Thursday, July 3, 2008

I was in a bit of a bad mood today until the postlady came with a HUGE package for me! Nothing like a package to perk me up.

I did a "trade" with Miss Dara of Sophie Rose Designs recently and oh my are not going to believe this incredible confection.
Isn't it incredible? Look at the sides of this amazing piece...
I adore it, Dara! It is EXQUISITE!!!

Dara also sent me a couple gifts that she knew I'd like...and boy, was she right!

Darling vintage plate (the girls said, "That's perfect for our tea parties!")
Vintage pillow that I will use for something really special...

In other news, I'm expecting the first shipment of fabric my new fabric store, Fabric Confections, any day now. Whole BOLTS of yummy fabric! I'm salivating, just thinking about it. Ingrid is working hard on my website and it is really taking shape! Just WAIT until you see all the yummy fabric I'm stocking....

One of the things I'll be carrying in my fabric store are these incredible vintage-inspired pin cushions. They are just so pretty! I have told you about my milkglass bowl fetish and the fact that these are inside of vintage milkglass bowls won me over! YOU HAD ME AT MILKGLASS.... Each bowl is bonded securely to a vintage saucer with the prettiest pattern and the pincushion is nestled among yummy roses. Pretty white pins are included. I'm putting the first batch of these pincushion bowls in my etsy fabric store now if you have to have one!

Rebecca Pincushion Bowl, $18
And of my goodness...I am so excited to tell you that I AM GOING TO SILVER BELLA (screaming)!!!! I was so nervous about whether I was going to get a ticket and planned to sit in front of the computer hitting "Refresh" every few minutes until the registration opened. The day of I picked my youngest sister up at my parents' and we stopped by Target. I noticed it was 4:30 and since registration started at 5:00, I panicked a bit and we hurried out to the car. I got in the car only to discover that my cell phone clock was wrong (how does that even happen???) and it was actually 4:52. And I live 25 minutes from town! I was horrified, to say the least. This was my nightmare!!!!!

I got home about 12 minutes after, dropped by stuff and RAN down the hall. I saw my husband on the computer and I yelled, "Get off Get off Get off!" only to find that he had registered me himself!!! I was shocked. The poor guy realized I wasn't home in time, googled Silver Bella and somehow found Teresa's blog, then linked to the Paper Bella site and figured out how to register me. Not only that, he correctly deciphered my chicken scratch list of the classes I wanted to be in! Can you believe it? That is serious love and devotion, don't you think??? I sure do.

So here is the hero himself, playing with Andrew, of course...
I can hardly WAIT 'til November when I will get to fly to Omaha, Nebraska and not only attend a fabulous conference and take incredible classes from women I admire but I also get to MEET a lot of you who I only know through blogging! So exciting. I am going to be rooming with a bunch of my sweet friends, none of whom I have ever met in person. I don't know if I can think of anything more fun!

Last but not least I have to show you the shirts I made for my girls. I found this sweet vintage embroidery pattern of two Southern Belles and embroidered them on both girls' shirts! They love them (the most important part, right?) and we got lots of compliments at The Ice Cream Social the other night. There's matching pink pants you can't see in the photo.

Funny lighting but you can see the details better here:

Email me if you'd like some "Sisters" shirts for your sweeties!

Tomorrow we are going to my parents' for lunch and then doing dinner and fireworks at my in-laws'. Hope all of you in the U.S. have a fun 4th !


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked everything!!!! Thanks so much
for swapping with me! :)
I cannot wait to see what yummies are going to be in your new shop!!!
Congrats on getting to go to Silver Bella!!!! That was so sweet of your hubby to register you!!!


Kim Caldwell said...

Love the fabric in the Chloe pincushion -- it is the same as my daughter's quilt on her bed! Gorgeous! Excited you will be at Silver Bella -- I hear from Miss Jessi that you all have some fun in store!

beth said...

oh you will have soo much fun at the bella event !! wish i was going too but afraid i will be sitting this one out !! i have a giveaway on my blog so be sure to hop over and leave your name !!
have a nice 4th !

Cathy said...

I love the Sisters Shirt. Do you make them in Large for a me?

Let me know!

And those pincushions 2DIE4.

xoxo Cathy

Sugar Bear said...

Oh that creation by Dara is just amazing! Super adorable pin cushions. Yay for hubby!

Lori said...

Oh Cheryl the pin cushions are incredible!!! I so wish I had some stash, you know I love my milkglass!! Just beautiful as are the cutie tops!!! Love ya,Lori

Sandy said...

Those pincushions look good enough to eat!

Sandy said...

What a sweeeeet Bella collage Sophie made for you! I also LOVe your sisters shirt! Ok how amazing is your husband that he registered you for SB!!! I am going too and I can't wait to meet you!


carolyn peeler said...

What a delightful story about your Silver Bella registration.

I look forward to meeting you there!


Gigi Minor said...

Beautiful handiwork C~ great job and your models are gorgeous :)!
What a nice husband you have too!

karin@creativechaos said...

LOVE your pincushion bowls...they are adorable Cheryl. And the piece you got from Dara is stunning. She does such beautiful work....

Heidi ( said...

Yeah for Silver Bella registration! I'll get to meet you, as I'm going this year (frist time!). I can't believe your hubby registered for you (mine would NOT have known where to begin!!) I sure think he gets the "peach of the week" award!!

PS Darling tops for the girls!