Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun Times

It's the last week of our winter vacation. James and Emily go back a week from yesterday. I have mixed feelings. I love having everyone here in our little nest and I'll miss that. Andrew has been (bless his little heart) sleeping until 9 or so in the morning and the girls are old enough to get themselves a little breakfast, so James and I have enjoyed staying in bed for the first time in...well I don't know! We have a wood-burning stove that James has kept going most days. I just love it...so cozy. And we don't run the heater at all, which is great. It's been a wonderful break after James' first semester of teaching. It was quite the semester and the next one promises to be even busier while he is teaching AND taking classes. So I have really savored this time together.

Since we live in Central California, we have to go TO the snow in order to play in it. I know...sounds wierd to those of you who LIVE in the snow! So this last week, we drove up above Shaver Lake! So fun! This is the first time in about 6 years that I have had a toddler big enough to go to the snow and NOT been pregnant or breast feeding. So I had a BLAST! We took sleds and James and I had fun taking turns taking the little ones down some pretty good hills.

Raychie having fun... Andrew and I...

James and Andrew...and check out that vintage sled!
The girls with their cousin, who's Rachel's age, and came with us to the snow...
Miss Em, the snow bunny!
Hope you are having a lovely evening, whatever you are doing. We signed up for a thing where we get movies in the mail...I love it. One of the movies that came today is Jungle Book, so I think we'll all cuddle up and enjoy it with some popcorn. Stay cozy, Sweets!


Sophie Rose Designs said...

Hi Miss Cheryl!

Your little ones are sooooo precious!! I totally know what you mean about having your babies safe and snug at home! I always feel the best when mine are right by me!


Holly said...

Oh, my! Em looks so much like you in this pic!