Friday, August 29, 2008

Sweet Six Studio: My Project Revealed

Hello again, Sweets! Yay for a long weekend!!!

As promised I am going to show you one of the two projects that I'll be teaching to those of you who registered for the Online Art Retreat by Sweet Six Studio:

Yummy Pocket Pillows.

I had so much fun making this project and I can't wait to teach you to make it, as well!

I will teach you to how to very simply construct the pillow and pocket portion using the most basic stitch on your sewing machine. Nothing fancy here!

I have a very easy way to make ruffles that I can't wait to share with you. You won't ever do a gather-stitch again!

Then I will walk you through preparing the cupcake shape and appliqueing it to the pillow. Those of you who don't wish to use your sewing machine to make the pocket pillow portion can
simply follow the applique instructions and learn to hand-applique things to....well, anything!
I've found this is a really easy and cute way to embellish children's clothing.

If you haven't registered for our Online Art Retreat, it is not too late! Go HERE to read all about this retreat, how to register and to see the other 5 projects that Heather, Natasha, Jennifer, Analise and Holly have shown us that they will be teaching. There will be 6 OTHER projects, one from each of us, that we are keeping a secret, plus additional fun decorating tips.
So during the month of September, registrants will learn a total of 12 step-by-step projects and at least 6 decorating tutorials, starting Tuesday, September 2nd.

Girls, I am soooo excited about this Online Art Retreat! I LOVE every single one of the other girls that I've been working with to put this retreat on. We've all become fast friends and we are all looking forward to meeting and getting to know each one of YOU that take part in this retreat.

We would LOVE to be able to invite each and every one of you over to our studios and sit down across the table from you while we learn to create something together. But the next best thing is this online retreat....we won't be in the same room but we are looking forward to the same sort of friendly "togetherness."

We know that each and every one of you has a a creative spark that is unique and we can't wait to see how YOU make each of these projects in your own special way! And our hope is that at the close of this retreat, we will have drawn that many more incredible women into our circle of friendship.

Art and Friendship. Two of my favorite things. And we get to experience both of those in a deeper way...together! Hoping to see YOU there...we've saved a spot just for you! :)

P.S. Starting Tuesday I'll be selling complete kits for making the Yummy Pocket Pillows. You'll be able to purchase them from my website, Confections Fabric. Kits will include EVERYTHING you need, except for the sewing machine and sewing machine thread! Kits will include all the fabric to make the pillow pockets (pre-cut!), the fabric cupcake applique (pre-cut and fray-checked!), pom trim for the handle and front pocket, polyfil, embroidery thread and even an embroidery needle!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pretty Peeks!

Hello, Sweet Friends!

I have so many pretty things to show you today!

Here is a custom pillow that I made for a very sweet customer and I am so thrilled with how it turned out! I have to make a pair of them for my girls now. They would be sooooo precious, sitting on their beds (when they're made, of course!) since they share a room.
This is the back...
and close-up of the Sisters/Friends
And Sweets....can you believe we are less than a week away from the beginning of our first Sweet Six Studio Online Art Retreat? It starts this coming Tuesday, September 2nd! Two more of the Sweet Six have revealed one of their projects and if you haven't seen them, you really must. They are soooo gorgeous and I can't wait to make them right along with all of our friends.

This adorable fabric broach is one of the projects Analise will be teaching us how to make...

Isn't that just so sweet??? I can't wait to make a whole BOUQUET of these sweet broaches!

Heather revealed one of the projects she will be teaching us to make, Embellished Ribbon Lanterns. These are just exquisite. Simply BEAUTIFUL. I am going to go find some Japanese Lanterns at the party store this weekend so I'll be ready to create these right along with all of our art retreat friends!
Saturday I am going to show you one of the projects I'LL be teaching, a Yummy Pocket Pillow! I can't WAIT. I love it and I hope you will, too. Until then, here's a little "peek" at it....
Now don't panic if you aren't signed up for the Online Art Retreat we (Sweet Six Studio) are putting on! It's not too late! Go HERE to get details and register!
Well Sweets...time for me to head to bed but meet me back here on Saturday to see the rest of the Yummy Pocket Pillow.....

