Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bits & Pieces Collage Arrived!!!

As I mentioned the other day, I recently participated in my very first "swap"...Bits & Pieces, hosted by the infamous Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday. WHAT a fun swap! I was paired up with Linda of Lilly Cottage in Australia and not only do we like virtually all the same things, we really get along well and have been writing back and forth since!

So basically the swap guidelines were to use "Bits & Pieces" to form a 9"x12" collage for our partners. We exchanged information such as likes/dislikes, color preferences, styles of choice, etc. and then we were off! I asked Linda if she minded if I worked on fabric rather than on canvas since fabric is my favorite medium for altered art and she said, "Yes!" So I went to town and let me tell you, my bloggy pals, I had SUCH a great time. I started with kind of a worried feeling in my tummy since I wasn't exactly sure where I was going with it but by the end, not only was I satisifed with it, I wanted to keep it for myself! I didn't, of course, and posted it to Linda as planned! Well I've been waiting (very patiently, of COURSE) on pins and needles for Linda's collage for me since she felt equally satisfied with what she made and also felt like she wanted to keep it for herself.


Ladies (and I suppose the stray gentleman??), LOOK AT THIS (yes, I AM screaming!)...

Isn't it gorgeous???? Am I a lucky little bloggette or WHAT??? Thank you, Linda, dear! What a treat it was to get this today. Can't wait to hear that you got the collage I made for YOU!

This coming Friday, the 20th, I have an etsy shop update planned. Some sweet new pieces for the DOLL in your life! Here are a few hints to hopefully whet your appetites...


Jennifer said...

You are sooo lucky! Your collage is GORGEOUS!So,so pretty! I really hate that I didnt join that swap. I love looking at everyone's collages. What fun! Im also looking forward too seeing your updated shop. :) I like the snipits you posted. Cant wait! :)

Analise said...

Looking forward to seeing your new goodies for the shop! Your collage is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it! Lucky girly!!


Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Hello, I am sooo glad that you liked your collage, it does look spectac in your photos, yours to me arrived today also and I adore it,absolutelY!!! It is just too perfect!! I have posted about it and hopefully my photos will do it justice! Thanks for being the best!! swap partner!! So Lucky am I!! TTFN Linda Lilly Cottage!

Cheryl said...

Oh thank you, sweet friends! If you haven't seen these ladies blogs, check them out. Such lovely creations! So pleased you liked your collage, Miss Linda of Lilly Cottage...and how fun we got them the same day. Couldn't have planned THAT better!

Sandy said...

How sweet your work is! Just lovely!! Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment as it lead me to yours : )