Monday, September 17, 2007

Yummies? Why yes, of course!

You didn't think I forgot about Monday Yummies, now did you? I'm sorry to keep you waiting, bloggy pals! I see you've got your spoons and your shopping bags well-prepared!

Well just LOOK at the sweet little contraption I found for us to cruise around together in today for our cyber shopping trip! This little guy said we could borrow it for the afternoon...wasn't that sweet of him??? So hop in and away we go....Well I guess I've got Halloween on the brain because all my yummiest yummies are of the Halloween-ie persuasion again this week. I just KNOW you'll love them! Each and every one is just scrumptious!

This Yummy is one of my favorites this season. And it just so happens to be one of the items in the Ava Grace Silent Auction I was telling you about yesterday. The Halloween Angel was created by Elaine Thomas of Alphabet Studio. I am such a big fan of all her work but as you know, I'm rather partial to old bisque dolls, so this is one of my very favorites! You can bid on this incredible Angel here.

YUMMY THING TWO: Captured Witch by CedarJunction
I am just loving this little witchy-poo! Isn't she sweet with her dolly and her pumpkins?? You can find her in Cedar Junction's etsy shoppe here.

A Glitter & Grunge exclusive, this Halloween Bear looks ready for a holiday masquerade! I just adore Missy's furry creations and this one is especially sweet. You can find him here.

Pat has done it again! This vintage suitcase has been decopauged with vintage Halloween images for an INCREDIBLE effect. And the suitcase comes with NINETEEN many lovely new and old Halloween treats! You must check this out.

YUMMY THINGS FIVE AND SIX: Halloween Lovelies by Nicole Sayre

I'm sure these are available in a number of spots, but I found these particular pieces on eBay. I just ADORE Nicole Sayre's style! "Graceful" is the word that comes to mind when I think of her pieces. Primitive but not grungy....elegant but not stuffy. See for yourself!

I found the lovely "The Witching Hour" here: And I found the "Girl on a Pumpkin" box here:

Now for the rest of the "Yummies" today, I'm going to bring you over to MY house! I've been working hard on some new Halloween offerings and they're finally ready! They'll be available in my eBay auctions and in my etsy shoppe all week, starting tomorrow morning. I'll be busy taking photos of some other items not picture here and listing everything but I couldn't wait a minute longer to give you a little bit of a "preview" of what's in store!

That's all for today! I'll pop back in tomorrow to tell you where to find my Halloween goodies! I'm off to go see YOUR goodies now!!!


Tea Time and Roses said...

Oh my goodness how yummy are all of these, and I just love that black and white pillow...that is absolutely beautiful!



Sweet Remembrance said...

Thanks for the shopping spree...
I love everything!

Jennifer said...

CHERYL!!!! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Halloween outfit!!! Sooo sweet and precious! All of your creations are just BEYOND! The pillow is just DARLING! Loving the fabric!!!
Im a huge fan of Missy Balance, and I just adore the bear peeking his little eye out thru the mask!
Your Yummy Mondays at the BEST!!!

Cece Marie said...

Hi Cheryl! Love your fall halloween goodies you gave us a sneak peak of! I've been going through my fabrics. It's funny...I love pink...totally think of myself as a pink girl but I have barely any pink fabric.
So, you mentioned your doing your kitchen in pink (cute!) do you have a particular fabric you want or are using? If you have a fabric already I'd be happy to discount the apron and use a fabric of your choice if you want? I've never done that for anyone before but your so nice and all I'd be happy to do it! Or, we can waite awhile and I will keep my eye out for a cute pink fabric, or we are back to the aqua. Well, let me know. No rush, just whenever you get a chance.
:) Cece

The Rose Room said...

Love the cushion, in fact love all the cushions you do:)

Natasha Burns said...

I love what you have made Cheryl!!! The hanging pillow is so sweet!!! said...

I really enjoy these yummy shopping sprees!

Natalea said...

WOW! What a ton of fun stuff! I just love your blog because of all the good pointers you share for where to find the goods! thanks so much! xo natalea


I really enjoy your blog and I can't WAIT until it starts getting that Fall nip in the air. I truly appreciate your including my captured witch in your Halloween list. You are such a sweetie!!


deb said...

Everything is just darling! So glad you stopped by my blog so I could come visit you goodies. :)