Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fairy Dust

My husband is very supportive of my work but truth be told, he does NOT get "the whole fairy thing." You know....the little vintage photos to which we add wings and then put in jars or on tags and other "altered art" creations. I've tried to explain it to him, to no avail! Here's just a few of my past creations involving fairies in one way or another, most of which James just does NOT get and which actually "creep him out a little" (his words):(my friend Pat's vintage doll collection mixed in the above photo!)

Our girls love faires! I have been asked to draw so many fairies with my 8-year-old-drawing-level-skills that I could draw them in my sleep. Round head, happy expression, curly hair, BIG dress and of course WINGS. For awhile there, my girls were nuts about fairies. Here they are as fairies last Halloween:

Bippity, Boppity....

And I completely understand the appeal. I remember playing "Fairy Forest" as if it was yesterday, at about 5 years of age, with an older girl I met while our families were camping. She had a vivid imagination and convinced me that real fairies inhabited a grove of ferns near our campsite. That week of camping was magical and I remember it like it was yesterday.

So when the girls started to be interested in fairies I told them fanciful stories about fairies that live in the flowers and trees. These stories were demanded again and again...the idea of tiny beings hiding in our yard, traveling on birds' backs and fashioning tiny clothes for themselves had them mesmerized. That began a period of time when the only game that was played outdoors was "Flower Fairy" which involved ripping the large leaves off the tree in our front yard for wings and "hiding" all over the yard and "talking" to the birds.

Even Kitty joined in the fun...
So when the girls saw this vintage embroidery motif they went crazy. I was asked to embroider it on something....anything! I loved (and love!) the simplicity of this sweet cotton knit sundress and the girls have worn these every summer for the last few years. It was a natural choice for embroidering the charming vintage "Flower Fairies" they love so much.

Here is Rachel, now 4, at close to 2 years, wearing her Flower Fairy Frock.

The story is not over, though, so keep reading!!!!

I loved this dress so much I offered it on eBay in a custom auction. This was one of the first custom auctions I did, in fact, and I was thrilled when a woman contacted me and asked if I could make TWO of these dresses if she won the auction. Of course, I said. She won the auction and I made two dresses for her twin girls and as a result, she and I chatted a bit via email. There was an immediate rapport and a feeling of "sameness" when we talked. Not long after (but many, many emails after!) this woman, Linda, and I were fast friends.

Can it be 2 years ago, Linda? No.....make that THREE years ago! I discovered, soon after meeting Linda, that she is not only a fellow-fabricaholic, but is also a talented graphic designer She created auction templates for me, designed my eBay ME page and masterminded the "DOLL" brand for my clothing line, right down to the garment and hang tags.

But that's not why I love her so much. This is not just a customer or a graphic designer. This is a of those "forever friends"...and I expect to know and love her 'til I'm an ancient great-grandma.

It's truly serendipity that we met.....and all over fairies! Perhaps they are magical!

p.s. I'm "re-realeasing" these dresses and you can find them in my etsy shoppe.

Teacups and Trimmings

While sourcing for my new fabric store (Coming Soon!) I found these yummy vintage-style trims that remind me of vintage teacups and saucers. Aren't they yummy? Decadent and delicate, these are just perfect for trimming everything from lampshades to pillow slips.

Confections Recipe Idea:
Take a simple cotton pillowcase, embroider a lovely rose bower and add this lovely trim to the flange. Need a suitable embroidery pattern? Just ask! I'd love to send you one.

You can find these delightful trimmings in my etsy fabric shoppe where shipping is always free within the U.S.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Teller Family Wheelchair Lift Update

Remember my post awhile back about my best friend, Marianna Teller, and her son, Andrew, who has cerebral palsy? The family was about to get a wheelchair lift from a nonprofit agency when scrap metal thieves stole the lift. It was heart-breaking, to say the least, but the local news carried the story and anonymous donors gave to a fund to help them buy a new lift, which retails around $7,000. The Tellers were completely floored by the outpouring of generosity, and from perfect strangers!

