Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fairy Dust

My husband is very supportive of my work but truth be told, he does NOT get "the whole fairy thing." You know....the little vintage photos to which we add wings and then put in jars or on tags and other "altered art" creations. I've tried to explain it to him, to no avail! Here's just a few of my past creations involving fairies in one way or another, most of which James just does NOT get and which actually "creep him out a little" (his words):(my friend Pat's vintage doll collection mixed in the above photo!)

Our girls love faires! I have been asked to draw so many fairies with my 8-year-old-drawing-level-skills that I could draw them in my sleep. Round head, happy expression, curly hair, BIG dress and of course WINGS. For awhile there, my girls were nuts about fairies. Here they are as fairies last Halloween:

Bippity, Boppity....

And I completely understand the appeal. I remember playing "Fairy Forest" as if it was yesterday, at about 5 years of age, with an older girl I met while our families were camping. She had a vivid imagination and convinced me that real fairies inhabited a grove of ferns near our campsite. That week of camping was magical and I remember it like it was yesterday.

So when the girls started to be interested in fairies I told them fanciful stories about fairies that live in the flowers and trees. These stories were demanded again and again...the idea of tiny beings hiding in our yard, traveling on birds' backs and fashioning tiny clothes for themselves had them mesmerized. That began a period of time when the only game that was played outdoors was "Flower Fairy" which involved ripping the large leaves off the tree in our front yard for wings and "hiding" all over the yard and "talking" to the birds.

Even Kitty joined in the fun...
So when the girls saw this vintage embroidery motif they went crazy. I was asked to embroider it on something....anything! I loved (and love!) the simplicity of this sweet cotton knit sundress and the girls have worn these every summer for the last few years. It was a natural choice for embroidering the charming vintage "Flower Fairies" they love so much.

Here is Rachel, now 4, at close to 2 years, wearing her Flower Fairy Frock.

The story is not over, though, so keep reading!!!!

I loved this dress so much I offered it on eBay in a custom auction. This was one of the first custom auctions I did, in fact, and I was thrilled when a woman contacted me and asked if I could make TWO of these dresses if she won the auction. Of course, I said. She won the auction and I made two dresses for her twin girls and as a result, she and I chatted a bit via email. There was an immediate rapport and a feeling of "sameness" when we talked. Not long after (but many, many emails after!) this woman, Linda, and I were fast friends.

Can it be 2 years ago, Linda? No.....make that THREE years ago! I discovered, soon after meeting Linda, that she is not only a fellow-fabricaholic, but is also a talented graphic designer She created auction templates for me, designed my eBay ME page and masterminded the "DOLL" brand for my clothing line, right down to the garment and hang tags.

But that's not why I love her so much. This is not just a customer or a graphic designer. This is a of those "forever friends"...and I expect to know and love her 'til I'm an ancient great-grandma.

It's truly serendipity that we met.....and all over fairies! Perhaps they are magical!

p.s. I'm "re-realeasing" these dresses and you can find them in my etsy shoppe.


Fran said...

Your girls are precious! I somehow happened upon your blog and have really enjoyed reading it.

I have a blog friend that I swear is my twin and we were separated at birth! Isn't blogging great!


Sugar Bear said...

Oh my gosh tooo sweet and precious! My hubby doesn't get most of what I blog about or am interested in! Luckily he goes along with it for the most part!

The Feathered Nest said...

Cheryl, our husbands don't "get" most of what we love but I guess that's the difference between Mars and Venus....these are the most precious little dresses!!! I love them! And of course, I love fairies! xxoo, Dawn (sweet little fairies you have too!)

beth said...

i just love those dresses !! wish i had girl to put one on ! and no worries my hubby doesn't get it either - he just looks at me with that blank stare and says uh huh - LOL !!
xo, beth

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Cheryl. Sad but true 'Men just don't get it!!'
Thank goodness for Blogland where we know 'we all get it'

Lori said...

men aren't supposed to get fairies...if they did, i actually would be worried:) all of your fairy creations are darling and the little outfits you create are truly adorable and your girls looks so sweet modeling them!!!

twinkleshabbystar said...

Hee! Hee! I dont think ANY of our hubby's "get" our love for fairies. Your fairy girls look so darling and sweet in their outfits. Kitty looks cute too! ;) LOVE your re-release! Soooooo precious on Miss Rachy! XOXO

Adla said...

I think all our hubbies are similar in that way! They need to start their own group :) It'S Wonderful how you met Linda and your girls loook super adorable in those fairy outfits:)

Sprinkle Fairy Dust all over!

chat soon, Adla

Fete et Fleur said...

First of all your daughter's are precious!! I love these creations for little girls. I'm a fabroholic too!

xx Nancy

jillian said...

What a wonderful story! Your girls are precious. I sometimes wish my girl was little again so I could dress her up in such sweet things and play fairies again. One year my husband made a "fairy fort" out of branches from the woods out back. The girls occupied themselves for days in the summer making little gifts that the fairies would retrieve in the night. There's nothing like waking up at midnight with a gasp, remembering that I needed to make a trip to the fort to pick up the little gifts and leave a tiny "thank you" note. Your story reminded me of that, thanks!!!

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Cheryl,
OOOh I want to play. You have such a wonderful child like. Your girls certainly have a great time with their mother. Great story about how you met your friend. Loved it all.
Love and hugs,

Lori said...

Cheryl, I thinkhubby needs some fairy wings of his own!LOL What a adorable post! Once again i'd love to be your neighbor and see the girls flutter by!! It would cheer me so with Marc being gone too soon! They would cheer me up in seconds! Love>Lori

sita said...

I love your fairy dress! How fun, I cannot wait to get my dress you are working on! Your girls are just lovely and how lucky to have a mama who will embroider fairies on demand! My husband rarely "gets" anything! He is learning but not sure he will ever understand!

Heidi ( said...

That's so sweet! The dress is sweet, too! *Heidi*

Ashley said...

darling dresss! where do you get just the plain white dresses? i love those too!

Michele said...

What a darling and magical post. Love that pouty picture of the little one!!!! Can't wait for your shop to open...fabric is so addicting these days for a very good's all so yummy!!!

Natasha Burns said...

Love your fairy story and how you met Linda, so special to find someone you just click with like that.
Typical male not getting it, LOL!!! Most of the time hubby says "that's nice, I like it" and when he really likes something it's "that's really nice" and other times "that's...... nice?", lol he tries...! said...

Of course the fairies brought you together!!

I am a huge fairy fan too, and I have to say, that husbands just don't understand.