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Nothing. There is nothing here. No news. No greetings. No...


No Hope...not here.

I'm looking for it here. Looking for something here. Looking for someone here. Looking for

Tired, lonely, hungry, thirsty, anxious and sad I sit down here and stare into it, looking for something.

It's not there.
Empty. Inbox, that is. Nothing to take me away from details. Nothing to distract from the task at hand. Nothing pressing to justify being here. Again. Looking. Looking....

So I look away from it. I turn away from it. I walk away from it to


My Life.

Beautiful, full, loud, rich, messy and delicious.

Faces, looking up. Voices, calling out. Arms, reaching out.

I look back as I pull the door closed behind me.....

Nothing there.

Click, goes the latch as my hand turns the doorknob shut.

Click again, as another door opens into

My life.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweetness Galore!

Hello, Sweets!
Look what I just baked for you! A yummy cupcake, available HERE. It's a little more petite than my others, if you notice. I'm trying another pattern style, one that will actually fit in a real cupcake tin! Fun to play around with these. I gave another of these new ones to my bloggy-buddy-turned-friend-in-real-life, Analise Sledd, Miss Sugar Sugar Herself! I think I'm going to have to make more of these sweeties...

Do you notice anything different around here? No? Look up! blog banner is new and now matches my website! I love it, of course, just like everything Ingrid Rily of Cherry Tree Graphics makes for me. Thank you Ingrid! I'm also thrilled to show you some more "complete peeks" of a couple of the incredible projects that will be offered as part of the Online Art Retreat by Sweet Six Studio! There will be 12 projects total, half of which we are keeping a secret until the Retreat begins, September 2nd, but we thought it would be fun to show a few of them, so that you'll know what to expect. Honestly, I am completely AMAZED and DELIGHTED by each and every project that my sweet friends are making and will be making them right along with the Retreat participants in just a couple weeks! And I've got a couple darling ones of my own, as well, that I can't wait for all our Sweet Six Studio friends to make along with me.
So...all that to say...I'm just thrilled to show you TWO of the projects we'll be doing...

First is Jennifer Hayslip's (Sweet Eye Candy Creations) Cupcake Toppers that she is going to teach you how to make (and personalize yourself!). I can't wait to make one of these for my little guy's birthday in November.

Next I am thrilled to show you an EXQUISITE project you'll be able to make as part of the Retreat, by Natasha Burns. It's a really beautiful altered jar that Natasha will teach you to create AND she is going to teach us how to make the bath salts to go in it! Can't wait!

Doesn't that whet your appetite? It sure does mine.
If you want to participate in the Online Art Retreat by Sweet Six Studio, visit our site HERE and sign up! It begins September 2 and will run through the end of September. SO MUCH FUN.
And that's it for today! Just think....Thursday is almost over and that means we're almost through the week. Yay! Headed to Emily's Back to School Open House deal tonight so that will be fun.
Talk to you soon!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yummy Monday!

Good Morning, Sweets! It's Monday again! I'd love for you to come along on my Yummy Monday trip....a delicious journey around cyberspace where I will show you all the yummiest things I've spotted this week. Are you ready? Well then off we go!

Well before we go galavanting around, I thought I'd show you something yummy I've cooked up myself. I am just not tiring of making these sweet little confections! Each one is unique, features sweet details and is completely calorie-free. This cupcake, "Heidi," is made from a new pink and white stripe fabric, a vintage floral sheeting, a dear little ticking "yo-yo" and some soft chenille rick-rack. Go HERE to get this one while it's HOT!

YUMMY THING TWO: Inspirational Crafting Supplies in My Studio Today

Here's a few things that are inspiring me today. The fabric is all that sherbet-pastel and ivory combo that just makes me happy. I've got grand plans for it! The other thing....vintage-inspired millinery flowers, ribbon, trim, velvety mint-green leaves and lovely pins are all from "One Hundred Wishes," an incredible online shop owned by my dear friend, Andrea. She is famous for her delicious wares and has recently had an incredible site-rennovation. You simply must have a peek! And let me tell you...when you order from her, it is such a TREAT. The parcel these pretties came in was simply perfection: gorgeous tissue, yummy ribbons, the beautiful hand-written note and whimsical business card you see in the photos above and more. It is just such a pleasure to shop at One Hundred Wishes, from start to finish! Can't wait to make something fun with all this!

