Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Yumminess

I can't believe it! This blog is one week old today! What a fun week it's been... On one hand I feel like this week has flown but on the other hand, I feel like I've been doing this forever and how could it possibly have only been one week? What a fun week you, my bloggy pals, have made this. As I said yesterday, I am just amazed and thrilled at the connections I've made in such a short time. So exciting to check in here and find comments from you and then to go visit with you in YOUR little "homes"! It's official...I am definitely hooked on blogging.

So to continue my new but oh-so-fun tradition of sharing "Yummies" each Monday, I have a basket full of delicious treats for you. Are you ready? You've been looking forward to this moment all day, haven't you? I KNEW it! :) So here we go. Fasten your seatbelt (remember, you get to sit in my little sidecar while I cruise around the cybermall!) and let's go...

Yummy Thing One: Pink Doll Trunk
by Summersdarling

I's just pure deliciousness, now isn't it??? Now mind you, I do have a weak spot for pink...another one for vintage ephemera....and still another for this is just PURE TEMPTATION! I love it. Just absolutely adore it. And even the inside is darling...

Here's how to find it:

Yummy Thing Two: Sweet Keepsake Box

by Joelle Dolce-Bebe

Now isn't this SWEET? I just love it. I love the finish of the wood. I adore the pink roses and "balls, " pearls, etc. combined. Almost could pass for a shabby-chic Christmas decoration! Joelle is a sweetheart and her items are just as sweet as she is...
Here is where you can find this box:

Yummy Thing Three: Vintage Vanity Box

from Victorian Vintage Chic

Oh this is just darling. Covered in vintage wallpaper. Wowzahs! We are all loving that vintage wallpaper and since I am a container-fanatic (can you tell???) this is just CALLING to me...

Yummy Thing Four: Rose Bushes

from Heirloom Roses

James (my wonderful, handsome husband!) and I are planning our yard for our almost-finished new house and a MUST for us is gorgeous rose bushes. We love them - growing in the yard, the aroma, picking them, putting them in a vase, giving them away. We just love them! We have a grand total of 10 rose bushes here at our little "cottage," as we affectionately call our too-tiny little house ;) and 4 of them are red. Now I don't have anything AGAINST red roses (Mama...don't get mad at me now!) but I would rather have pinks, yellows, whites and the occasional bright pink. Mostly because I love to have them in vases or bowls around the house and red just doesn't "go" with my decor. So the new house will have (someday) dozens of rose bushes in those colors. I want a Picking Garden that I can just go and grab blooms from and make bouquets of for every room in the house and a few for friends without completely picking my garden bare. So I will need some "filler" plants/flowers, too, so if anyone has any tips about nice things to pair up with pastel-colored roses, please let me know! I'd be much obliged. But for now, here are some of our favorites:


Sweet Afron

Lemon and Spice

Royal Highness

Well My Bloggy Friends...that's it for today! The Cyber Car is coming to a halt, so keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle until we come to a complete stop.

Here we may now unbuckle your don't leave the linky-dinks on the seat now...take them with you so you know where to find these Yummies if you should want some later!

Hugs to you and I look forward to seeing you again SOON....

p.s. Ooh look at this, too! Lauren just added some new goodies to her "nest" and oh-my-gosh-so-cute!!!! Look at this fun wallet...

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