Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let's Play

Well...the Super Bowl is over. I caught the last fifteen minutes! After church, James and the kids spent most of the day next door at my inlaws', hanging out, eating and watching the Super Bowl and I spent the day working. It's happy work, though...I have been making some Valentine's pieces that I love and can't wait to show you in a few days. I have been listening to a Celtic Music Relaxation CD, which sounds wierd but is really restful and makes my blood pressure go down within seconds! The sun coming in the studio window, my music on and fun was a really nice day. And then around dinner, I joined everyone next door and got to spend an hour or so with extended family. And now the kids are in bed. So that was my day! How did you spend yours?

This week is going to be stressful. James is starting his credential courses which will be 2 nights a week. He is also going to be taking two online courses that are technically prerequisites for the ones he is starting this week, so they must be completed in 2 weeks! AND he's preparing lessons, grading and teaching all day, every day! So needless to say, Cheryl is on dinner-making duty, as well as most of the other duties that James usually takes.

But this week I am going to really focus on my word for the year. If you read that novel of a post a couple weeks ago, you'll know that I have picked a word for the year as a sort of resolution, goal or focal point. It's PLAY. I want to play more. This is the last year Rachel will be home since she is starting school in the Fall. I want to start the tea parties I used to have with the girls after Emily got home from school back up again. I want to be sillier. I want to experiment with different mediums I've never tried in my art. I want to roam around in the trees behind the house and go all the way down the block behind the other houses with the kids...the girls are sure there are fairies back there. I want to have fun with James. I want to not worry so much about how neat or clean the house is. I want to tease and laugh more and correct and grump less. I want to write more. I want to PLAY!
Remember how I said I was changing my studio, making it less like a bakery and more "me" with my artsy goodies at my fingertips and the colors that inspire me to create all around me? Well I've gotten started on that, I'm happy to say. James hauled a grungy table from out of my inlaws' shed in for me and I put the tablecloth I made for one of my Silver Bella vendor tables on it. My mom gave me these great containers that were seriously $6 each at Cost Plus...clear and with a wide mouth that opens to the front. Probably designed for cookies or candy. But I'm putting all my vintage laces and trims in one. I've got ribbons in another. And the third stands empty until I decide what to put in it. I put a vintage wedding veil I've had for YEARS up over my window and James helped me string some tiny Japanese lanterns (also from Cost Plus) with these fabulous ivory rose lights. I wish I could get a good photo at night when it's all lit up. But it's ethereal and wonderful. Curled up on my couch in here with some handwork and my Celtic music is pretty much BLISS!The photos aren't great but here's a peek at my new spot to PLAY in my studio!

My word for the year is PLAY...what's yours?
I'll be back soon with some new goodies both for my Stitching a Dream store, as well as for Confections Fabric!


Alison Gibbs said...

Looks like you are going to have lots of fun playing.
Think maybe I should 'play' this year too but for now I have a wedding to organise for 4th April, so the fun will have to wait.

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know what my word is, Play is a wonderful word and we should all play!! I love your new play station it looks quite gorgeous and I bet you had funning putting all the items in their new homes, dreaming up new designs.
I am so with you and the music, I have to have my music ( whatever it is at the time) when i work, I simply must!
Have fun...there that is my word...FUN...playing, Kiss Noises Linda

Robin said...

your studio space looks wonderful! My word for the year is content. I try to remember that each day!

Sugar Bear said...

I totally here you on the Celtic music - it is very soothing. Such a wonderful transformation of your studio. It looks so inspiring and beautiful. I wish James the best with all of his coursework. I started taking online courses last semester and they can be a lot of work! But definitely worth it in the end.

Betty said...

Your studio looks beautiful Cheryl! You are lucky to have one. I am at the dining room table most of the time! I'm off to your fabric shop. I've had my eye on your aqua kitchen rose fabric for weeks!

Unknown said...

Your studio looks soft and sweet and I love how you have a word for the year! Mine would be PAMPER cause I sooo deserve to pamper myself..tee,hee! BTW, I just love the idea of your blank fabric books!!!!

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Ooooh Miss Cheryl! What a fab post! Im totally with ya on the "play". I guess create and play kinda go hand in hand? Makes me feel all good inside. Your sneak peek of your studio looks wonderful and sooo pretty! What a beautiful creative enviroment.

juls4real said...

Can you tell me who the artist is of the girl at the ocean? I love it.