Monday, November 5, 2007

*Yummy Monday*, More Joli Paquet & A Giveaway Announcement!

Isn't that a great pout? Well that's nothin', honey! You should see MY pouty face. And WHY am I pouting and feeling oh-so-sorry for myself? Well it's because THIS is going on this coming weekend and I am not going to be there....

Gosh I'm sad I'm not going! But as I mentioned a few posts ago, I am the primary food source for this little guy and of course the food source can't go traipsing around around the country, now can it?
Well in honor of Silver Bella, I'm doing a very special MONDAY YUMMIES post inspired by all things Christmas, glittery and yummy! It's going to be extra yummy, Girls! Are you ready? If you hear the sound of little carriage wheels outside your door, that's me! Here I come with a cute little carriage for you to ride around cyberspace with me in. Isn't it sweet??

Climb in next to the sweet little dolly and I'll tuck you in...
And off we go!

I know I told you a little bit about this exciting project last week but I have lots more info and lovely pics to show you know. As I mentioned last week, Joli Paquet (Pretty Package) is a collaborative effort that will allow those of us who are not going to Silver Bella to purchase really incredible "kits" put together by seven talented artists. I was SOOOOO honored to be included in this number and am really excited about the kit I have prepared for you, as well as those offered by the other six women. Wait till you SEE!!!!! These kits will all be offered for purchase starting THIS FRIDAY, November 9th. You can go to our collaborative blog here for more information!

Joli Paquet Kit: The Ice Queen by Cheryl (ME!) of Rosey Posey Confections

This is my first kit...a sweet little box featuring The Ice Queen herself, who is, as you can see, anything but cold and cruel! It is still in process as I have found some other really wonderful elements to add to this kit. I'll be showing you some more photos this week as I add to it!

Joli Paquet Kit: Capturing the Magic of Christmas by Cerri Campbell of Little Pink Studio Isn't this magical? This is one kit I must have. Just gorgeous!

Joli Paquet Kit: Angel Paquet by Cerri Campbell of Little Pink Studio
Another lovely kit by Cerri! I adore it. You KNOW how I feel about pink Christmasy decorations, don't you???

Joli Paquet Kit: Vintage Santa Banner by Lori of Vintage Flair Isn't this sweet? I love the Santa and the tinsel, especially! Wouldn't this be sweet displayed on a mantle?

Joli Paquet Kit: Bonne Annee Candle by Lori of Vintage Flair Another lovely kit by Lori, this candle jar kit would make a lovely decoration or gift for someone special. And imagine the "oohs" and "aahs" when you tell that special someone YOU made it!

Don't you love these "retro" Christmas colors? I sure do. This looks fabulous...

Joli Paquet Kit: Home Sweet Nest Pendant by Heather B. of Bluhm Studios
I love this sweet pendant. The colors are so ME, don't you think? And glittery letters? LOVE!

Joli Paquet Kit: Vintage Wallpaper Box by Heather of Pretty Petals Boutique
Isn't this beautiful? I would love to use this to gift something really special this holiday. I love the colors and all the sweet details.

Joli Paquet Kit: Sugar House Box by Holly of Hollydoodle Designs
Isn't this DELECTABLE??? I think "sumptous" is the word for this! Oh my word....just so over-the-top amazingly beautiful!

Joli Paquet Kit: Snow Angel Doll by Angelina of Retro Whimsy Greetings

Isn't SHE a sweetie??? I love this one! Have to have one, actually!

Joli Paquet Kit: Holiday Tags by Angelina of Retro Whimsy Greetings
What darling tags! And just picture these on top of your Christmas gifts!

Joli Paquet Kit: Gift Gal Doll by Angelina of Retro Whimsy Greetings
Isn't she darling? She would look so sweet in a Christmas display, surrounded by beautifully wrapped gifts...

The next yummies are things I've found when I've been "out and about" this week....all glittery, all Christmas-ey and all YUMMY....

YUMMY THING TWELVE: "Merry Christmas" Banner in Neutrals by Storia Home
These are my colors and I love the way the neutral colors look with the silver glitter! So old-fashioned and lovely....

YUMMY THING THIRTEEN: Button Tins of Vintage Buttons by Junque Art
Now aren't these delicious??? One would expect some yummy candy to be inside...and really...there is! Not the eating kind of candy, maybe, but the crafty chic kind of candy! ;) She has selected some sweet vintage buttons from her stash and filled these little tins with them. Who can just buy one???

YUMMY THING FOURTEEN: "Twinkle" and "Santa Baby" Stars by The Junk Drawer
Totally adorable! I love everything about these....

YUMMY THING FIFTEEN: Snowflake Frame by JaneSays
I'd love to put a tiny black and white photo in this one and I have just the one in mind! I don't have it scanned but I took a black and white photo of my Emily when she was about three in the snow wearing this incredible vintage-looking hat and coat. She looks like she could be her great-grandmother, Rachel, all bundled up in the cold! I think I NEED this frame....

Well that's it for this week, Ladies! Please stop by later this week for updated piccys of my Joli Paquet. And I'm going to TRY to finish a second paquet but we'll see how that goes. The first one will be available for sure starting Friday. I'll be selling them in my etsy shoppe but you may also buy them by simply emailing me! And I'll be having a special **GIVEAWAY** Friday so don't miss that! More details about that to come....

Have a lovely Monday and a wonderful week, Sweets!


Cheryl :)


Natasha Burns said...

What scrumptious yummies you have delighted us with again Cheryl!!!!

Lori said...

Cheryl, as always i am in love with all of your yummies!!! they are soooo good :) and of course the little kits you girls are putting together for all of the SB wannabes are FABULOUS!!! i love each and every one!!! that idea was genius!
guess what we are making for snack tonight? yummy pretzels dipped in cinnamon and sugar!!! thanks again for the recipe!!!

Jan Thomason said...

Cheryl, all of the kits are absolutely precious!!!

I posted on my blog this afternoon and your name was mentioned several times....thought you might want to stop by and read it!

I'll be checking your Etsy shop on Friday!! Jan

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Rosey!

WOW! Us Siver Bellas have a LOT to live up to! What fabulous & dreamy holiday decorations! I want one of EVERYTHING!!!!!! :)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Ohhhhhh how pretty it all is!! Becky

marilyn said...

oh, i do wish i could go also. it might be a few years before i can venture out from my family to attend. the kits are gorgeous. i want to make them all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,
What fantastic kits!! What a great idea...I bet they will go like hot cakes!
Kathy :)

Jen Kershner said...

How wonderful. I'm just heartbroken that I'm not at silver bella and you've gone and made me feel better. I'm SO happy that I discovered your wonderful blog.

Sadie Lou said...

What a lovely idea. Thanks so much for responding to me on my Flickr--and for directing me to your yummy blog. I have one too! Come visit me some time...
I love that you did something active about not being able to go to Silver Bella--I just pouted about it. I really want to go next year, let's make a blog buddy pact to encourage each other to get there!!
It would be so much fun to meet everyone.
~Sadie Lou