Sunday, July 22, 2007

Favorite Quotes....and gifts for YOU!

Hello, Sweet Readers! Thank you so much for popping in here to visit! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday evening. It is still afternoon here in California, but for some reason most of the lovely people I connect with via eBay, etsy and blogs live in the east! Not sure why that is....are "ya'll" more crafty out there?? I know I am a Southern Girl at heart. My "mama" is originally from Maryland and HER mother was born and bred in Alabama. A real Southern Belle! Though we didn't know it at the time, all 5 of us girls (yes! count them...FIVE!) were brought up as "Southern" as my sweet, tired mother could manage. There was an effort to teach us "yes ma'am" and "yes, sir" though NO ONE (and I do mean no one) we knew talked that way. We were dressed in dresses and skirts only for church each Sunday and could only wear white shoes after Easter. And Easter....well, picture dressing 5 girls in frills with the requisite sausage curls, white gloves and Easter bonnets. I get dizzy just thinking about it! Actually, I was the oldest by 14 years so by the time my youngest sister, Laura, was being dressed for church, I was old enough to help. I had mastered the French braid and the Pony Tail LONG before having my own girlies!

ANYWAY....I digress...where was I?? OH yes...I am a Southern Girl at heart so perhaps that's why I'm drawn to the types of leisurely (did I just say LEISURELY??? hahaha! what a joke that is!!!) activities like sewing, embroidery and the like that are more....shall we say, "traditional?" Not sure. But in any case, I seem to make a preponderance of sweet friends who live back east!

****Here's the part where I tell you what to do to win a gift....****

Today I am going to share some of my favorite quotes with you and I would LOVE to hear YOUR favorite quotes. Not just any favorite quotes, mind you....but the sort that inspire you. The kind that gets you going in the morning. Or kicks your cutie-patooties into gear when you are feeling sorry for yourself. Or the kind that brings your heart and mind back to what is important. Or...the best kind in my mind....the kind that takes you outside of your life, your circumstances and your thoughts so that you see, even for a moment, what "all this" is all about.

I have a project in mind that I am going to use some of my favorite quotes....and some of YOURS! accomplish. I will also be sending a special gift to each person who leaves a quote here that I end up using for this project. I haven't decided what this gift will be yet, but it will be something handmade by me! So leave your quotes here as comments. I will pick out my favorites to use for this project I have in mind by August 1st so you have till then to leave as few or as many as you like! No limit to how many quotes you want to leave. The more the better, in fact! On August 1st I will tell you which quotes I've picked and post the winners of the gifts.

With that, I want to leave you with a couple of MY favorite quotes, as well as some sweet, beautiful and happy images that I love!

Hugs to all of you...

"From the best bliss which earth imparts, we turn unfilled to Thee again..." (a line from a hymn from my childhood)

*My girls on a recent hike with Daddy in the mountains*

"Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow..." (from "Great is Thy Faithfulness," another hymn, this one by a man whose entire family was drowned on a ship)

"So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day." (The Notebook)

*James & I in June 2000*

"Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument." (Carl Jung)

"Put on your Big Girl pants!" (me!....I'm sure others say some variation of this...but it's what I tell myself when I am feeling like I just want to crawl back under the covers and not come out again and definitely NOT be a grown-up)

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." (Twyla Tharp )

"Do the next thing." (Grandma husband's great-grandmother...on what to do in times of grief, stress, pain, etc.)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead)


RachaelEnsomFrance said...

I love love love that you put quotes!!! I also love love love the pic of the three kid's shoes! It's perfectly yummy!!!

Cheryl said...

I knew you would likie! Love you, Silly Slister!

Rachel said...

oh this is fun:) is my favorite quote at the moment...

Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love,it's a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life-love shouldn't be one of them.

I have no idea where it is from though....

Cheryl said...

Oh I love it! Enjoying reading about how you three are getting on in Seoul! Email me with your address so we can start putting a little package together for Sweet Ty! hugs, cheryl

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I'll be adding you to my favourite blogs so I can stop by more often, if that is ok with you.

My favourite quote... I have a perpetual calendar by my desk and it is full of inspirational quotes every day. So I will give you today's quote because it's simple but true.

"Take time to laugh, it is music to the soul"

I also like:

"A misty morning does not signify a cloudy day".

Enjoy your day!
Natasha : )

jungle dream pagoda said...

Hi there,I just recently began reading your site,and I never like to enter give-aways unless I am a regular friend(i don't want the author to think I am commenting just for the goodies!)...but maybe you will let me enter my quotes,because I LOVE special quotes!
This is the one I live by.
Eleanor Roosevelt said,"You must do the thing you cannot do.",for the young me that was pay rent!
I also love this one," In heaven all the interesting people are missing"Nietzche.
I had never heard Twyla Tharps Art quote before ,love it!
your site is lovely!

Sarah M. said...

I have two!

"We all suffer from the preoccupation that there exists, in the loved one, perfection."
-Sidney Poitier

"The fool looks at a finger that points at the sky."
-Audrey Tatou as Amelie

:) Happy quote gathering!

Atticbabys said...

Cheryl your blog is as sweet as sugar! I just got a cavity,lol! Thanks for visiting and the sweet comments on mine! I'll be back for sure!
Quote - "Pretty is, as pretty does" not sure where this originated, but my mom used to say it all the time.

Cheryl said...

Oh this is fun! Great quotes, everyone!!! :) Keep 'em coming!

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh gosh, Cheryl. We need to get together. I also have lots of friends back east and in England. My daughter and I must be southern at heart too. I love this post. My favorite quote is "Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back" by Babe Ruth.

