am soo proud of you and your new shop! Your cupcakes are so freaking fabulous in those cottage fabric prints. BRILLIANT! Im head over heels in LOVE with the Donna "Cookie" embroidery. OH my heavens! Truly the sweetest. Darling! Im wishing you so much success! You've got a hit on your hands sweetie pie!!! XOXO

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Cheryl, I just cannot even tell you how much I love ALL of your new ideas SO SO Much!!!! The fabric cupcakes are perfect for those yummy fabrics you have and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that cute little package you put together for the mom to be. adorable.


Beth Quinn said...

hi cheryl !! congrats on your store and all those yummy cupcakes you have ! wow!!! and the fabric patterns are fantastic i just know they are going to be a huge hit too !!! so original and fun !!! love love everything you have shared !

Cookie Sunshine said...

Oh Cheryl!

How fun to see everything together tonight on your blog!!! Your new website is beautiful. I'm just totally, completely excited! Just wait until they see everything that we have planned!

Your cupcakes are just darling! I love what you do with fabric. I've adored your technique and your ability to put things together since I first saw your etsy store and your blog. You have such a great eye for color and composition.

What a great way to begin the week.

Also, Oprah probably shouldn't wear shorts. I have no doubt that you will look very pretty in yours.

Hugs and love,

Natasha Burns said...

Cheryl congratulations!!! Your site is amazingly gorgeous! I love the banner with your cupcake applique and the 'yummy by the yard' tagline is GENIUS~! gorgeous fabrics and gorgeous cupcakes you've been baking up!!! Yumminess all round my friend, hugest congrats xo

Sugar Bear said...

I'm in sugar shock from all the sweetness! The embroidery pattern is just darling! The cupcakes are very yummy indeed and all of those yummies you made hubby's cousin - so sweet!

jillian said...

Cheryl, your embroidery pattern idea is absolutly brilliant! I love what you did with the drawings. And your cupcakes, to die for!!!! And they're already sold on etsy. You are one smart cookie (or should I say cupcake, hee hee!)

Scrappy Jessi said...

o my goodness,
sweets ahead was right.
congrats on your shop.
i love your colaberation projects too. she is so talented.
i need to head on over and check out all these links.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh Cheryl, You have been a busy girl!
The website looks amazing. What lovely fabrics.
And the embroidery pattern is just too cute.

Congratulations on all of your well-earned accomplishments.

Kimberly :)

Jenn and Jacqui said...

Miss Cheryl!! You have been SUCH a busy sugar bee bringing us all this sweetness!! We adore the cupcakes and the embroidery pattern you clever cookie!! FAB !! Your website is going to be delicious sweetie! Hugs from both of us!
xoxo Jenn and Jacqui

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

The cupcakes are precious cheryl!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Cheryl, it looks great! I really like how you are organizing the fabric by color. I'm trying to get rid of some of my stash first, but will certainly visit your site soon!

Secondhandrose said...

Oh, where to start. The embroidery patterns are fabulous and the cupcakes so sweet . The tray by rea rose... is sure a special gift. Come for a visit.

Whitney Ensom said...


celestina marie said...

HI Cheryl,
stopping back by to say hello and invite you to my giveaway just started. It would be an honor for me to have you stop by and leave a comment.
la rea rose

Lori said...

Cheryl, hello dear friend. I'm still really sick and miss you so much!! This summer sucks for me!! LOVE the cupcakes and embroidery, your such a genius!! please know I may be absent on line but think of you alot as I sit and pray to get well soon, this chair still is soooo dulllll!!!!!! All my love,Lori

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

You have been a very busy lady! And all of your creations are adorable!!

Adla said...


I've been told to stay off sugar for awhile by my doctor but couldn't help getting a sugar high from all of your sweet creations. Yummm I say!

Merci-Notes said...

Yummy sugarness!
And NO calories!!!
P.s. I love your friends door! i have wanted a door such as this for Many Many many years and moons!!!
I have got to come back and go to her place also!