Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Yummy New Web Site!

Well Good Morning, Bloggy Pals! I've got a special treat for you today. I have discovered the YUMMIEST of yummy new spots to shop here on the web and HAVE to share it with you!

And on top of it, I had the privilege of interviewing the owner of this site, Deanna Gardner, and I'm thrilled to be able to introduce her to you! She's a SWEET-as-can-be mom/designer/graphic artist/entrepreneur and just the sort of gal all of you would love. Her web site is completely adorable and full of the YUMMIEST of vintage-inspired baby/kid products you could ever hope to find. And without further ado...Deanna!

ME: Tell us about you, Deanna!

DEANNA: I'm a thirty-something wife, mother-of-two, artist, designer, art director and all-around overachiever. I have a degree in fine art and graphic design from Mississippi College. I've worked as an art director for a national publishing company for eight years. I've been married for 12 years and have a darling daughter, Gracie (7) and a sweetheart son, Aidan (2). Boy, does he ever keep me on my toes!
I grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (yes, where Katrina hit -- so sad to go home and see everything gone) and have lived in Birmingham, Alabama for 11 years. I love the charm and heritage of the south and can't imagine calling any other place 'home.'

ME: How and when did you decide to start this website?

DEANNA: I have been obsessed with all things baby ever since I got pregnant with my daughter. At that time, I didn't know the first thing about sewing, but I learned! (Bad decision to avoid Home Ec courses in school.) I started making all sorts of things for her -- from clothes to birthday invitations. Word spread and eventually everything just began to unfold. My focus initially was art shows and word-of-mouth custom orders. But the idea for an online shop eventually began to consume me. And so I started designing the website (that was a major learning process as well). And the further along I progressed, the more the vision of the shop began to unfold. I also realized that all of my past experiences had led me to this -- the joy of being a mom, my love for all things vintage, my passion for art and design, and my experience as an art director working with freelance artists. All of that has led me here.

ME: What is your dream for this site?

DEANNA: The great thing about the site is the talent. 'Vintage baby' is the obvious focus, but there are many artisans who contribute their awesome work to the site. You'll find adorable items handcrafted by artists across the country (including myself). I think that's what makes the site unique. The shop has only recently opened, but it has already given me such a wonderful opportunity to form bonds with other talented artists -- many of whom I now call friends. My dream is to continue to expand the artist pool and to position the site as a respected source for handcrafted, vintage-inspired treasures for baby. Quality and impeccable taste are key.

*One of Deanna's totally adorable designs for the little ones!

ME: How do you publicize the site? What press has it gotten?

DEANNA: I also have a minor in Marketing. I can't stress enough how crucial it is to advertise and publicize. Currently I'm sending out quite a few press kits to a variety of reviewers. The site has received some tremendous feedback and press already. If you would like to take a look at some of our write-ups, we've listed those on our site. You can find them here:

ME: What "niche" do you see the site filling?

DEANNA: Vintage has really boomed in popularity in recent years. And there are very few sites that offer a diverse collection of quality, handcrafted products from a variety of artisans. Etsy is an obvious exception, but the baby gardner is different in that we have a central focus -- vintage baby.

ME: You are a designer, too. Tell us about what you create!

DEANNA: I personally create a wide variety of items. I have a hard time sticking to one thing over and over. My personal collection includes an exclusive line of stationery, vintage lamps , toddler couture, quilts, and diaper totes -- just to name a few. The site of course has many other items from different artists including wool felt shoes, signed prints, blankets, jewelry, softies, and lots more. *One of Deanna's gorgeous designs for toddlers!

ME: Are you working on any projects at present?

DEANNA: All of the above... and I have an upcoming show in November. It's tough to juggle, but it's great publicity for the site. And it gets me away from the computer for a while!

ME: Do you hope to have a physical store at some point? If so, describe it.

DEANNA: A very definite no. Physical children's boutiques tend to be volatile. They come and go so quickly. If the community doesn't support it, it's extremely hard to stay in business. An online shop is exactly who we want to be.

ME: Any other tidbits for us?

DEANNA: I invite each of you to visit the baby gardner ( and take a look around. If you have a soft side for vintage baby, we feel pretty certain you'll fall in love.
We're continuing to add new items to the site , so check back often and join our mailing list! Be the first to know about new products and secret sales! You can join here:

ME: Thank you, Deanna!

DEANNA: Thanks so much, Cheryl, for giving me this opportunity. It's been a lot of fun!

*One of Deanna's card designs!

Please be sure and stop by The Baby Gardner to see what all the hub-bub is about! I know you'll find it to be a TREAT!


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I adore that site!! I was just looking there last night! :-)

Jennifer said...

What an AWESOME interview!!! I LOVE Deanna's site! Anything that is vintage baby "IM THERE!!!". :)