Monday, May 19, 2008

Yummy Monday...on Tuesday!

Before I forget, it turns out, my items are still available on Inspire Co.! Just for a few more days. You can go here to see them!

Next, I'm happy to say that a wonderful blogger, Dawn Edmonson, is going to be in the next Somerset Life and they are actually considering her things for the COVER! If you are a Somerset fan like I am, you know what a HUGE deal that would be. Well the fun thing is that Somerset has a poll going for what should be on the cover, so you can vote! Go HERE to vote for Dawn's adorable altered baby shoes for the cover and go HERE to visit with the very sweet Dawn on her blog!

And now on to what you came here for, right? Yummy Monday! It's going to be a quick trip today so let's not waste any time....hop in my little cyber-car and away we go....

YUMMY THING ONE: Pink & White Twine Lollipops by Leesiebella
Aren't these scrumptious! I had to have one and let me tell you, they are even sweeter in person! I was picturing these as a just a couple inches tall, but no! They are about 8" long. Just DE-LISH.

YUMMY THING TWO: Cupcake Pin Topper by GigiMinor
This took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at! This is a in in in itty-bitty! But how super-duper cute??? Can't you imagine a pin-cushion full of these confections? Oh my....

YUMMY THING THREE: Cupcake Queen Sign by Pink Butter Creme
Darling! Just perfect for hanging or gifting.

YUMMY THING FOUR: Pink Cupcake Body Lotion by Spa Therapy
I've never tried this but gosh it sounds yummy, dontcha' think?
YUMMY THING FIVE: Yo-Yo Pillow by Marionberry Cottage
Isn't this a yummy pillow? SEW sweet.
YUMMY THING SIX: Yummy Flip-Flops by DaisyKrazy
Don't show these to my girls! ACK! Totally freaking adorable! They might be right up there with underwear on the "Necessities" list for summer!

YUMMY THING SEVEN: Lulu & Max Box by Pom & Whimsy
This artist makes the sweetest pieces for little ones....and not so little ones! My girls just adore little boxes for storing their....well, junk. But who cares what's inside when the outside is so totally cute?

YUMMY THING EIGHT: Pan of Cupcakes Necklace by IndyGrrrlProductions

Was that a yummy trip or what?

Hope you have a lovely day today, no matter what you do. It is really hot here in California so I am planning to stay indoors, embroider a bit and enjoy my kidlets.

Hugs to you....



leesiebella said...

fun fun! thanks for the shoutout! I'm sitting here with my ice-pack, OOOUUCH!

okay, back to bed,

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh sweetheart!!! Thank you so very much for mentioning me, the blog and the "possible" cover!!! We'll see very soon, won't we?? You are such an angel for helping others ~ and these yummy things are all so precious! My sweet friend Tracey at Notes from A Cottage Industry will love these cupcake goodies! Hope you're staying cool and enjoying your babies, xxoo, Dawn

Debbi said...

I really enjoyed seeing all those precious and beautiful items in your blog---what a honor to have my pillow featured--thanks so much!

Marionberry Cottage
on Etsy

Lori said...

cute stuff Cheryl!!!

hooray for Dawn!!!!!

twinkleshabbystar said...

OOOOH!!! Loving all the cupcake goodies! YUMMY!! I SERIOUSLY love the cupcake necklace. Thanks for making my MONDAY more sweeter! :)))

Adla said...

such sweetness cheryl!