Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday Yummies: My New Love

I am just enamoured with sherbert-y colors right now. And when they are side-by-side or layered on top of or mixed right in with sepia tones, ivories, taupes and vintagey whites in general...well I am just done in! I realized the other day that MOST of my flickr favs are in this color scheme! Anything with that combination really makes my heart beat faster. I'm not sure what it is exactly but it is a very real reaction. I've loved this color scheme for awhile now, but for a long time didn't know what I loved about it. Here's the cover of a fabric book I made quite awhile ago that is "That Look." Jenny Heid works in these colors, as well, and though I've long admired her work, it's only been recently that I "got" WHY! It's THOSE COLORS again....

And look at this fabulous collage Kris Hurst made for me a few months ago. I have it hanging by the door and it never fails to make me a bit weak in the knees every time I see it. But notice the colors....totally the palette I'm talking about. Kris works in these colors a lot and her work always makes me drool a bit!
I have a project I'm working on in this color combination and I'm just thrilled about it. Can't wait to show you. In addition to being yummy in the sherbert-meets-vintage-whites sense, it's also a really fun "marriage" of two of my favorite art mediums: embroidery and altered art. I often feel like I have two different sides. I have the not-as-creative but still very "me" embroidery side that enjoys following a pattern and producing a very sweet and compelling piece of clothing for one of our little ones. I love the way I don't have to think too much beyond what colors I should choose from my box of embroidery thread when I do hand-work. But then I have this other side that loves altered art. I love the spontaneity of it, the unpredictability of it and the uniqueness of the finished product. When I begin an altered art project, I usually don't have any idea what the end result will be! I find this sort of art is really "organic" and a bit like writing in that it sort of....well, comes out of me, I guess. So this new project is a combination of these two sides of me and I'm thrilled about it.

Since I've got this sherbert and sepia love affair going on, I thought I'd make our yummy trip a delicious tour of some of the very colors and tones and feelings that I'm liking so much. Hope you like it, too!
This is so sweet!


Yellow isn't my usual first choice in jewelry or clothing but this buttery confection might just change my mind!

YUMMY THING FOUR: Sweet Pea Earrings by Singing Sky

Like candy!!!

YUMMY THING FIVE: Sweet Magnolia Print by TheaCphotography

I have a weakness for these saucer magnolias, anyway. My parents have a tree in their backyard that always blooms right around my birthday. The blooms are enormous and just so lovely! But juxtaposed against an almost aqua sky...well this makes my heart beat faster....

YUMMY THING SIX: "A Sweet Day" Brooch by JenniferMorrisBeads

This one is reserved, but isn't it exquisite?

Precious! Wouldn't they be sweet tied into a bow on a sweet gift?

YUMMY THING EIGHT: Sweet Candy by ConfectionsFabric (that's my other store!)

Tiny spools of embroidery thread in my favorite yummy hues. Each spool holds 2 yards.

YUMMY THING NINE: Collage by Joanna Pierotti

I'm loving this new piece by Joanna Pierotti of Moss Hill Studios. It has that look I'm loving so much. Be sure and click on this image to view it larger. Incredible.

So is your heart beating faster? I know mine is! Now do you understand my "New Love"? Gosh I'm smitten...


www.jennifermorrisbeads.etsy.com said...

i love your taste cheryl!
i have a new favorite blog..
thank you for mentioning my brooch!

jeanetta said...

i love the little house collage. everything looks so yummy. the birdie buttons are too cute.

leesiebella said...

Hey girly~ You know I'm loving these colors!! YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!


twinkleshabbystar said...

Oooh those colors make me SO HAPPY! You ALWAYS find the most incredible yummies! Such a sweet treat everytime I visit you. ;) XOXO

Niesz Vintage Home said...

What gorgeous items!
I seem to be drawn to the same colors. In fact, my whole house is pretty much that color scheme.

Oh man, those little bidie buttons/pins...so sweet.

Kimberly :)

BTW...I'm giving away some sherbert-y pink fabric on my blog this week.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey cutie,
everything is super fab!!

She'sSewPretty said...

Cute, cute shopping trip! I love those colors too. If I could I'd get rid of all the dark stuff in my house and star over.

Cathy said...

I adore this color pallette too. Would you like to see more sparkly goodies in ice cream colors? Stop by my website tomorrow for "Springtime in Paris". Tons of glittered French Florist buckets and Fairy cakes in ice cream colors.

I know you will enjoy feasting your eyes on some new pretties.


Just Between Us Girls said...

OOOh Cheryl..your sherbert color display is remarkable. Did you ever think about neopolitan ice cream colors...this might just fit into your scheme of things. So happy about your friend and the chair lift. Such a happy ending. Love and hugs,