Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It's evening here in California and my line-up of "guilty pleasures" t.v. shows that I love are almost on but I had to pop on here first and wish all of you mothers a Happy Mother's Day!

Here's what I did today:
~Took a shower
~Hopped back in bed to pretend I just woke up so the kids could come in and bring me their gifts and my coffee!
~Got ready and went to church
~Had lunch at my in-laws
~Came home for naps
~Had dinner at my parents
~Came home and put everyone to bed

It was a lovely day full of family and lots of loving gestures. Emily made me one of those wonderful plaster-of-paris prints of her hand at school. Rachel traced her hand and colored it red. Andrew whined for Daddy all day. ;) Just kidding! James got one of the cards that you can record something on and the girls each said they loved me and Andrew fussed on it...I'll treasure it forever! Like a little audio time capsule! My mother-in-law made and cleaned up lunch and dessert. My sister and brother-in-law made dinner and my dad made a chocolate pie (low-fat even!). My sister gave me magnets with photos of my kids printed on them. James wrote me a lovely letter. Such a wonderful day! I'm so grateful.

Oh and's what I made for my Mama for Mother's Day...keep in mind that it's about 1 inch high and about 1.5" wide....

If you're not sure why I embroidered a nest with 5 eggs in it for my mother's gift, maybe this photo, taken tonight, will give you a clue! ;)
O.k. the young lady in the blue shirt is NOT my big sister! That's my beautiful mother! So as you can tell, we're missing one sister in this piccy, who lives in L.A. We missed you, Jeanette!

That was my day! It was definitely a Happy Mother's Day. I am so very blessed.

So how was your day? I would love to hear that each and every one of you got to relax, enjoy your kidlets, eat meals prepared by a gourmet chef, and that all the aforementioned kidlets were on their best behavior. Alas, that's probably not the day you had! Is it any mother's "real" Mother's Day???? But despite the normal challenges (and maybe some extra!) I hope each of you felt loved today and that you somehow caught a glimpse of what you mean to your kids.

Happy Mother's Day, Sweets!


Alison Gibbs said...

Cheryl what a wonderful family Mother's Day you had.
What a sweet gift for your Mom.

Scrappy Jessi said...

what a great day!
gorgeous girls.
hope your day was wonderful.

She'sSewPretty said...

Cheryl, it looks like you had a wonderful mother's day. Good for you! My daughter pampered me with brunch and dinner. We had a wonderful day and I didn't have to do a thing! YAY

Hazel said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful Mother's day. Such cute embroidered eggs in a next :)

mimi said...

Hello Cheryl,
I am so glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. What a wonderful thoughtful gift for your mom. I love special gifts like that with so much meaning.

Sandy said...

I'm glad you had a beautiful Mother's Day Cheryl!