YUMMY THING THREE: Vintage Doll Bassinet by Summersdarling

This just makes my heart beat faster. Pat has done it again. Just LOOK at the precious vintage bassinet she has redone in pretty pink! Included with the bassinet is this beautiful doll, plus LOADS of handmade extras: blankets, pillows, a laundry bag for dolls and more. You must look at all the photos HERE.

YUMMY THING FOUR: Birthday Hat by SilverSpoonScraps

Isn't this darling? The perfect thing for a birthday girl!

YUMMY THING FIVE: Luscious Pink Velvet Ribbon from Pretty Petals Boutique

There is something so DECADENT about velvet ribbon, don't you think? Just look at this scrumptious stuff...

YUMMY THING SIX: Twine Lollipops by Sugar Sugar

And speaking of scrumtious....look at these sweetest of sweet "lollipops" by Sugar Sugar! What a delicious way of keeping pretty twine in your studio. Just imagine a whole jar of these in all different colors! You can find these in all sorts of yummy colors in the Sugar Sugar Shoppe.

So Sweets....did you have fun? I know I did! I hope you'll join me next Monday for more Yummies...


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sweet Six Project Reveal

Hey Sweets!

Can you believe it...3 posts in 3 days....what on earth is going on here???

Well a lot is going on, actually! It's been a wonderful flurry of activity here (Emily's birthday today) and with Sweet Six Studio, the Online Art Retreat I told you about the other day. Oh my goodness...what a response we have had! We feel humbled and so very excited by the incredible response from our friends these last few days. Wow! We hoped some of you would want to "play" with us but to have so many wonderful, creative and SWEET ladies join us is a real GIFT. So thank you for that. Can't wait to make sweet stuff with ya' and for all of us to get to know one another better!

Today I am really excited to send you over to Miss Holly of HollyDoodleDesigns, one of our very own Sweet Six, for a peek at one of the lovely projects we'll be working on during the workshop. Each of the six of us has two projects planned, plus decorating tips, giveaways and more. But we thought it would be fun to show a few of the completed projects so you can get a taste for what's coming! We aren't showing ALL the projects, of course, since everyone likes a sweet surprise! But during the next week or so we'll be showing a few of the projects you'll be able to make with us as members of Sweet Six Studio. I can't wait to make along with my friends!
Here is one of Holly's projects and (don't tell!) one of my very favorites: "Embellished Wallpaper Photo Boards." It's elegant, nostalgic and tender....just like my friend, Holly. Hop on over to her blog for more photos. She is showing two different Photo Boards and this is just one of them. They are just gorgeous. During the Online Art Retreat workshops, you'll get to do 12 projects like this one and they'll be lots more photos, plus detailed step-by-step instructions and photos of how to assemble these projects. Very, very doable and so much fun!

If you haven't signed up for Sweet Six Studio's Online Art Retreat, beginning September 2, it's not too late! Go HERE for more information about the workshops and to find out how to register. We're saving a chair for you, Sweets!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gettin' Messy

"When you make a big mess,

it shows that you've been working a lot."
- My 7-year-old (almost) daughter

As soon as she said them, the words did that thing that they do every once in awhile where they fly into my chest and then give me a sort of "butterfly" feeling near my throat as they go about busily making a comfy little nest next to my heart.

Do you know that feeling?

It's the one you get when your therapist consolidates your whole childhood into one sentence and it's as if, in one second, the picture of a lion in a nature book suddenly hops off the page and into huge, hairy, hot-breathing, 3-dimensional life. Of course, you think. Of course!

It's the feeling you get when you see an artist's work and tears spring to your eyes because something about it is....well, the artist's soul. And your soul runs out to meet it because souls don't always get to touch one another that often.

