Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's a real problem

I *HEART* these.... You've had these, right? They taste like candycorns but are in a pumpkin shape. I had James pick up a huge bag of these so that I could use them for a few gifts/swaps I'm working on but I had no idea he'd get SO MANY. So now they are just sitting in my pantry, calling me....

It really is a problem...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday and you guessed it....

Time for YUMMIES!!!!

I know... you've been waiting with bated breath, sitting on the edge of your chair! I'm a bit late today, but here they are...and boy, are they YUMMY...

And just LOOK at the sweetest of sweet little vehicles I have procured for us to ride around cyberspace together in....'s for YOU to ride around in and for me to push you, Doll!

Let's not waste a moment, we go!!!

YUMMY THING ONE: Exquisite Satin Clutch

Now Sweets, I think you would have a rather good laugh if you saw me in my current state...jammies, ponytail, get the idea! The notion of me carrying this delectable little clutch is just plain silly! But honestly girls, if I had this clutch, I just might be induced to go put something beautiful on and GO somewhere! And if I didn't have the right outfit, well I'd buy one!

And whatever darling little confection I found to wear, I'd hang on one of these! Aren't they positively DELICIOUS??? Natasha is SUCH a talented artist and I just adore these sweet hangers...

YUMMY THING THREE: Incredible Tutu Dress Form
Now isn't this divine? I think it is absolutely gorgeous. So French looking! But since I can't afford it, maybe I'll settle for....
YUMMY THING FOUR: Antique Half Doll PincushionIsn't she a treat? I love these vintage half-dolls. In fact it's one of my favorite searches on eBay. I'm never quite sure what I'm going to do with them if I get one, but this one would make a nice little pincushion in my new studio, don't you agree?

YUMMY THING FIVE: Broken China Charm by The Painted Heart
Aren't these lovely? I like wondering who sipped from the vintage teacups used to make these beautiful charms....

YUMMY THING SIX: Shabby Pink Jewelry Box by Shabby Miss Jenn
If you aren't familiar with Shabby Miss Jenn, get acquainted right away! Her creations are just so lovely. I'm just in love with this sweet little box! And look at the next Yummy, also by Miss Jenn...
Love the detail on these cannisters!

This is one of Miss Dara's (Sophie Rose Designs) Christmas feather wreaths that she is making! I haven't decided what size I'm going to get yet, but I'm definitely ordering one for the holidays! Our new house is ALMOST done and I am so excited about decorating for Christmas! It's going to be pink, white, ivory and silver...YUMMY! Dara said she's going to be selling these wreaths in her etsy shoppe, but I bet you can special order them if you email her! ;) And I just adore that pink frame in the photo, as well...

Well Sweets, that's it for today! Hope you enjoyed today's treats as much as I did! Calorie-free....even better than my sugar-free/fat-free instant chocolate pudding (but it's pretty tasty, too)! Hope this is just the beginning of a "Sweet" week....

Hugs to you all...

Cheryl :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Reminder....

The Ava Grace Silent Auction concludes later today, so race over there and see what incredible pieces some really amazing artists have donated! SUCH a wonderful opportunity to buy a lovely piece of art AND help out a sweet little angel. The auction concludes at 9:00 Eastern time/6:00 Pacific time.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Change is in the wind...

I'm not sure what it is...

The weather has shifted; perhaps that's it.

