Sunday, April 27, 2008

Speaking of Heirlooms...

I promised some peeks at some of my family heirlooms so today I took a few photos of two of my favorite pieces. I have lots more to share but while I was taking photos of part of my upcoming "secret" (which I promise to reveal later this week!) I snapped a few to show you!

The first family heirloom I want to show you is an old alarm clock that belonged to my great-grandfather. My paternal grandparents are still alive and live close by but they are not the sort that save things. So I was surprised when my grandmother gave this clock to me a few years ago since it belonged to her father and I wasn't sure that she had saved anything from the past.

And the teacup and saucer is the second family heirloom I want to show you. It's a vintage teacup and saucer that, very appropriately says "Mother" and it belonged to a dear friend's mother.

And speaking of heirlooms, I'm going to do a bit of what some of my bloggy friends call "shameless self-promotion." But besides promoting my creations I also just love to get feedback from you, my bloggy chums, as well!
So I finally finished a project I've had in the works since literally last Fall and I am just thrilled to pieces with how it turned out...and just in time for Mother's Day.

It's an "Heirloom Album" made entirely out of fabric in the "altered art" style I've come to enjoy so much. Each of the 12 pages has at least one pocket in which to tuck special notes, a child's drawings, treasured photos, precious momentos and the like. It is just loaded with vintage images of mothers and children, delicious vintage and new trims and lace, plus HOURS and hours of hand-embroidery. I can hardly bear to part with it but I've promised myself I'm going to make one similar to this but in my curtain fabric so I can leave it out on the table in the living room where the children can page through it, as well. This is the sort of album your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will enjoy poking through for many, many years....

Here's the cover...
And now for the inside pages...And now some detailed shots...
If you are interested in purchasing this book, you can go HERE. You can also see MUCH bigger photos there, too!

I'll be back tomorrow with Monday Yummies so meet me back here for those!

Love and Hugs,


Monica said...

Great Heirlooms! I adore your teacup!!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

What a fabulous clock and Mother cup.
Your album is a beautiful creation.

Fete et Fleur said...

Yea! You're back!! I've been in and out of blogland as well. This album is beautiful Cheryl!! I love the choice of materials and the photos used are lovely! I like the big pockets and this is something that would comforting to hold as you look through all your memories stored in it. Wonderful idea!!

Hugs! Nancy

Lori said...

Cheryl, your heirloom album is just gorgeous, i love the fabrics and the images that you chose...what a very clever idea to put pockets throughout to hold all of ones precious memories!!!

Anonymous said...

What a treasure that teacup is!
There is nothing wrong with self promoting your absolutely gorgeous heirloom album - what an incredible keepsake!
Have a great week

Anonymous said...

Your album is beautiful! I adore it! I would love to make one for my family but I have no idea where to start as far as construction of the album. Any hints?? Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation.

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

You have such wonderful goodies!!!
I adore your album is so wonderful and detailed and You can tell much handcrafted love went into it~ awesome


Sarah said...

What sweet fabric journal. I love that clock. I recently, too, just found my grandfathers Big Ben clock out in my parents storage shed. As soon as I saw it I said, "I'll take that..thank you very much!
Vintage Lily

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Love it! How creative! Perhaps I am out of the loop but I have never seen anything like that. Very special indeed!