Then a few weeks later, a woman contacted the nonprofit agency to tell them that her mother had died and that she wanted to donate her wheelchair lift. It was exactly what the Tellers needed! The money in the fund that was donated went to installing the lift on their back porch, and the increased freedom and mobility the family has is "a gift," in Marianna's words.

Click here to see the local news story about the Teller Family....when you get there click on the orange camera icon at the top right of the story to view the video.

Thank you so much for your concern, prayers, kind thoughts, comments and donations to this dear family. I forwarded all of your comments to them and they were so touched by them. People who had no idea how difficult their situation was stole something that would have changed their lives, but just when they were most broken-hearted and overwhelmed, strangers-turned-angels not only gave them back what they lost, but showed them real, tangible kindness.
This is what real love looks like and gosh, it's beautiful.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday Yummies: My New Love

I am just enamoured with sherbert-y colors right now. And when they are side-by-side or layered on top of or mixed right in with sepia tones, ivories, taupes and vintagey whites in general...well I am just done in! I realized the other day that MOST of my flickr favs are in this color scheme! Anything with that combination really makes my heart beat faster. I'm not sure what it is exactly but it is a very real reaction. I've loved this color scheme for awhile now, but for a long time didn't know what I loved about it. Here's the cover of a fabric book I made quite awhile ago that is "That Look." Jenny Heid works in these colors, as well, and though I've long admired her work, it's only been recently that I "got" WHY! It's THOSE COLORS again....

And look at this fabulous collage Kris Hurst made for me a few months ago. I have it hanging by the door and it never fails to make me a bit weak in the knees every time I see it. But notice the colors....totally the palette I'm talking about. Kris works in these colors a lot and her work always makes me drool a bit!
I have a project I'm working on in this color combination and I'm just thrilled about it. Can't wait to show you. In addition to being yummy in the sherbert-meets-vintage-whites sense, it's also a really fun "marriage" of two of my favorite art mediums: embroidery and altered art. I often feel like I have two different sides. I have the not-as-creative but still very "me" embroidery side that enjoys following a pattern and producing a very sweet and compelling piece of clothing for one of our little ones. I love the way I don't have to think too much beyond what colors I should choose from my box of embroidery thread when I do hand-work. But then I have this other side that loves altered art. I love the spontaneity of it, the unpredictability of it and the uniqueness of the finished product. When I begin an altered art project, I usually don't have any idea what the end result will be! I find this sort of art is really "organic" and a bit like writing in that it sort of....well, comes out of me, I guess. So this new project is a combination of these two sides of me and I'm thrilled about it.

Since I've got this sherbert and sepia love affair going on, I thought I'd make our yummy trip a delicious tour of some of the very colors and tones and feelings that I'm liking so much. Hope you like it, too!
This is so sweet!


Yellow isn't my usual first choice in jewelry or clothing but this buttery confection might just change my mind!

YUMMY THING FOUR: Sweet Pea Earrings by Singing Sky

Like candy!!!

YUMMY THING FIVE: Sweet Magnolia Print by TheaCphotography

I have a weakness for these saucer magnolias, anyway. My parents have a tree in their backyard that always blooms right around my birthday. The blooms are enormous and just so lovely! But juxtaposed against an almost aqua sky...well this makes my heart beat faster....

YUMMY THING SIX: "A Sweet Day" Brooch by JenniferMorrisBeads

This one is reserved, but isn't it exquisite?

Precious! Wouldn't they be sweet tied into a bow on a sweet gift?

YUMMY THING EIGHT: Sweet Candy by ConfectionsFabric (that's my other store!)

Tiny spools of embroidery thread in my favorite yummy hues. Each spool holds 2 yards.

YUMMY THING NINE: Collage by Joanna Pierotti

I'm loving this new piece by Joanna Pierotti of Moss Hill Studios. It has that look I'm loving so much. Be sure and click on this image to view it larger. Incredible.