But no, it's more than that. Fall IS in the air, at least temporarily. But there's a change inside me, as well. My baby is mobile. I found him in his bouncer chair the other morning...just kneeling in there, looking at me as if to say, "Not sure how I got here, but aren't I wonderful!" Good heavens! Is this what having a boy means??? My girls never climbed! Yesterday he pulled up to standing by himself, holding on to the couch. Today he pulled up to standing by grabbing the skin on my legs. Tomorrow he'll be taking steps, holding onto the furniture, I'm sure. If not tomorrow, the next day.
Perhaps this "shift" I feel has something to do with my baby learning to feed himself. He turns his head away from most "baby food" but will eat almost anything I chop up into tiny pieces on the table for him. Picks it up in his chubby fingers and (usually) gets it into his own mouth. He pulverizes it oh-so-slowly with his four teeth. Does this sound tedious? Well it is! A meal around here takes between a half hour and an hour. I spend at least a couple hours of each day, sitting at the table next to him, watching his little fingers pick up tiny bits of food and his little mouth work each bite carefully. Sometimes our six-year-old does her reading aloud while the baby eats his dinner. Sometimes I talk on the phone while I feed him. But mostly I sit and watch him eat. I feel like I am wading through mud. But maybe it's just a slower pace...
That's it, I think. My pace has slowed and it's not by my own choice so it feels a bit uncomfortable. I am normally more like a bee, buzzing from one flower to the next, always moving, always in motion, always on its way to the "next thing." I flit from washing machine to sink to computer to toilet to wipe a bottom to changing table to computer to stove to....well you get the idea. My slower time is usually at night when the kids are in bed. I sit in front of the t.v. and embroider or glue or, if I'm lucky, eat dessert. My mind is still moving but my body gets to slow down. But this new phase is causing me to slow my body down when it's accustomed to moving, getting done, accomplishing. And there's a bit of a "rub" there as my internal pace learns to change.I feel some other changes, though. I am looking at my art differently. The ideas filling my mind are new and they are deeper somehow. They come from a more emotional place and are more spiritual in nature. I am thinking less about what people will buy and more about "putting into words," with my hands, my needle, my sewing machine and my art supplies, things that are in my head and my heart. What makes me think that this might be related to the shift in my family is that the ideas I'm mulling over that are making their way into my work are almost all connected to motherhood, the bond between sisters, creativity and the spiritual life. And anyone who knows me personally knows that those things are closest to my heart. And this shift feels good. This feels "right." This feels like I have found a door I've been looking for for a long time and am striding toward it. I'm not through it yet but I know it's the right door and I am taking steps in the direction of it.
So I don't have any photos of new things I working on. I would love to let you peek into my mind and see what's in store but since that's not possible, I will have to wait to show you until I can bring them to life. But I thought it was time for a post that's a bit more honest, a bit more authentic (not that my other posts are deceptive!) and hopefully give someone else a bit of hope that they are not alone in whatever the slightly-uncomfortable-but-still-really-great place that they're in. Change is uncomfortable, but change is good, right? We'll just keep telling ourselves that and eventually we'll believe it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some More Pics!

I had some fun yesterday taking piccys! My husband put another lens on my camera and wow, did it make a difference! I really need to learn about the lenses, settings, etc. so I can switch things around on my own. I'd really love to take a photography class someday, as well.

Close-up of the Halloween Kitty set I'll be listing later today... I made another hanging lavender sachet with another of my favorite vintage Halloween images...both are in my eBay listings which you can see here.
And I finished the "companion" to the pillow I showed you yesterday...a matching hanging lavender sachet! I just ADORE these little girls! This sachet would be perfect for giving to your favorite "gal pal" this season. And it's called, "We're Both Just a Wittle Bit Witchy!" ;) You can find both of these here.

Well that's it for today...short and sweet! :) Hugs to you all!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Yummies? Why yes, of course!

You didn't think I forgot about Monday Yummies, now did you? I'm sorry to keep you waiting, bloggy pals! I see you've got your spoons and your shopping bags well-prepared!

Well just LOOK at the sweet little contraption I found for us to cruise around together in today for our cyber shopping trip! This little guy said we could borrow it for the afternoon...wasn't that sweet of him??? So hop in and away we go....Well I guess I've got Halloween on the brain because all my yummiest yummies are of the Halloween-ie persuasion again this week. I just KNOW you'll love them! Each and every one is just scrumptious!

This Yummy is one of my favorites this season. And it just so happens to be one of the items in the Ava Grace Silent Auction I was telling you about yesterday. The Halloween Angel was created by Elaine Thomas of Alphabet Studio. I am such a big fan of all her work but as you know, I'm rather partial to old bisque dolls, so this is one of my very favorites! You can bid on this incredible Angel here.

YUMMY THING TWO: Captured Witch by CedarJunction
I am just loving this little witchy-poo! Isn't she sweet with her dolly and her pumpkins?? You can find her in Cedar Junction's etsy shoppe here.

A Glitter & Grunge exclusive, this Halloween Bear looks ready for a holiday masquerade! I just adore Missy's furry creations and this one is especially sweet. You can find him here.

