Monday, February 2, 2009

Second Post for the Day

How crazy is that? Two posts in one day! I didn't think I'd get photos of what I'm going to show you until tomorrow so I blogged about the candy and not about these. But I got some photos and I'm dying to show you what I made!!!

I've had these in my mind for weeks and weeks and it was so great because they literally came together in about two days since I'd already planned them out in my head. Analise had a similar experience this weekend that she'll hopefully share, too!
All of these goodies can be found in my etsy shoppe, Stitching a Dream, HERE.

This is a little sachet I hand-stitched with the words, "I have you in my heart." A tiny antique jointed bisque doll tucks into the pocket and the sachet itself (lightly rose-scented) fits perfectly in this sweet little cigar-style box on a bed of lace.
These are three Valentines-inspired fabric collages that are lovely as a set but are wonderful by themselves, too. I had so much fun using materials I love that I haven't had a chance to incorporate into art yet: vintage linen, tiny vintage bisque dolls, a vintage bottle I picked up in a Carmel antique store, vintage tatting and THE MOST incredible vintage lace I have ever seen. I'm hoarding it but I used just a few inches of it for one of the collages.

Each collage is in a frame that sits on its own little easel. James distressed each frame and easel for me! I love how they turned out. Everything looks more "orange" in most of these photos than it really is. I enjoy the late afternoon light, especially for more romantic pieces, but it can make things a bit more yellow/orange than they actually are. "Your heart is my home."
"Grew Together"
"You hold the key to my heart."
And finally, 3 Valentine-inspired, collaged tags...

Well that's it! It's time to make dinner!
Hope you have a lovely evening...

7 comments: said...

Cheryl, they are divine, simply exquisite. I love your 'candy' as well! Rachaelxo

Sharon said...

What a beautiful post, I love everything. It's all so peaceful looking.

Unknown said...

Love what you did with the tatting! Your collages are beautiful! :)

Victorian Lady said...

CHERYL!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the set of collages! So completely ROMANTIC! I can't afford them, but I did heart them in etsy! GREAT job! :)


Just Between Us Girls said...

R E M A R K A B L E....Love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love and hugs,

Beth said...

oh girl these totally rock !!!! soo yummy !!!! love all of them !

Amy Sutter said...

Those frames are simply breathtaking! This is my first visit and it has been enjoyable!