Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's Yummy Monday, Sweets!

Edited: We're moving house, as my friends Jenn and Jacqui in Australia would say! I'll be popping online here and there as I can the next few days and sometime this weekend (hopefully!) I will get the computer hooked up at the new house. The next post will be my 100th and to celebrate that and our new house (and my new studio!) I am going to make the next post a HUGE party and Giveaway! So come back early next week and celebrate with me.... I promise there will be lots of excitement and a chance to win!! Hello and Welcome, Sweets! So happy to see you today! If you've popped by for Monday Yummies, you're right on time!

And look how we're going to travel through cyberspace together today! What a treat! This little cherub and her sweet bird have agreed to pick us up and carry us about so I can show you all the yummiest things I've found this week! How kind of them. They are oh-so-sweet and will gladly tote us about. They ask only for a little snack! Well with that settled, let's hop on and be off! You're in for a sweet trip today, Sweets!

Speaking of cake! I saw this on flickr first and immediately fell in love! You know how much I love dolls and cake. So when I saw this....well you can imagine...

YUMMY THING TWO: Domed Pedestal Cake Stand

And while we're on the subject of cakes, I love cake stands. And I love a pink cake stand even MORE. But adding a dome lid....well that just takes the cake!

And here's a lovely cake to put on your cake pedestal!

YUMMY THING FOUR: Vintage Pink Sewing Box

Isn't this little box DEAR?? I just adore it. Darling little decal on the side, as well, and isn't that a fabulous shade of pink?

This is one of those items that made me squeal aloud. Isn't it scrumptious? I love the color, the fact that it's a sewing drawer, the little shoes, the vintage graphics, the glitter....all of it! This would make the perfect baby shower gift.

Love this. I just found this seller and am intrigued by the lovely mosaic items she makes with beads, buttons and baubles. Just look at the close-up/detail shot. Wow.

YUMMY THING SEVEN: Tooth Fairy Pillow by Vintage*Cottage*Creations

This is so sweet for the little girls in our lives! It would also be sweet to tuck a little love note into the pocket, too, so just about any girls would love it for some purpose!
YUMMY THING EIGHT: Lovely Vintage Pillowcases

Now these are incredible. I would love to use these on my girls' beds. But I'd also love to make a simple and sweet pair of pillowcase dresses out of them to wear in the summer. On the other hand, these two are begging to be part of a quilt... What a dilemna!

YUMMY THING NINE: Darling Vintage Doll Bed & Wardrobe

Isn't this adorable? My friend, Pat, has this for sale in her eBay store. I have doll beds on the brain, probably because I bought an antique doll bunk bed on eBay and I'm fixing it up for my girls for one of their Christmas presents. I'm going to paint it white and make lovely "bedding" for it! Can't wait to show you the results!

Well that's it, Bloggy Pals! Hasn't this been a nice little trip? I hope this week is a perfectly yummy one. I will *hopefully* be moving into the new house sometime this week and will of course keep you posted about that! Soooo exciting! This is me praying the (Second) inspection goes well and we get the green light to move in.

Thanks for popping by, my Sweet Friends...

HUGS to you!!!

p.s. OMG! I just realized this is my 99th post! How amazing! And I'm almost to 100 items sold in my etsy shoppe, too. I am going to have a 100th post party and giveaway. So stay tuned this week for that! It's going to FUN!!!

Relaxation and an Introduction!

Taking a break from embroidering to say hello to you, Sweets! Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday afternoon.
I have this auction ending tomorrow! It's a lovely set that includes a charming pink vintage glovebox I embellished and a matching set of Christmas ornaments/decorations. You can find it HERE.

And I am so excited to introduce to you a lovely friend of mine, Pat Jones!

My good friend, Pat, has joined us Bloggy Gals and started her very own and very first blog! It is called (fittingly!) "Just Between Us Girls" and you will just love it.

Pat sells on eBay under the i.d. Summerdarling and I often show you her incredible vintage-inspired creations. She is extremely talented and as sweet as can be! You'll love her. She wrote and told me that she liked my very first eBay offering and inspired me to continue creating. That was about two years ago now and what a fun two years it has been!

Go pay Pat a visit at her new blog and welcome her to BlogLand!

And here's just a few of the items I've purchased from her over the last couple years!

I keep my vintage trims and millinery roses in one of these:

This was one of my Emily's birthday gifts...a lap desk!The two pink and white pillows are some I've purchased from Pat. They live on my bed now!This is a Christmas stocking/decoration I just purchased I can't wait to see in person!And I just showed you this tote that I purchased the other's going to go in my new studio!And here's just a sampling of the incredible creations she has for sale right now:

Well that's all for today. Make sure you come back tomorrow for Monday Yummies! I've got all sorts of treats in store for you! And not only that, I've got a little Giveaway annoucment to make...