So is your heart beating faster? I know mine is! Now do you understand my "New Love"? Gosh I'm smitten...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Summertime Living

It's not officially summer but it might as well's hit the 100 degree mark here already! This is the kind of thing the girlies wear around here: simple, sweet, "little girlish" and COOL. I hand-embroidered a sweet lettuce-edge tee with one of my own motifs...bullion roses in two tones of pink on a "vine" of backstitches and lazy-daisy leaves. The skirt is as simple and easy to wear as it looks. I used one of my favorite Pandolph prints that you don't see much of anymore and made an easy, simple skirt out of less than one yard of fabric. The waist is elastic since the girls enjoy the "comfiness" of that. I've added a custom set just like this one to my etsy store ! More styles to come, as well!

And I'd love it if you visited the Sweet Rachael of The Rose Room for her 100th Post Party! She has some scrumptious giveaways, as well!

Here's my answers to her "10 Party Questions":

Relationship: Married to James for 8 years in just a couple weeks!

Children: Emily (6), Rachel (4) and Andrew (1.5)

Pets: 2 cats, Abel and Mabel Age: 31
Star Sign: Pisces

Fave Food: Mexican Pizza (a yummy thing my husband makes!)

Fave Drink: Sour Apple Martini and Diet Coke (not together!)

House Decor Style: Vintage/Shabby Chic/Traditional

Collections: Art pieces by other artists who I know and admire :), milk glass footed bowls, vintage tea cups

How Did You Get Into Blogging: My friend, Lauren, was blogging and I hopped around from her blog to others' until I accidentally stumbled upon this "circle" of bloggers with similar tastes/interests/styles. Not quite a year ago, I jumped in myself, unsure if anyone would ever come and read my blog! I'm now officially addicted!

Oh and enjoy your 3-day weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Baked!

Some new confections in my etsy Fabric Shoppe HERE... Don't forget! Free shipping, within the U.S., all the time, of all fabric and sewing notions in my shoppe!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yummy Monday...on Tuesday!

Before I forget, it turns out, my items are still available on Inspire Co.! Just for a few more days. You can go here to see them!

Next, I'm happy to say that a wonderful blogger, Dawn Edmonson, is going to be in the next Somerset Life and they are actually considering her things for the COVER! If you are a Somerset fan like I am, you know what a HUGE deal that would be. Well the fun thing is that Somerset has a poll going for what should be on the cover, so you can vote! Go HERE to vote for Dawn's adorable altered baby shoes for the cover and go HERE to visit with the very sweet Dawn on her blog!

And now on to what you came here for, right? Yummy Monday! It's going to be a quick trip today so let's not waste any time....hop in my little cyber-car and away we go....

YUMMY THING ONE: Pink & White Twine Lollipops by Leesiebella
Aren't these scrumptious! I had to have one and let me tell you, they are even sweeter in person! I was picturing these as a just a couple inches tall, but no! They are about 8" long. Just DE-LISH.

YUMMY THING TWO: Cupcake Pin Topper by GigiMinor
This took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at! This is a in in in itty-bitty! But how super-duper cute??? Can't you imagine a pin-cushion full of these confections? Oh my....

YUMMY THING THREE: Cupcake Queen Sign by Pink Butter Creme
Darling! Just perfect for hanging or gifting.

YUMMY THING FOUR: Pink Cupcake Body Lotion by Spa Therapy
I've never tried this but gosh it sounds yummy, dontcha' think?
YUMMY THING FIVE: Yo-Yo Pillow by Marionberry Cottage
Isn't this a yummy pillow? SEW sweet.
YUMMY THING SIX: Yummy Flip-Flops by DaisyKrazy
Don't show these to my girls! ACK! Totally freaking adorable! They might be right up there with underwear on the "Necessities" list for summer!

YUMMY THING SEVEN: Lulu & Max Box by Pom & Whimsy
This artist makes the sweetest pieces for little ones....and not so little ones! My girls just adore little boxes for storing their....well, junk. But who cares what's inside when the outside is so totally cute?

YUMMY THING EIGHT: Pan of Cupcakes Necklace by IndyGrrrlProductions

Was that a yummy trip or what?

Hope you have a lovely day today, no matter what you do. It is really hot here in California so I am planning to stay indoors, embroider a bit and enjoy my kidlets.

Hugs to you....