Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, my Floridian Friend!

Happy Birthday, Linda in Florida! Hope today is a perfect day and the coming year is full of happiness, peace and the stuff of good memories...I love you, sweet friend!


Joelle said...

I LOVE you for posting my little box! Thank you so much! That was so sweet of you.
Im so new to this. Im going to get going on my blog with some help soon.
I'll be sure to post my new treasure from you too. I can't wait to get it. im sure I'll be back.
Keep creating & dream with your eyes wide open!!
Best wishes ~
Joelle xo

Cheryl said...

Well it was so yummy I couldn't help myself, Sweets! ;)
Hugs to you...Cheryl

jennifer Paganellli said...

Everything is sooo pretty thanks for coming by my blog nice to meet you..Jennifer

Cheryl said...

Oh thank you! Talk about pretty...LOVE your fabric, your blog and your designs. Have a lovely day!
Cheryl :)