Monday, July 9, 2007


That being said.... ;)

I'd like to start a tradition of sharing with you, my bloggy pals, yummy treats I've found when I'm out and about in cyberland. You know I spend lots of time there these days since Sweet Mr. Andrew (a.k.a. the cute 7-month-old growth on my hip) has decided that he can not, will not be put down. So you can often find me standing in front of the computer in my kitchen with said growth, cruising around, looking for deliciousness! Next to putting you in my little cyber-sidecar where we can cruise around together, window-shopping in tandem, I think the best thing is for me to show you the MOST yummy of the yummies I find every...let's say Monday since this is Monday...of every week. Sound good to you? Sounds good to me! So here we go....

First on the menu is something I simply adore....really and truly and with all my shabby-pink-vintage-roses-cupcake heart!

~Yummy Thing One~

The Cake Saver by Summersdarling

You love it, don't you????? I just knew you would! This delectable creation is a OOAK vintage cake saver by summersdarling of eBay. I bought one very similar to it last week....couldn't help myself. It was a "haftahave," right up there with toilet paper and Benadryl! ;) Can't you just picture it on the countertop of my almost-done new shabby sweet ivory and pink kitchen? Oh I know I can! Pink cupcakes under it or even used as a prop to showcase some of my baby onesies. yummy....

Here's the link to her auction, but be sure and check out her whole store since she has several of these cake savers listed and each is a bit different! Feel free to ask her any questions....she is a real live Doll, besides being talented!

~Yummy Thing Two~

The "Favorite Recipes" Box

super limited edition mixed media Cake Art Collage Box by Jenny Heid & Aaron Nieradka

Isn't it scrumptious?? Oh I think so! I just love everything about it, from it's pink-rimmed lid to the yummy vintage cake images on top and vintage recipes on the side. But can I tell you a secret, my bloggy friends? I don't want to put actual recipes in this box. I want to put sewing patterns in it! Wouldn't that be ADORABLE in my new sewing studio? I can hardly believe that I will really and truly have my own studio in our almost-complete new home, but it's the truth. And I dream about this room every day...o.k. every hour! And though I haven't totally nailed down how I want this room of all rooms to look, I KNOW it is going to be pink and shabbylicious! And I think I really must have this box....or one very like it. So here's the linky-dink to the eBay auction where this lovely resides:

You can also find Jenny on etsy, Glitter & Grunge and on her delectable blog which is of course in my list of yummy bloggies on the sidebar!

~Yummy Thing Three~

"The Sisters Five" by Marmee Craft

This yummy is another one I bought. Had to! For those of you who don't know, I am the eldest of five girls! Yes, it's true! Condolences can be sent to my poor, just kidding. The poor man really should have bought stock in Tampax. Would have made a bundle by now! But I digress. This delicious print is going in the guest bathroom of the aforementioned new home. I just adore it. I love the calico of their dresses, the samenesses and the subtle differences in their faces and the colors she used. I call the artist Marmee in my head because her etsy shoppe is called Marmee Craft but because I read her blog daily, I know that Marmee is actually the name of her cat! Marjorie is her real name and she seems like such the kindred spirit - like someone I might have met in the stacks of the public library during the summers when I was a girl too old to play with dolls and too young to drive, while checking out my 20 books for the week (because 20 was the limit, not because 20 was enough). I love her blog (also found in my list of favorite blogs) and her work. So without further ado, here is The Sisters Five:

And here is where you can find Yummy Thing Three:


Marjorie said...

What a kind a very lovely post you have made about little old me....I'm all a blush and ever so thankful! I think I was there in the public library....checking out piles of books on faeries, mythology and 19th century illustrators! : )

By the way....I adore your lovely's so calming and beautiful!

Thanks again, ever so much!

Cheryl said...

Oh thank YOU! I am so pleased you like it. :) That's exactly how I feel about YOUR blog, so that is just the nicest thing you could have said!

Joelle said...

I sooo Wish you the Best of Luck with this new & exiciting Blog.
Your so giving, talented & SWEET!
What goes around, comes around.
Its so nice to read positive things from such a giving heart.


Joelle XO

Cheryl said...

Thank you, sweet Joelle! I have been having such fun chatting with you and am so looking forward to getting to know you better! You're such a darling....
hugs, cheryl