It's the feeling you got when you saw your first-born child holding in her chubby toddler arms what suddenly went from the thing that made it hard to sit in your lap for the last 9 months to her "Sister," and you realized for the first time that these two beings share more DNA than you do with them and will have one another long after you're gone.

Deep Truth.

That's what that feeling is. The connection between myself and something true. And not just true....Deeply True in a way that has the potential to change me. Deeply True in a way that could cut right through me as surely as glaciers carving out the Grand Canyon.

If I let them. Ah, therein lies the rub. These Deep Truths don't usually get shouted from rooftops or hammered into my head. Oprah doesn't usually show up at my door and help me have an a-ha moment. O.k. that never happens...

Deep Truths are usually whispered, and unexpectedly. Words of a hymn in the middle of a church service I don't even want to be in. One of those blasted email forwards that I really hate and don't want to get any more of. A note from a friend I haven't spoken to in awhile. A photo. An afternoon with someone over 80. Whispers.

So I shouldn't have been surprised, really. I don't even know what Emily was talking about before she said it. This child talks A LOT and my brain has developed a sort of protective buffer so that it doesn't overheat.

But when she said it, I had one of those moments.

I don't know if this particular Deep Truth is yours...could be just mine. But since I heard it, I've been seeing it walking around all over my life.


Here's one....and YES, that's pink paint.

And it was a MESS. The kind that makes me cringe and my skin crawl and vow to never do that again.

But after the mess was cleaned up (really two days' worth of mess), this is what we had

Recognize that gorgeous confection my girls and I made together? It's a Ballerina Cake Box kit that my good friend, Holly Abston (a.k.a. Hollydoodle!), is selling. I saw them and knew I had to have one. And look how sweet it turned out! Pretty good for that mess above, dontcha' think?
And then there was this mess today:Emily was at school today so Rachel (and Andrew!) and I made cupcakes to celebrate Emily's birthday (tomorrow) with her class. Messy.

But the mess was how we got to this:

and this...I know...another mess!

So the Deep Truth About Messes has all of a sudden become very real to me. It's changing me. And it's not just about physical Messes that involve paint on the rug, gooey cake batter or cupcake-icing in crevices it should have been physically impossible for it to get in, although that would actually be a really great lesson in the particular phase of life I'm in.

Making Messes means facing feelings head-on, greeting them, finding a good spot for them to sit and entertaining them until they are ready to leave.

Making Messes means letting my old "stuff" resurface and gasp for air, throwing them a life-preserver and reeling them into the dock. Sometimes it might even mean giving them CPR, handing them a warm, fluffy towel and sitting by the fire with them. Sometimes it even means letting that rescued-"stuff" kick the crap out of me.

Making Messes means getting out a good pair of pruning shears, taking a good look at the thoughts, priorities and habits I've got growing and cutting the hell out of em', even some of the pretty ones, because I know this will leave room for something even better.

Making Messses means taking a risk. Climbing up that ladder to the highest of really high high-dives that I can't even look at without feeling like puking. Looking down through the air between the me that's standing here and the me I want to be...impossible amounts of air. Stepping forward, toes hanging off, knees shaking, stomach flip-flopping and...


These messes are....messy. I like to avoid them, pretend they're not there, hide them under that big rug no one looks under, dress them up in pretty clothes and generally just not deal. I'm a clean kinda' girl. Don't enjoy dirt. Hate to feel greasy and grimy. Like to be put together when I face the world. Know what I mean? So the prospect of all this mess is definitely not something I relish.

But there's a lot of work to be done. And the results are always so wonderful. So here I go.

Let's get messy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Something Sweet....Revealed!

Hello, Sweets! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to finally get to reveal the Big Secret I've been keeping! You may have seen my little "hint" earlier in the week or even some mysterious "sneak peeks" on flickr or on some of your other favorite blogs! So annoying, right?? :) But we were only keeping it a secret so we could get everything "just right" for you! But today we get to tell you what we've been working on. Are you ready, Sweets???
Holly Abston, Natasha Burns, Jennifer Hayslip, Heather Kowalski, Analise Sledd and ME, Cheryl Dack, would love to invite you to our very own Online Art Retreat, hosted by the six of us, Sweet Six Studio, an exciting on-line “home” where friends can create together.
Here's some Sneaky-Peekies of a few of the projects! Much more to come....
And a bigger view of MY Sneaky-Peeky!
This super-fun new experience will be a sort of online magazine, full of our very own art projects, decorating tips and giveaways. We have been working hard on this and are soooo thrilled to unveil it!

