Saturday, April 19, 2008


Good Morning, Sweets! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. There is major construction going on outside but my girls are gone with Grandma to visit their cousin and my son is down for his nap, so I have stolen a few moments to spend some time with YOU!
Part of my "hiatus" from blogging involved a break from custom orders while I worked hard on the "surprises" I've been hinting about. I'm not ready to reveal those yet, but I AM ready to begin taking some custom orders again. With Spring knocking at the door and Summer close behind, I've been planning my little "dolls'" wardrobe and I know you have been doing the same. I have a few of my "classic" styles available, plus a couple newer styles I'm offering for the first time this season! You can see those in my etsy shoppe. Keep in mind that though you see these on mostly baby onesies and listed in my etsy shoppe as 0-24 months, I can and DO embroider these sweet vintage motifs on ANY size garment and in many styles and hues. I order my knits from a fabulous company that has LOADS of sweet knit tops, pants, dresses, etc. in all sizes, including grown-up sizes. So truly anything can be made for your little DOLL in the style and motif of your choice. Just contact me and we will chat about what your "tastes"!

I love flickr and really enjoy playing with flickr "toys" as well. I played around with some of my favorite embroidery motifs I've done and made a fun mosaic with some of the photos. Click on it to view it larger or go here to see it larger.
1. Rose Bower Romper, 2. Tweet Tweet!, 3. Mabel & Abel, 4. Gilbert & Grace, 5. Amos & Aggie, 6. Sweetest Kitty Dress, 7. Buttercream Bebe, 8. Cabbage Rose, 9. Embroidered Smock Top, 10. Just Mabel, 11. Just Amos, 12. Flower Fairy

I've also got some sweet cotton skirts in the works in some yummy fabrics so stay tuned for those, as well. My "big girls" love to wear them in Summer with a simple tee and I have to say it's one of my favorite looks on little girls, as well!

And I'm curious....what are YOU working on? I'm hopping around to as many blogs as I can, trying to catch up on what's going on with you and yours! But if I haven't made it by your spot, I promise I will try to be there SOON.

Hugs to you!

Cheryl :)


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Your children's clothes are so pretty! I wish I had a little one to dress up.

That little white smocked top is too cute. Your embroidery designs are perfect for spring.

Kimberly :)

leesiebella said...

HI Cheryl!

I'm making some special embellies my friend tought me to make last night! I can't wait to share them in my shop!


Jessi Nagy said...

so many cute things!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl!

Welcome back, we have missed your gorgeous posts!! Your mosaic of the embroidery is beautiful, so so pretty! Wish Jacqui was little again!! lol We love Yosemite, a long held dream of ours to visit, it looks stunning just as we thought it would be! And the kiddies had a wonderful time with Daddy, what a lovely hubby you have :) Love the photo of Andrew watching the constuction, bet he just wanted to get out there and help! And how gorgeous are the swaps from Natalea and Joni, truly so tea party pretty! Is there anything sweeter than a pink tea party?!! Have a gorgeous week Cheryl :) We will be absent friends for a while but will be thinking of you!

Huge hugs,
Jenn and Jacqui xoxo

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

such cute things! Wish I had a little one.....

Donna Lynn said...

Oh if I had a little girl, I would buy so many of your darling things!!! Maybe I will be a grandma soon as my oldest is getting married to his sweetheart since 3rd grade this Sept.!! I really would love a little girl to dress up, so happy I found your blog it is just lovely. Donna Lynn

Jennifer Hayslip said...

You know I LOVE & ADORE all your childrens clothes! They just OOOOOZZZZZ SWEETNESS GALORE!!!! :))) XOXO

Sadie Lou said...

Now I'm so curious what your secret is!!
Do tell!!