Monday, May 12, 2008

Yummy Monday!

Hello, Sweets! It's so good to see you! How was your weekend?

Today is Yummy Monday where I feature "yummies" I find all over cyberspace that I can't help but share with you, my bloggy buddies. Today's edition of Yummy Monday is going to feature just one person's work: mine! I know, I know....but I didn't get a chance to blog about the second week's worth of goodies that I sent to Amy at Inspire Co. for my "feature." She added them this weekend and I'm so thrilled with how they look on her sweet site! Definitely YUMMY!

So climb on in my cyber-car and let's go!

YUMMY THING ONE: Cakewalk Apron
This is my favorite of the things I sent for Inspire Co. I had a really hard time putting in the box, actually! It looks adorable on and I have to admit....the embroidery took at least 10 hours. Very labor-intensive. But the result was soooo satisfying! I used a vintage embroidery pattern that I altered a bit with my favorite bullion roses on the lady's skirt. I'll show you a couple of my photos of this apron, as well, so you can see more detail.

These were made to match the apron and would be a very "sweet" gift for someone who loves to bake and entertain! They feature a hand-embroidered chocolate cake sitting on a sweet little blue plate. I used some spotless vintage linen napkins that I'm just in love with.


This is one of my "signature" cake tags that I've sold oodles of in the past and can't get. enough of. This tag is about 6" across so it's not small! It's perfect for your sweetest pink-loving friend and looks delici1ous on top of a. gift, tied into the ribbon on top. I used a vintage image of a cake, glass glitter, pretty rhinestones and YARDS of pink crepe paper.

Here's my friend, Analise, at her (surprise!) party a couple weeks ago, holding her very own cake tag from yours truly!

This is something I've had in mind for months. You know those projects that just won't give up their nagging?? So I had to just go ahead and make it! And I'm so pleased with the result. This is a little bag, designed with a little girl like my two in mind! Perfect for holding in little hands and taking to church. It includes a tiny white New Testament but has plenty of room to spare for other doo-dads she might "need" to take along to entertain herself during the service! I used a vintage embroidery pattern and altered it a bit, framed by all the yummiest pink fabrics I could find: pink chenille, my favorite pink ticking and pink gingham (the lining).

YUMMY THING FOUR: Doll Laundry Set
This is another one for the little girl in your life! I have been planning this one for months, as well! I hand-embroidered (from a vintage pattern) a little girl washing her doll clothes for the front of the pink gingham "laundry bag." Included is the most PRECIOUS vintage doll dress, an antique mini-washboard, a little blue washtub and some itty-bitty clothespins! I can picture a little girl enjoying loading up her doll clothes into the bag and spending the better part of an afternoon washing them and then hanging them out to dry! And just IMAGINE the photo opportunities!

YUMMY THING FIVE & SIX: Bunny Wabbit Blankie & Lovey Dovey Blankie

My son has a small blanket we call "blue-ey" that is (besides me, of course!) the Love of His Life. I decided when he was hardly more than newborn that I would try to find an object that he could attach to and find comfort from (besides ME!) as he got older. He was not a pacifier boy so I started putting this little blue blanket over my shoulder when I rocked him to sleep. Soon the blanket itself became associated with sleepiness and comfort and before I knew it I could lay him down in his crib with "Blue-ey" and he'd go right to sleep! I created these blankets to be the same sort of comfort to the little one in your life!

YUMMY THING SEVEN: Brush & Comb Cozy
This would be perfect for girls of all ages! I started with a vintage embroidery pattern and used it to make a "cozy" with spots for a brush and comb. Features my favorite Rachel Ashwell roses, vintage lace and a vintage baby hanger to hang it on the wall.


This one is MUCH cuter in person. It's a large sturdy, fabric-covered box with a divided tray inside, perfect for organizing all your "sweetest stuff." I embroidered the candy and saying and attached it to the top and trimmed it in a delicious petite blue trim.

That's it for today, Sweets! Thank you for coming along and looking at my goodies! There's a few more items on Inspire Co. but I'll let you go and discover them! Be sure and look at Amy's "magazine" and blog while you're there. Amy is a storehouse of creativity, generosity and sweetness. I've so enjoyed getting to know her and am so happy to call her a friend. And what a TREAT to be one of her "Inspired Friends."

Hope your week is extra Sweet!



Beth said...

happy mothers day cheryl !! all your stuff is so yummy, just beautiful !! it fits so well with Inspireco too!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

sweet stuff!!
hope you had a great mothers day!

jillian said...

Your things are so sweet! I loved your feature. What an honer! I hope you do really well, these things should go fast!!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

What a great post.

Lori said...

Cheryl, I am speechless. You have done the most amazing work I have ever seen! Each and everyone was just beautiful. Your ideas, colors and details are outstanding. A favorite....impossible. The one that keeps sticking in my mind though is the lady with the cake!! And sweetie the little wash bag is just the cherry on the cupcake to me!!! I am so proud to say I know you, your a living doll! I loved your Mom's day post!!Mom is such a doll! Much love, Lori

Lori said...

super cute goodies Cheryl:)

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I LOVE it all!!! The apron is my favorite!!! Hope you had a very happy Mother's Day!!
Michelle xoxo

mo said...

all your goodies are oh so delicious....hope to grab somethin ' for myself...guess i better hurry!


periwinkle vintage said...

Ooh, Cheryl, thanks for featuring your own items for Yummy Monday! What a treat. They make me want to sit right down and sew for little girls. Wish mine was still little...

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Wow, Cheryl! I love everything!
I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

But, those sweet little blankies are too adorable.

Kimberly :)

twinkleshabbystar said...

Miss Cheryl, I truly want ONE of EACH!!! It's hard to pick a FAV because I honestly LOVE THEM ALL!!!! I have to agree with Lori, this is some of your BEST work! ;)
Love ya! XO

Sarah and Jack said...

That apron really is so sweet!

Heidi ( said...

Hi Cheryl! I saw all our yummy sweet creations on Amy's blog! Very cute, and so incredibly detailed!

Natasha Burns said...

Gorgeous Monday Yummies Cheryl!!! Everythign is gorgeous and I love the embroidered apron, so sweet!
You and your mom and sisters all look lovely in the last post, hope you had a fabulous day! xo

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Oooh, Cheryl, such yumminess in one post!!! The embroidery is dreamy, I just adore the images, so nostalgic and pretty.

Your cake is beautiful, lots of great stuff in there!!

Just Between Us Girls said...

Dear Cheryl,
I love that brush and comb cozy. I am working on a brush, comb and mirror that would be perfect for that darling item of yours.
Love and hugs,