Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hope you are having a good week. It's been crazy here...but overall I am glad to be back in a routine. I've been listing more each day and have lots more to list this weekend when I get a couple hours in the studio uninterrupted! Here's the little "Shoppe Help" that has been interrupting most often....but gosh it's a very SWEET interruption!

These two Valentine collages are not new but I listed them in my etsy shoppe. The "Dear" collage is sold but the "My Baby" one is still available.

I also listed this "Sweets" tote bag that I made

And lastly, I've listed a couple custom auctions for these "Myrtle and Girdle" Valentine dresses/tops for your little ones. I will be accepting orders for these for a couple more weeks, so that I will have time to complete them before Valentine's Day. The shirt in the style shown is 4-12 (girls) and the dress in the style shown is 18 months-3T. The "Myrtle and Girdle" motif can be custom-ordered on all sorts of styles, however, so if you are interested in a style not shown, just let me know, and we'll chat about it!

Detail of back...

These pics are almost two whole years ago...can you believe how little my girls are?? These tops and dresses have been "best sellers," especially around Valentine's Day, so I wanted to offer them again. They are so fun to make!
My friend, Linda, and I collaborated on this motif for a special eBay "friendship launch," so this design is near and dear to my heart. Here is the original set we designed...The Cozy Doll. The beginning of "Myrtle and Girdle"! Linda helped design the birds and her beautiful twin girls modeled the sets! I'd love to make this set again if it strikes anyone's fancy! Just let me know and we'll talk about sizes and price and all that!

That's it for today! I promise to start visiting other blogs very soon, as soon as I get caught up with things a bit. I've missed visiting you and appreciate all who come and read the silly things I have to say here! :)

Have a wonderful, relaxing evening.




Monica said...

Oh how I wish I was having a girl!!!
Those tops are just too cute!

MaryCatherine said...

Ohhhhh!!! I love it, love it, love it! My Isabella must have one...I hope you have her size! Your work is so incredibly delectable :)

Loving My Life said...

Look at Mr.Big!! Boy how he has grown! I love the friendship line I think I have one of each! The yoga set is up for auction right sad to see it go! Does the set go up to a 6?

Jenni B said...

Awww, could he be any cuter? I love your creations!

Stop on over to my blog to enter a V-Day giveaway!

Jenni B

Sugar Bear said...

Ooo - I just realized I'll be able to order some of your sweet clothing creations soon! Your little interupter is adorable! Who could resist that face?

MaygreenFairies said...

Oh what a beautiful blog! Your work is stunning. I shall be back again. Mandy x

Lori said...

Cheryl, Beautiful roses but...Beautiful children!!!!! Lov,Lori P.S. If you've a sec stop by I need votes!!!!!