We are so excited to invite you right into our Studio and look forward to sharing some of our favorite projects with you in a month-long series of workshops designed to walk you through the creative process in a step-by-step fashion that is easy and fun to follow. Inspirational photos, shopping “supply” lists and careful instructions will help you to make 12 delightful, DOABLE creations right along with us!

Here's the details:

Workshop begins~ September 2, 2008 until September 30th

Sweet Six Studio Art Retreat Price ~ $22.00 which will include unlimited access to the Sweet Six Studio during the month-long workshop where we will create 12 projects, share fabulous decorating ideas and everyone will have a chance to win prizes. You will also gain entry into a private flickr group where we’ll all be able to share our creations.
Some of the exciting workshops you'll participate in include:

~Personalized Cupcake Toppers by Jennifer Hayslip
~Lovely Fabric Lanterns by Heather Kowalski
~Yummy Hanging Pillow Pocket by Cheryl Dack
~Decorated Bath Bottles by Natasha Burns
~Sweet Wallpaper Photo Frames by Holly Abston
~Flower Broaches by Analise Sledd
~6 more to be announced soon!

For more details and to register for the Online Retreat, you can go to our Sweet Six Studio blog starting today, August 13th, 2008.

In the coming weeks before the Retreat begins, we will be showing some more "sneak peeks" of what's in store and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We will be busily getting the retreat ready for you!

Our hope is that you will not only learn some new skills but that in doing so, you will discover a new love or a creative bliss you never expected. We look forward to drawing you into our circle of friendship as you pull up a chair in our “Studio.” It won’t be complete without you!

p.s. And in case you are curious about the dear little cottage above, go HERE to read all about it what the cottage is, how to sign up for the Online Art Retreat and lots more! And while you're there, leave a comment on the Sweet Six Studio blog....we'll enter you in an exciting giveaway that Analise Sledd is doing! Wait 'til you see the yummy treats she is giving away...


Add this super-sweet button to your blog and join the fun!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monday Yummies!

Good Morning, Sweets! Are you up for a little Monday Yummies cyber-trip with me? You are? Oh, goodie!

Well then, put your cute little bib on (you're bound to drool a bit today) and off we go!

Two new yummy cuppys, fresh from the oven!

You can find them here!

YUMMY THING THREE : Yummy New Prints!

These just arrived and I'm in love! You can find them all on our website,


This one comes in cotton or flannel! Even more delicious in person than in pictures!
"My Little Cupcake"

Nostalgic and adorable!

A repro print my girls are in love with!

Coordinates sweetly with the cupcake flannel...perfect for projects for the new arrival.

By Pinks and Needles, creator of these darling cupcake-topped sewing pins, these yummy ornaments are a delicious addition to not just your Christmas tree but anyplace you can find to hang something sweet!

Aren't these scrumptious? I love these! Get 'em while they're hot in Analise's etsy shoppe.

Another whimsically-delicious sketch by Cookie Sunshine! One of her newest sketches, this might be my favorite of all. Sooooo sweet!

Aren't these incredible? Inspired by a World War II British war poster that read, "Keep Calm and Carry On," these paintings are a whimsical reminder to have fun and enjoy life! These are GIANT (16x20") and handpainted on a raised canvas. Truly Scrumptious!

Here it is in Pink:
And in Blue:

Well Sweets....that brings our Yummy Monday Trip to a close!
Hope your week is lovely...
Hope you discover something new to love....
Hope you savor something or someone already part of your life...
Hope you grow a bit....
Hope you make something pretty...
Hope you feel a new flavor of joy...
Hope you feel love and feel loved in a deeper way.
Cheryl :)