Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello, Sweets! Hope you are having a wonderful day. I finally finished a special project I've been working on and got it into the mail with James' assistance. I tackled my daughters' room which was a huge feat and "purged" my closet and their closet of things we aren't wearing. Felt so good!

I just looked at my blog and realized I have basically only written about family since Silver Bella. And I'm so happy about that! I really wanted to focus on my family after the craziness of Silver Bella...and I did. It's been a great little "vacation" from work! I feel refreshed and full of new ideas. James and Emily have one more week off of school/teaching so after that, I will hit the ground running. I have lots of new things to list!

In the meantime, I listed some really precious patterns in my etsy shoppe in the last few days that I'm really excited about. A lot of it is already on the website but a couple are only in my etsy shoppe. Here's some of what you will find there:

"A Mother's Love," very special book by Jackie Clark with several really sweet and nostalgic projects and instructions to make them.

"Sleepy Bags" Pattern by Jackie Clark

"Cute as a Button Baby Jacket" Pattern by Jackie Clark
"Babydoll Top" Pattern by Jackie Clark
Go HERE to find these patterns and more!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



Holly said...

Ooh! Love all the sweet "baby" colors! Isn't it a great feeling to be doing exactly what you want ot do?


Michaele said...

The books and patterns look divine- now if I can just find someone to make everything in them for me--- I don't sew!

Happy New Year!



That baby jacket is adorable.

Have a great 2009! - Teresa