Pat has done it again! This vintage suitcase has been decopauged with vintage Halloween images for an INCREDIBLE effect. And the suitcase comes with NINETEEN many lovely new and old Halloween treats! You must check this out.

YUMMY THINGS FIVE AND SIX: Halloween Lovelies by Nicole Sayre

I'm sure these are available in a number of spots, but I found these particular pieces on eBay. I just ADORE Nicole Sayre's style! "Graceful" is the word that comes to mind when I think of her pieces. Primitive but not grungy....elegant but not stuffy. See for yourself!

I found the lovely "The Witching Hour" here: And I found the "Girl on a Pumpkin" box here:

Now for the rest of the "Yummies" today, I'm going to bring you over to MY house! I've been working hard on some new Halloween offerings and they're finally ready! They'll be available in my eBay auctions and in my etsy shoppe all week, starting tomorrow morning. I'll be busy taking photos of some other items not picture here and listing everything but I couldn't wait a minute longer to give you a little bit of a "preview" of what's in store!

That's all for today! I'll pop back in tomorrow to tell you where to find my Halloween goodies! I'm off to go see YOUR goodies now!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hello, Dears!

Well hello there, my bloggy pals! I am hard at work, filling orders and putting the finishing touches on some exciting new Halloween-themed creations I think you will just LOVE, but I wanted to pop in and remind you to go take a look at the incredible Silent Auction to benefit the sweetest of Sweets, Little Ava Grace. From the moment I heard her story I have had a "pull" to help in my own small way...and now you can, too! There are over 60 artists who have donated to this auction and any one of these incredible pieces of art would make fabulous Christmas gifts or be lovely showcased in our homes. Take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to help a little one who so desperately needs it...and get a lovely piece of art, to boot! You can see the entire auction here. To go straight to my offering, go here. It's based on one of my favorite quotes about children, by Charles Dickens:
"It is not a slight thing that they who are so fresh from God, love us."

The quote and some lovely bullion roses have been hand-embroidered on linen. "Baby Asleep" and "Baby Awake" images on fabric surround the quote and the whole piece is framed in a shabby-chic white frame with a decopauged mat. This piece was such a joy to create and comes straight from my Mama's Heart. :) Here's a few photos...

And I have to show you some of my FAVORITES from among the incredible offerings donated to this auction:
First, "Baby Bunting," by the amazing Christina Crocker of Deerfield Farms. This piece is BREATHTAKING...

Second, two ADORABLE "efflelumps" named "Hope" and "Luck," by the lovely Blondie Spence of Vintage Primitives....

"Jenny" by Stacey Ann Mead of Raven's Haven
"Blessing" by Suzanne Davis of Pear Tree Primitives
Aren't these pieces just amazing?? See many more by heading here! And say a prayer with me that this week will bring an outpouring of generosity for Sweet Ava Grace. The auction will be held from now until Saturday, September 22nd. Feel free to ask any questions you have and if I can't answer them, I will find the information for you!
Come back and visit me again tomorrow for MONDAY YUMMIES and a special "sneak peek" of my Halloween pretties!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Friday, Sweets!

Hello, Sweets! Hope this finds you happy and full of fun plans for your weekend! I'm dragging a bit today but going to make it through with the help of my trusty friend...
What are you up to today? This is what I have planned for this evening....

I'll be working on a Halloween version of this...think black cats with orange bows!! I want to show you something SUGARY SWEET that I won from the sweetest of bloggy gals, Miss Dara of Sophie Rose Designs! I found her blog in all its cuteness and sweetness and soon after won this over-the-top adorable "Chic" crown from her blog giveaway! Here is her own little Sophie Rose (the blog namesake herself!) modeling it. So of COURSE I was thrilled to find out I'd won it.... And then last week I was delighted to find this in on my porch! My husband took these photos and he did all kinds of fancy stuff to the lighting settings (which I have never learned to tweak but SHOULD) and even put on a special lens. Aren't they lovely?
And here is ME, modeling my new crown! This is the end of a long day and my lipstick and most of my makeup is long-gone! But James says that's my real smile, so that's good! :)Be sure and visit the Sweet Miss Dara at her blog! And now you can shop in her new and delicious little etsy shoppe, which she has hinted at updating very soon...can't wait to see what new lovelies she's adding!

Well I'm off to visit all my favorite "haunts" many pretties and so little time!