Friday, August 29, 2008

Sweet Six Studio: My Project Revealed

Hello again, Sweets! Yay for a long weekend!!!

As promised I am going to show you one of the two projects that I'll be teaching to those of you who registered for the Online Art Retreat by Sweet Six Studio:

Yummy Pocket Pillows.

I had so much fun making this project and I can't wait to teach you to make it, as well!

I will teach you to how to very simply construct the pillow and pocket portion using the most basic stitch on your sewing machine. Nothing fancy here!

I have a very easy way to make ruffles that I can't wait to share with you. You won't ever do a gather-stitch again!

Then I will walk you through preparing the cupcake shape and appliqueing it to the pillow. Those of you who don't wish to use your sewing machine to make the pocket pillow portion can
simply follow the applique instructions and learn to hand-applique things to....well, anything!
I've found this is a really easy and cute way to embellish children's clothing.

If you haven't registered for our Online Art Retreat, it is not too late! Go HERE to read all about this retreat, how to register and to see the other 5 projects that Heather, Natasha, Jennifer, Analise and Holly have shown us that they will be teaching. There will be 6 OTHER projects, one from each of us, that we are keeping a secret, plus additional fun decorating tips.
So during the month of September, registrants will learn a total of 12 step-by-step projects and at least 6 decorating tutorials, starting Tuesday, September 2nd.

Girls, I am soooo excited about this Online Art Retreat! I LOVE every single one of the other girls that I've been working with to put this retreat on. We've all become fast friends and we are all looking forward to meeting and getting to know each one of YOU that take part in this retreat.

We would LOVE to be able to invite each and every one of you over to our studios and sit down across the table from you while we learn to create something together. But the next best thing is this online retreat....we won't be in the same room but we are looking forward to the same sort of friendly "togetherness."

We know that each and every one of you has a a creative spark that is unique and we can't wait to see how YOU make each of these projects in your own special way! And our hope is that at the close of this retreat, we will have drawn that many more incredible women into our circle of friendship.

Art and Friendship. Two of my favorite things. And we get to experience both of those in a deeper way...together! Hoping to see YOU there...we've saved a spot just for you! :)

P.S. Starting Tuesday I'll be selling complete kits for making the Yummy Pocket Pillows. You'll be able to purchase them from my website, Confections Fabric. Kits will include EVERYTHING you need, except for the sewing machine and sewing machine thread! Kits will include all the fabric to make the pillow pockets (pre-cut!), the fabric cupcake applique (pre-cut and fray-checked!), pom trim for the handle and front pocket, polyfil, embroidery thread and even an embroidery needle!


bluemuf said...

What a lovely project. I am looking forward to making it and will start pulling fabics now. See you Tuesday


Jennifer Hayslip said...

OMG!!!! I loooove these Cheryl!!! I can so see them hanging up in Miss Vivi's room. The kits are PRECIOUS and packaged so sweet!!! ;)
Im getting sooo excited!!! XOXO

Kristen Pare said...

Ohhhh, I so can't wait! That is adorable and will be perfect for my little one. The KITS are so sweet! See ya Tuesday, Kris

Jessi Nagy said...

this is super cute.
i can't wait to get sterated this week.
jessi said...

Gorgeous Cheryl, all gorgeous! Rachaelxo

Natasha Burns said...

Oooh i've already got my fabric picked out and waiting!!!! can't wait Miss Cheryl! These are just GORGEOUS!!! xo

Cathy said...


You're killing me with all this sweetness. This is absolutely 2DIE4. OHG!!!!!!! I love it!!

xo Cath

Celestina Marie said...

What a cute little project. I know that it will be fun for everyone. Best Wishes for the whole Sept. event for all 6 of you very talented ladies.
Have a wonderful Labor Day.
la rea rose

Sugar Bear said...

Hmmm, must find a sewing machine before end of week. LOL! Can't wait for the start.

Kim Caldwell said...

So fabulous. Of course, I can't sew a bit. But I still can't wait! Hugs, Kim

Jenni B said...

Ah, that's just ADORABLE! Love the fabric colors and I especially like the yo-yo "cherry" on top of the cupcake!

Jenni B

Just Between Us Girls said...

Hi Cheryl,
Love the pocket pillow. You should also do one in a heart shape. I always get lots of interest in mine and teas sell for a fortune. I am sure that would be perfect for another retreat. It all sounds wonderful Wish you and yours every success.
Love and hugs,

Holly said...

Oh, Cheryl!
I can't wait to make my yummy pocket pillow!

~ Hearts~