Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday's "Yummies"!

Good Morning, Sweets! So happy to find you here today! And I know JUST why you've come's Monday and that means Yummy Treats for you...

I'm so excited about the Yummies for today. Really and truly excited! They are just SO scrumptious. So hop on into my little cyber-sidecar and open up the white, frilly, Mary Poppins-style parasol you'll find next to's quite warm today and I wouldn't want you to be uncomfy now. Pour a cup of coffee (you'll find the hazelnut creamer in the little fridge at your feet), sit back and.....we're off!

YUMMY THING ONE: Sweet Shadowbox by Sweet Eye Candy

Now before you get all excited, please listen carefully. This is not for sale! This is what the Sweet Miss Jenn of Sweet Eye Candy made for her very own sweet-as-pie daughter, Miss Vivi. I don't think she would sell it even if you offered her $1,000. Well...I guess you could try! But the good news is....she's making more! You heard right...she has assured me that she is going to make more of these on a smaller scale and sell them on etsy. So make sure you bookmark her scrumptious blog so that when she's ready to serve these yummy little treats up, you're the first in line! Well you won't be FIRST in line...that'll be me...but you can stand right behind me and we'll chat and eat M&M's together while we anxiously await them.

p.s. Miss Jenn showed me a "preview" of some other lovelies she is going to list in her soon-to-be etsy shoppe and OH-MY-GOSH I want to gobble them up.

Isn't this delicious? Now I am not a gardener, but this jacket could seriously inspire me to begin, at the very LEAST, walking around the yard in my jeans, pink crocs and THIS. I might even pick a few pink roses! This jacket and other yummies I ADORE can all be found in a lovely place called Inspire Co. And what the heck, even if we don't garden, this jacket would look SERIOUSLY CUTE for a cold Fall morning at the flea market. We really need one, I think. Don't you??

YUMMY THING THREE: Vintage Lampshade Kit by Vintage Flair

Now isn't this sweet? So feminine and whimsical. Looks like it could be straight out of a period film. But it's a KIT! That's right...this kit is from the Vintage Flair etsy shoppe and I am in love with it. She has several for sale and each one is unique. It includes full directions and all the materials to cover your own shade just the way you see here! She has a lovely blog, too, which you can check out here.

YUMMY THING FOUR: Ice Cream Tote by Mermaid Sparkle

Are any words necessary? I don't think so! This tote is just plain YUMMY and we all know it!! I ask you...what's NOT to love about Pandolph fabric, chenille ice cream cones and ruffles? Really...who can resist?

Hint: There's a Cupcake Tote in her store, as well!

YUMMY THING FIVE: Cupcake Tape by Chet and Dot

Speaking of cupcakes, we need this, don't we? We don't even need a REASON to own this except that it's yummy and cute and MUST belong to us. It must! But before you head over to Chet and Dot , please beware of EXTREME CUTENESS!!! Don't say I didn't warn place yourself at risk of being won over by sweet stuffies, perfectly sweet pouches and all manner of cuteness. You will never be the same!

Well that's it for today! Hope you had a lovely time. I know I did! Wishing you a Yummy Monday, full of inspiration, joy and all that things that make life good...

Hugs, Cheryl


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I saw those Rosie B. Farmer garden jackets in person a couple of years ago, and I LOVED them! But oy the price! So I told myself I could make one. But have I? nope!
Gorgeous things; loved tagging along for the ride!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Cheryl, what a fun post! What a fun shopping trip you have taken us on! Thanks so much.
(I think I love the Petite dollhouse best:) )
Lidy said...

YOu found some treasures to show us! I want that jacket!!!!!!!

Jules said...

Oh i am most definitely needing one of them coats too good for the garden,i would wear mine anywhere.It would be like spring in winter here.But if becca-bluebird-rose says oy to the price then i guess i will just keep dreaming as thats still free.
I just love your blog.

She'sSewPretty said...

Cheryl, You always ind the cutest stuff!! I love that jacket! On the post below...I would scan those cute cards and then cut them. They're so cute!