See you then!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dream a Little Dream

Hello, Dears! I am sitting on pins and needles (pun intended!) as I wait to find out if all the inspections today are executed in enough time for the county to come out and do THEIR final inspection on our new house tomorrow. If it all works out we will be moving in this weekend and if it doesn't, we will have to wait until next week! So to burn off my nervous energy I thought I'd show you some of the pretties I'm collecting for my soon-to-be-first-ever-very-own-studio! Some I'm collecting "for reals" in, I've bought them or own them. Some I'm collecting in my head to inspire me. Hope you enjoy a peek into my virtual studio....I bought a garland like this a few months ago from this lovely seller. But mine says, "DOLL." :)And just in case you are wondering why I wanted it to say, "DOLL".... my clothing line for little girls is called "DOLL." :) Here's one of my tags....And another one for one of my collections of vintage/altered clothing.... This is one of my Christmas presents from my mom (she let me pick some things out!)...
Mom is also getting me this for Christmas! Thanks, Mama! ;) This sweetie is "Charlotte," one of my favorite pieces by Jenny Heid and Aaron Neradke of Everyday is a Holiday (those cupcake people!).
I also picked these out, too. In addition to being a fabric addict I am also a container addict! I found these here.I have another item from the same store very similar to this one that I use for storing trims and things....

And I can't forget about this lovely! I bought a similar one from the fab Miss Cece Marie a couple months ago and I LOVE it! One can't help but make pretty confections when wearing this:

Here's some vintage images I've found that are inspiring me...A lovely etsy artist drew these darling sketches that I bought months and months ago with my studio in mind:

This is a little vintage Josef figurine I just ADORE that I was watching on eBay and lost track of. :( Crossing my fingers I can find another like her...This lovely sewing box belongs to the very sweet Hazel of Blossom Hill Cottons. She says it started out as a vintage silverware box! Love this.And this is her studio...This sweet image is one I found (can't remember where? flickr, maybe??) from a vintage reader. Love the girls working and of course the dolls in the background! Great colors, too. This studio is one I found a few months ago and it belongs to Miss Alisha of Posie Gets Cozy. I love it. It is so cheerful, so eclectic and so lovable. So many darling details, don't you think?Heather Bailey's studio is one of the reasons I'm blogging in the first place. Somehow I stumbled upon her blog, when I hardly knew what a blog WAS, and when I saw this room....well my jaw dropped open and I was quite simply astounded. This is perhaps closer to my dream studio than any other room I've seen. Loving that pink color, the crown molding, the repurposed vintage furniture and the vintage-but-still-very-fresh style.
This room is inspiring me, too. These photos are from Miss Jenny Heid's blog, where she talks about a customer named Rosanna, who lives in Italy, and who is quite the collector of the YUMMIEST of handmade treats. I am in awe of her collection, to say the least, as well as how she displays them...incredible, isn't it??? Not sure what fabric I'm going to go with for curtains and that sort of thing but here are my top picks...

OH and I can't sweet Mama is giving me her vintage sewing table and sewing box. These are some pics from eBay that I found that are of a table and box that are a similar style to the ones I'm getting. The sewing box has legs, though. I'm thinking of painting them white. I have considered painting them pink but that might be going a bit far. ;)Well Sweets...I'll keep you posted as to what happens. If you don't hear from me it could be (crossing my fingers!!!) we are moving in and that I'm temporarily offline. Hubby says it could be a few days without the computer (gulp). That's rather like hearing that I'm going to have to go without some of my appendages for a few days, but somehow I'll manage! If we DON'T get to move in this weekend, I'll probably be here griping about it....

So say a little prayer for us! :)


Update: Final inspection is scheduled for tomorrow! That's a good sign!!! If nothing comes up on the inspection, we've got the green light!!!

Update: ARGH! It didn't pass inspection! :( Something with the wiring, something else with the AC, and some tractor-work to be done. Soooooooo frustrating!!!

Trying to look on the bright side and tell myself that now I will have time to finish tying up some loose ends, get the last of my Christmas orders shipped to you and sew some curtains for the new house. Trying...still trying....

Thank you for all the sweet comments, prayers and well wishes. I will keep you posted, of course. Crossing our fingers it will get done next week so the moving-in doesn't have to happen right at Christmas...