RachaelEnsomFrance said...

Okay I have a few:

Serendipity: "You know the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: "Did he have passion?".

"You've Got Mail" : Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway and today - I saw one! It got on at 42nd and off at 59th, where, I assume, it was going to Bloomingdale's to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake - as almost all hats are.

Mark Twain: "In order to capture the fullness of joy, you must have someone to divide it with".

"You can't accomplish anything worthwhile if you inhibit yourself. If
life teaches you nothing else, know this for sure: When you get the
chance, go for it." -- Oprah Winfrey

Cheryl said...

Oh that's great! More quotes! I'm loving this! Hope you are too! :)

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

"All because two people fell in love."

"Eat dessert first!"

*** "All things work to the good for those who believe in the Lord."
-Romans 8:28

"We cannot do great things, only small things with love."
-Mother Theresa

I am loving your blog!!!!!!!!! A lot less calories than the molasses cookies I am addicted to!

missy said...

okay the first one's old news but cute "if mamma aint happy, aint nobody happy"
and the second one helps me when I'm feeling psycho because I have too much on my plate (LOL!) "the mother's job is to love the children unconditionally. the father's job is to love the mother unconditionally."

Jennifer said...

Here are my few. ;)

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different".
-Coco Chanel

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."
- Dalai Lama

These last two are some of my fav's!

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."
-Oprah Winfrey

Last but not least.....
"You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid for it."
-Oprah Winfrey

I think the last one is how I feel about creating. I get more happiness and pleasure from knowing others admire my work, and make them smile. :)

Cheryl said...

Oh great ones! My sis Ray (rachaelensomfrance) that's commented on here, too, and I are just NUTS about Oprah! Our DREAM is to go meet her. Notice I said "meet her," not just "go to her show"! :)

Gayla said...

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." Unknown

Love your blog.

Gayla said...

Every tub sits on its own bottom. by my gramma.

If you're mad, paint something pink. If you are furious, use red. also by my gramma.

If they "be" sillly, you be silly. also by my gramma.

and finally. "Never except in books do the dying see visions, utter memorable phrases, or depart with beautified countenances. To most it comes simply and naturally as sleep. And so in the early morning on the breast where she had drawn her first breath, Beth quietly drew her last, with only one last loving look, one little sigh." (That sad little thing is by Louisa May Alcott in Little Women, and I still get misty eyes when I think of how hard I cried when Beth died.)

Debra said...

Hi Cheryl---

I am stopping by to say HELLO and tell you that I am enjoying your blog and the sweet inspiration you provide.

I also look forward to seeing what goodies will pop up next in your shop or on your blog.....such fun to see all the yummy's......

Hmm, I have many favorite quotes, but this one is special. Author remains unknown?

"often God's biggest gifts come to us in the littlest of packages...our children"

Enjoy your day,

Debra (nutcrackergifts)

Cheryl said...

LOVE these! Thanks, gals!

Renee :) said...

Ok,now I don't even remember where I heard this quote from,but I always tell it to my girls whether it's for a test or just a goal they have....
"If you believe it,you can achieve it!"
My other fave quotes are "Live like there's no tomorrow." & "If you can dream it,you can do it." & "Good leaders must also be good followers."Again,sorry that I don't know who the quotes are from.
Renee :)

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Hello Cheryl, my goodness you are a blogging queen, so many lovely comments and quotes had to read through to make sure mine weren't the same.... I have three
1. What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn't fail? (Oh so many things wouldn't you?) Unknown author
2. 'Don't get out of your pram, I'll pick up your dolly!' ( for when a grown up is having a complete tiss about something, it really works if not for the pure giggle of it)
3. It is no use blowing your own trumpet if there is no one else playing in the band!! ( one of my very own invented for someone we know!)
Have fun collecting, typepad has been off line, but back now so I can go and post an entry again. TTFN KN Linda Lilly Cottage.

Sarah M. said...

Gotta give you one more (I'm listening to the radio):

"Lend me some sugar. I am your neighbor!"
--Andre 3000 of Outkast

I love that one...ha.

Artsy Momma said...

I just recently fell upon your blog and LOVE it!

here is my newest quote:

"Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly" - St. Francis de Sales

It always helps me on a bad day!

Jules said...

OOh i adore quote i even have them on my walls here are a few favs

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet,regardless of time,place or circumstance.The thread mat stretch or tangle but it will never break"
(from a chinese legend)


Never take someone for granted,
hold every person close to your heart.Cause you might wake up one day and realize that you have lost a diamond,whilst you were too busy
collecting stones.
but i specially like Anne of greebn gables quotes
Anne Shirley: I know I chatter on far too much... but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't. Give me SOME credit.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.
~Author Unknown~

Cheryl said...

These are just GREAT, girls! Keep 'em coming!!! :)

Samantha said...

You have to
believe the buds
will blow, Believe in
the grass in the days
of snow; Ah, that's the
reason a bird can sing
On his darkest day
he believes in

- D. Mallock

(framed poem from my grandmother's house)

Samantha said...

Love is like wildflowers;
It's often found in the most unlikely places.

“Family love is messy, clinging, and of an annoying and repetitive pattern, like bad wallpaper."
- Nietzsche

Coincidence is God's way of performing a miracle annonymously.

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”
- St. Francis of Assisi

"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects."
- Will Rogers

_L'Art, 1910_ (poem by Ezra Pound)
Green arsenic smeared on an
egg-white cloth,
Crushed strawberries, Come
let us feast our eyes.

(I LOVE the imagery of this.....!)

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Samantha! :)